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Summon Rules And Guide v1.0

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Summon Rules And Guide v1.0

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:59 pm

Name: The name of the summon is just that, the name that it goes by. In some cases, summons wont necessarily be living, thus the name can also be the title of the object itself

Appearance: Please write up to three lines minimum that describes the appearance of the summon. Pictures are also fine. This is much like the appearance of the character, in which its size and weight should be included. The greater the rank, the larger the summon can be.

Rank: The Rank depends alot about the summon itself. They range between E-S ranks and how versitile your summons can be depends alot on the rank. However, the rank of the summon cannot be larger then that of the person who is summoning it.
E- These summons are small or normal sized summons. They lack jutsu and usually aren't intelligent enough to communicate with, thus being best as a distraction of some sort.
D- These are the most basic summon. They also lack jutsu, but are intelligent enough to communicate with as if they were an actual human being, making them good for scouting and watching ones back.
C- These are the first Summons to have jutsu. They can have up to three 'C' ranked techniques and can use them about five times before running low on chakra. Considered the most common summons.
B- These summons are a bit larger in size. Big enough to ride upon if need be. These can have 5 'C' ranks and a single 'B' rank technique. Like the 'C' rank however, only five or six uses and they will be unsummoned.
A- These are the much larger summons, that are far more customizable. These can have 7'C'-ranks, 3 B-ranks, and a single A- rank technique. They can muster about seven attacks before becoming weak themselves.
S-These are the Boss of the species, and only one exists. They can have up to 9 C-ranked techniques, 5 B-rank techniques, 3 A rank techniques and a single S-rank technique. They can exist on the battle feild for a max of about ten attacks before becoming weak themselves.

Species: The normal individual can only have a single contract with a single species, thus all summons must have the same species. If it is not an animal, then a title of the object will do.

Element: The element of a summon. The summon can only have a single element, and all summons of the same species contract must have the same element. However, if the element of the summons are different then that of the summoner, they can only ever summon 'C' ranked or lower animals, so beware.

Skill Specialty: The summon also has a single special skill of its own. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.,

Personality: If the summon is living, and can communicate with you, please post three lines of personality. This will help you when roleplaying the NPC role of your summon an decide how you interact with your summon both in and out of battle.

Orgin: Please write minimum of three lines of orgin, explaining how and where you found your summon. People aren't just given summons and if the story as to how you obtained your isn't reasonable your summon may be denied.

Remember that in a battle where killing is allowed you can LOSE your summon. If your summon is killed in battle you will be unable to summon it again and will have to make another summon. However, the contract cannot change and you must have the same element and species as the original summon.

Summons can grow with your character. If they start out at 'C' rank, and you advance to chunnin, it is possible to update your summon to 'B' rank summon status.

Hiro Onoyuga
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin

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