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Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:36 pm

Jutsu and Elemental Training
Okay people this is the rules for the Jutsu and Elemental Training. In case you were wondering why this was made it is simple, I found a loopole to learn jutsu with out buying them or making them. That's right people you read right, learn jutsu with out buying or having to make them? How can that be you may ask? Well this can be answered through ease.

First off, The requirements you will need are, a sensei and the said element for the said jutsu.

Second off, This will take at least 7 paragraphs, this is not all in one posts...and yes this will count if your sensei posts. 7 paragraphs is about five pages long. This may seem a bit over doing it, but we don't want ninja to get it right away.

If your wondering of an Example to do so then here maybe this might help.

Sensei- Okay now follow the steps I have shown you...I will return back within three days...

Description: In a snowy white forest a ninja was seen in a snow jacket and snow pants much like bagy heavy white pants. He stood there as he looks around he sat down in the middle of the area taking out what seemed like scrolls from a his kunai and shuriken pocket. He opens the first scroll reading "Ice Prison" Ice prison technique, alias Hyourou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by the Snow ninja Kakuyoku Fubuki. After forming the needed handseals, Fubuki will touch the ground, causing columns of ice to rise from the ground at her foe. If caught, the ice will rise up around her target and imprison them. She can also use this technique as a defensive measure, raising the ice to form a shield against incoming attacks. The ninja looks at the scroll and reads the hand signs which happened to be a "Ground Tap" and chakra exertion. The ninja gets up closes his eyes and charges the required chakra nature element into his hands the ninja visualized his subject to attack which was one of the trees. Suddenly the ninja slams his hands full force into the ground causing a column of ice to tarnish the tree into pieces as it was trapped inside of the ice. Suddenly the ninja had pulled out a kunai tossed the kunai at the ice then through another kunai into the first kunai thrown which had pierced the first kunai through not only breaking the ice but the tree shattered into pieces as well. The ninja smirked seeing that he had mastered the E rank or academy level jutsu. He sat back down studying the next jutsu to master.

Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death, Using this jutsu, Haku gathers some water from the air and surrounding environment into one thousand long needles. He then directs them to a specific target at high speed, leaping backwards before impact so he doesn't get caught in the crossfire. While the needles do surround a target from all sides, they don't appear above the target, creating an escape route. Haku is able to perform this jutsu with one-handed seals, allowing him to pin an opponent's arm and attack while they cannot use any techniques themselves. The handsigns were simple but desired speed, "Reverse Half Ram", "Half Bird", "Half Special Boar", "Half Bird", "Reverse Half Ram". The ninja got up and charged chakra into his body and sighed.

The Ninja sighs and tries to develope the speed by starting the handsigns slowly. As he does this the air becomes wet and moist and began to to form ice shards pointing into the air. One shard was made then two then after five minutes seventeen shards were made now pointing down at the ninja. Suddenly they fired down at the ninja. The ninja quickly flips backwards dodging most of the shards but one lodged itself into his left arm. The ninja showed no emotion and then the second time he tried the hand seals his speed was faster than before about three times faster. Suddenly the ice shards formed faster and shot down at him alot faster as he dropped the handseal he then grabed a kunai and instead of dodging them he began to train his weaponry skills for a momment. Suddenly the ninja through kunai in one spot at a certain point and time and the shards shattered before they even hit the ninja. The ninja now looked exhuasted and sat down taking a break. The ninja pulled out the shard out of his left arm and the blood grazed down his arm.

The ninja sat back on the ground opening the last scrool reading the art of Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors, Haku can create a dome of twenty-one mirrors made out of ice to trap an opponent. Twelve remain at ground level, eight are placed above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Haku can then enter one of the mirrors and instantly transport to another mirror. While moving about he bombards the opponent with attacks at very high speeds, such that the rest of the world appear to be moving in slow motion compared to him. If the mirror Haku is in is broken, he can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so Haku's movement becomes progressively slower the longer he maintains the mirrors. Though they are made from ice, the mirrors are resistant to at least low level fire techniques. He looked at the handsign "Kyo".

The night begins to pass the ninja sits there in his place regaining the lost chakra he used. The ninja gets up and looks at the moon as snow begins to fall from the sky over his head. {Time Skip} The sun rises and it's at least five in the morning judging by the sun being a little bit over the horizon. The ninja gets up from having dozed off under a tree, his cut was healed by the wet snow dropping over the wound. The ninja looks back down at the scroll over looking it. He Begins to form the Kyo handsign as from the ground ice mirrors begin to form suddenly they shatter and turn into water which rains over the ninja causing him and his clothing to be drenched.

The ninja repeats the process as this time the mirrors break ice shards come down towards the ninja. He looks up and flips backwards dodging the shards. He sighs still his face is emotionless... he tries it once more getting the mirrors to stay up but the second he tried to merge in the mirrors they fell apart with him in it so he was sent falling on the ground. Quickly the ninja threw two kunai into the ground and also put his chakra into his feet making him fall feet down and lands on the tops of the kunai handles. He sighs and tries the jutsu once more creating the mirrors he fuses into the mirrors. suddenly he jumps back and forth from three mirrors then it breaks. He lands on the ground on his feet and sighs and sits on the ground trying to see what he is doing wrong.

The ninja suddenly realized it he was focused more on the chakra then to keep the mirrors up. He gets up repeats the jutsu once again and gets into the mirrors and this time it lasts as he hops through fifteen mirrors suddenly they break and he lands on the grounds again. He sighs and uses less chakra to summon the mirrors he walks into the mirrors. He recharges chakra jumps from mirror to mirror. The mirrors stay stable now the ninja draws kunai jumping from mirror to mirror between each jump he throws a kunai at the ground which now he is training for his speed. He jumps faster each second from mirror to mirror within the same speed as haku as the kunai fly by as two is thrown at different times but seem like its the same. Suddenly he closes his chakra and falls to the ground laying there as the mirrors break and turn to water and rain over him again he lies on the ground as the night passes by once again. He lies on the ground tired from the over useage of chakra. The ninja lies there on the ground after learning three new jutsu.

See that post above? thats what I want to see for training.


Elemental training, now here are your choices

Either Buy them or you take the Elemental Training Test with your sensei

The Elemental training test is simple

First off, your sensei hands you a peice of paper, you are required to channel your chakra into the paper. The list of elements you have to pick from are

A. If the paper burns, Fire
B. If the paper disintegrates, Wind
C. If the paper turns soggy, Water
D. if the paper turns into a leaf, Earth
E. if the paper turns makes a static sound, Lightning

This is the Simple Genin Test {Note only Genin can learn one element!)

The advanced chuunin-jounin test is different. They channel chakra into their palm.

A. If the palm glows red, Fire
B. if the palm glows white, wind
C. If the palm glows light blue, Water
D. If the palm glows green, earth
E. If the palm glows yellow, Lightning
F. If the palm glows silver, Light
G. If the palm glows black, Dark

{Note, Chuunin can have two elements at a time, and jounin three)

Once you have two or three chakra elements you can combine them into an element, be warned if you make an inaccurate combination you will be reported

Example, Fire, Earth, Lightning= Metal <---that is wrong...the combination for metal is Lightning and Earth

Now if you buy the element you must train to actually earn the element alone to do so we require you do at least 6 paragraph post, no it does not need to be in the same post but do not post again till an admin posts (NPC, which means you are able to post again because no one is there to post with you) How ever we would like it if you did post it all in one post.

After my visit to sunagakure i feel weak becuase i started to think there are ninjas that are way stronger then me and with just my water style i will not be able to beat any strong ninjas and i do not want that to happen so while i was walking back from sunagakure i thought of what jutsu i was going to lean first. After all the thinking and walking i arrived back to kirigakure were i then run off to the training grounds were i did my first training alone and i started to concentrated on what i was going to do and i said to myself "ok now i know which element i am going to learn first" i then get ready for my training confident that i will be able to learn the element.

While i get ready to do my traing a lightning storm starts it was very strong the thunder & lightning were very loud the lightning was reaching the ground hitting trees destroying them and hard to believe no forest fire started i then look at the sky and i yell out happily "yes lightning i was going to do lightning style so this is great" i then get ready to train when i got ready i look at the lightning an i then close my eyes imagining it and flowing my chakra to my hand i feel a spark i open my eyes my hand was kinda burned i knew that i could start the thunder. I get ready again closing my eyes i think of more lightning and flow my chakra to my hand i open my eyes and i look at my hand i concentrated on it after a minute i stream of chakra came out of my hand covering my hull hand i saw it my eyes opened up and i had a suprised face but i then scream "youch" i then feel the lightning burning me i stop flowing my chakra to my hand and the lightning stops my hand was burnt all over and i say "yes i did it i started my lightning style but its no use learning how to do lightning style if i get hurt trying to use it"

I get ready again i think of lightning focusing on my hand sending chakra to it i see the lightning come out and cover my hand it started to burn but i ignored the pain to see if the pain subsides while im using this tecnique.I maintain the lightning on my hand for awhile as it went going i started to ignore more and more the pain untill i did not feel any pain while using the lightning style i stop the lightning and i look at my hand it was more burned then before i bring out some special ointment and i put it on all the burn marks and that sort of stuff disapaer leaving my hand looking new.I then do the same proses like before i think of lightning and i focus on my hand lightning comes out but it hurt for the first couple of minutes ut the pain subsides i stop the lightning and i start it again and i kept doing that for awhile and i saw that every time i felt less pain for less time then i did before i then say "all right i have seen that each time i use the lightning style the more i get used to it acouple more times would help me"

i then concentrate on my hand more then before and i focus more chakra on my hand my hand gets engulfed by lightning but this time i did not feel any pain i yell out "woooohoooo i did it now i can do lightning style with out feeling any pain but before celebrating i should check that this is not just luck" i stop the lightning and i start it up again i did not feel any pain again i knew that i could now use the lightning and that i have learned lightning style but now i want to try out my power i run with the lightning on my hand and i hit a tree and the tree breaks in half and tipped over falling the other way not on me i start to celebrate that now i can do lightning style and i can walk with it and use it as a attack for now.

Now that i can do lightning style i just want to check if its not just that hand that can take the lightning i concentrate on my other hand and i think of lightning my other hand becomes engulfed by the lightning it hurt i stopped the lightning and i groned and i said to myself "oh come on i need to get used to the lightning on my other hnad to" i then do the same thing many times i concentrate on my hand and i think about lightning i impulse lots of chakra to my hand and slowly i start feeling less pain when i use the lightning style on my hand and i stop for a moment and i think "mybe its just for a couple of minutes that my body is ok with the lightning" i then concentrate on the first hand i used lightning style on and i make lightning engulf it i did not feel any thing i do the same to my other hand i did not feel any thing so i kne i was ok with the lightning.

"ok im going to try this last thing" i get really prepared and ready to take some pain i start to flow chakra out of my hull intire body and my hull intire body gets engulfed by lightning it hurt alot but i start to release more chakra to make the lightning get away from my body and now its like a barrier but still burning me i stop it my hull intire body was burned but i ignored it and i do it again and i make the lightning get a little bit away from me and i started walking it still hurt but i was ignoring the pain the bariier destroyed the trees it hit and i loss the feeling of pain i stop the lightning and start it again i did not feel any pain i stop the lightning and i yell out "yeaa i mastered lightning style" very exited and i then say "now that i learned it im guna take a break" i then walk away from the traing area to tell my freinds that i learned lightning style

God-Mod and Overpower Jutsu & Characters

"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

What is God-Mod & Overpower Characters

"God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

-It can be killing or injuring a character without the player's express permission.
-It can be when they simply can’t be hit and dodge all attacks or anything for this matter aimed at them.
-It can also be using other characters that other people RP with. In other words, if you do not RP as
Legolas, then you cannot have Legolas say anything, or do anything, without the player's express permission.

The absolute worst is when they make out another character to be what they’re not, just to make their own character seem superior. They make others seem weak, screaming for help, when they’ve made it quite clear about their advantages and strengths. This is called power-play. It’s a strain of God-Modding, but instead of just being irritating, it’s offensive to boot.
This is a prime example of God Modding:

Player A: Punches Player B
Player B: Dodges attack, grabs Player A and throws him. Player A flies at Player B, who warps behind him and slashes Player A in the back.


God-Mod will not be allow In Certain Things such as you say i stab that person or kill him with out the person approval .

Meaning you can't say you "Hit him or stab him or that jutsu attack can't be dodge , that is why we used a system called "I Aim To Stab him or Kill Him "

~Overpower jutsu will be allow as long as you have limits and the jutsu is weak against something and a overpower jutsu causes large scale of damage on the user ~

Only Kage or Greater Rank Can ontain a overpower jutsu & character "note"= , Only 5-10 Overpower jutsu could be allow per-kage rank characters .

Overpower Characters need to be weak Vs Something such as a Mangekyou user would become blind from using the Mangekyou To much .

Overpower jutsu should not be used Much They should Be Used Rarely unless if two Kage would to battle then they would be able to used more than one overpower jutsu or even a large number of powerful jutsu .

If you Don't Undertsand this Still

Godmodding is when you control the other characters actions. The less of it you do the better. How would you like it if someone forced your character to misread an attack and say a sword went through your torso? Exactly, you wouldn't. Godmodding is not only unrealistic, it's not fair to the other player, and it can cost you the match. Doing it can put you at a serious disadvantage when it comes down to the final judgment. It is also when you force your attacks to land instead of letting your opponent decide if they hit or not. Godmodding also includes time manipulation, which means you can launch an attack before your opponent launches theirs, which means they have to go back in time to dodge it before re-launching their original attack, only now their original attack won't work because of how they blocked your attack. It also includes Invincibility where no attacks every hurt you, or Immortality where you can’t die not matter what, or Dimension hopping where you can go into another dimension to escape and your opponent cannot attack you while you are there.

Level Up Rank System

Lv1 (10 posts ) ( 5,000 exp )
lv2( 20 posts )
lv3(30 posts )
lv4(40 posts)
Lv5(50 posts)
Lv6(60 posts)
lv7 ( 70 posts )
lv8 (80 posts )
lv9 ( 90 posts )
lv10 (Genin Rank + Bell exam + 100 posts )

Lv11 (110 posts ) ( 10,000 exp )
lv12 (120 Posts)
lv13(130 Posts )
lv14 (140 Posts )
lv15 (150 posts )
lv16( 160 posts )
lv17 (170 posts )
lv18 (180 posts )
lv19 (190 posts )
lv 20 ( Chuunin Rank + Chuunin exams + 200 posts )

Lv21 (210 posts ) ( 20,000 exp )
Lv22 (220 posts )
lv23 ( 223 posts )
lv24 (240 posts )
lv25 (250 posts )
lv26 (260 posts )
lv27 (270 posts )
lv28 ( 280 posts )
lv29 ( 290 posts )
lv30 ( Jounin + Jounin Rank + 300 posts )

Lv31 (310 posts ) ( 30,000 exp )
lv32 ( 320 posts )
lv33 (330 posts )
lv34 ( 340 posts )
lv35( 350 posts )
lv36 ( 360 posts )
lv37 (370 posts )
lv38 ( 380 posts )
lv39 (390 posts )
lv40 ( Sennin + Sage Chakra + 400 posts )

lv41 ( 410 posts ) ( 40,000 exp )
lv42 ( 420 posts )
lv43 ( 430 posts )
lv44 ( 440 posts )
lv45 (450 posts )
lv46 ( 460 posts )
lv47 (470 posts )
lv48 (480 posts )
lv49 ( 490 posts )
lv50 (Kage + Village Owner + 500 posts )( 50,000 exp )

Fighting and Exp. System

Guide - Fighting

Since this is an RPG based on the Naruto Mangas and Series, it will have a lot of combat situations. There are some steps that you should have in mind when in a middle of the battle.

  1. If you are the topic creator, make sure you describe where you're located. Any trees, rivers or lakes, windy or dry weather, grass or dirt kind of ground and any other thing you might remember to describe it.
  2. Always make sure you describe your location in the area and what direction does the objects around you are. This will help your opponent to visualize the scenario and to make a better post himself.
  3. When moving around, make sure you describe how fast you are moving, from were to were you moved and the way you moved.
  4. Be sure to use all of the previous rules to make a good and creative post.

    Ex. Zack takes out a kunai and stabs it at Cody.

    That is the wrong way. No excitement and creativity what so ever.Now here is the right way,

    Ex: Zack looks to both left and right sides as he dashes towards Cody with a moderate speed. Eagerly, he attempts to thrust a kunai towards Cody's arm.

    There is more detail and vivid explanation to this role playing. At least.
  5. While fighting, if you are not attacking you are being attacked. As such, there are 3 ways of responding to an attack from your opponent.
    a) Defensee or Dodge.
    b) Counter It(Either with a jutsu or a weapon. Ex. The enemy releases a fire ball towards you, you do hand signs at the same time releasing a water technique, countering it.)
    c) Take the hit. (May be a logical explanation and may save you from being accused of god modding.
    d)Flee the battle(Might take some time to rp-post how you'll escape.)

    Note; Keep it real and remember never to god mod.
  6. There is no such thing as real immortality as to almost god modding. There is an exception of Jashin worshippers a.k.a Hidan's bloodline but everything has a weakness and requirement. Every RPC that battles must take damage at some point or else it will be claimed god modding.
  7. If you are not responding to the battle for a long time, you will lose the battle.

    Physical attacks deal damage as well, but they do not cost chakra nor stamina. This is because a basic punch or kick without any attributes are very easy to dodge or block. So as of this, each kick, throw, grab, punch, etc is worth -50 HP to the target's health.

    If your character seems to have super strength or any other ability that boosts their physical ability then their attacks are worth -100 HP.

Guide - Experience

In this RPG, we use experience to boost ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, etc. There are three levels the techniques can reach, and with each level, the chakra cost and HP deduction is multiplied by two.

Ex: Fireball Technique: Lv. 1, Chakra Cost: 200, Dmg: 300
LEVEL UP: Lv 2 Chakra Cost: 200 x2 = 400, Dmg: 300 x2 = 600

There are two ways to level up, by completing missions, fighting opponents. Here is an experience chart:

E rank Opponent/Mission/Training- 100 exp
D rank Opponent/Mission/Training - 400 - 900 exp
C rank Opponent/Mission/Training - 1000 - 4000 exp
B rank Opponent/Mission/Training - 3000 - 9500 exp
A rank Opponent/Mission/Training - 5000 exp

Note: Remember when making a training topic: make sure you put what type of training you're doing. An Admin will overlook the battle and give the amount of exp you earned.
Ex: B-Rank Ninjutsu Training

Stats System


Academy Ninja Stats


Genin Ninja Stats


Genin Elite






Jounin Leader




Anbu Leader









~If you mainly Focus on Ninjutsu you get one point up in that area for example your a genin and you get 1 point for ninjutsu Now you get 2 points , but you lose a genjutsu point meaning you would have 0 genjutsu point

Another example if you would be a Sennin and you would be a ninjutsu master you would get 5 points in that area but only 3.5 in genjutsu , because it drop one point from Genjutsu ~

If you are a Taijutsu Master your taijutsu/Strength /Speed increase one point - but your Stamina/Ninjutsu/genjutsu drop one points.

If you are a genjutsu master your genjutsu/Stamina increase 1.5 points - but your ninjutsu/speed drop 0.5 points.

If you are a ninjutsu master your Ninjutsu/Speed increase 1.5 points - but your genjutsu drops 1.5 points .

If you are a Medical Ninja your Stamina/Strength increase 2.0 points- but all your other stat decrease 1.5 points .

How Stats Work

In a battle stats will help you, lets say your having a battle and your speed is 5.0 but your target is 4.5 , meaning if your target would run towards you can escape him with speed but if your speed would be lower he would trap you .

Another example

In a battle you Punch your target and your strength is 3.5 but your target strength is 4.5 , his punch would out-match yours or any physical attack .

Another Example

If your genjutsu stat is 4.5 and your been attack by a person who stats in genjutsu are 2.0 , your genjutsu will win towards the target.

Another Example

Let's say your a Ninjutsu master of 5.0 stats and your target ninjutsu stat is 4.5 , and you come after him with chidori and he also comes after you with the same level of chidori a lv5 , but because your better at ninjutsu your lv5 chidori
will overpower the targets lv4 chidori.

Mission System

Guide - Missions

In addition to acting as the army for their country, each village also acts as a business. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the ninja. These jobs can range from walking someone's dog, to the assassination of deadly wanted criminals. As needed the Kage or Jounin master of a Genin team can assign missions in furtherance of a duty to the country that are unpaid.

These jobs are divided into difficulty ranks of S, A, B, C and D and then given to ninja based on their ability. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village. The easiest and least deadly jobs are given to the Genin, these are called "D-Rank". The D-Rank missions also help to build teamwork skills among the new Ninja Academy graduates. D-Rank are therefore non-combat with low pay. The "C-Rank" missions will be given to Chuunin and skilled Genin. These include protective escorts and missions with some chance of bodily harm. It can include capturing wild animals and mine clearing. "B-Rank" missions will be given to Jounin and Chuunin. These also include protective escort, gathering foreign intelligence and killing of ninja. Open battle is generally not an issue during this mission type. The next highest rank missions, "A-Rank" are given to only jounin. These include vital missions between nations, escorting VIPs and maneuvers against offensive ninja forces. These missions will almost always involve combat and risk of death. At the highest and most dangerous is "S-rank", given to Jounin. These missions include assassination of important persons, transporting classified documents and materials. With the extreme danger comes a very high rate of pay.

  • Note: Kages may not do missions because they are in charge of supervising their village at all costs.
  • Jounins may start topics with a mission template included to explain the objective of their mission and role playing with their squad.
  • Also, kages may post this to order jounins to do a mission. Clients (from other villages) may post a mission to the kage as well. I recommend it PM'ed.
  • Assignment: (Name of the mission)
    Mission Location: (Where is the mission)
    Mission Rank: (S>A>B>C>D)
    Mission Objective: (What the mission is and the instructed orders)
    Mission Overview: (How the mission all started;;introduction)
    Reward: (The client's offered award if the mission is sucessful)
    Experience Earned:

Basic RPG Role Playing Rules

No God Modding

  • God Modding is when you are on a power play. No one here is omnipotent and you should not RP like you have all the power in the world. Exceeding the normal powers of your rank is god modding and you will be punished if caught.

No Passive God Modding

  • For example, a character may be afflicted with a disease only curable by rare ingredients, yet another character is "lucky" enough to find these ingredients in ten minutes. Passive God Modding is thus often used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events.
    This can also be done in a players RPing, and would apply in situations where a character has usually spectacular physical or supernatural qualities and, in the description of the character, forces observers to feel a certain way, such as 'You are awed by her beauty,' or 'You are terrified by his very appearance,' without taking into account the opinions or abilities of the observing character.

Meta Gaming

  • This is seriously punishable and will not be tolerated by the least. Yes we know some people are intelligent and can figure things out quickly, but no meta-gaming. You do not automatically know a persons every weakness and strength. If you read a persons jutsu and RP it the wrong way in IC, that can be considered as meta gaming. Also, do not bug people for information that they normally would not give out. Player A does not like Player C, so Player A will "just so happen" to ask Player B where Player C is and everything about Player C. That type of stuff will not go on and will not be tolerated. We stress this very seriously.

No One Lines

  • Plain and simple. Put effort into your work and add detail to your posts. One liners make it hard for the next person to post back and are confusing. We love detail here at Mura of Shinobi and we want to showcase your brilliant writing. So, no one liners. If you get caught you have the possibility of being banned.

No Auto Hitting

  • The only exception in an auto hit would be a A or S Ranked character vs a D Ranked character. Other than that, if you automatically control another person's character by forcing damage on to them, that is auto-hitting. If you have forced said character into a spot where they cannot react and the post is legit, you can continue without it being called auto hitting. You must give a person time to react and build up your attacks against them and use their posts to make a coordinated attack that strikes. Other than that, forcing damage on to someone will get you in trouble.


  • You cannot dodge every attack. Sometimes posts can be set up where you cannot dodge an attack. No one can auto dodge anything. Also, do not go back in time and dodge an attack that has been sent towards you. For the most part, you leave off where the other persons posts stop. If the person has made the attack near difficult or impossible for you to dodge, do not post as if you were prepared way before he did the attack and dodged anyways. Even if you are a medical ninja you cannot dodge hits all the time. If it makes sense that an attack will hit you, then let it hit you.

Small Time Frame

  • Time frame is important when battling. The smaller the time frame, the less chance the opponent will be able to react. Fighting here mostly revolves around a gradual slow of time frame, making it harder and harder for the opponent to dodge. However, instant small time frames will not be allowed. Do try to create traps or have traps set up and they all launch super powerful attacks and try to make the time frame impossible.

Custom Spirits/Curse Seals/Bijuu

  • We are still working out the Bijuu and such, so don't request to be a Jinchuuriki. We don't mind players having spirits and such, but do not take it over board. Don't try to create something tailed beast leveled and just call it a demon to hide its strength. Do not post up angels/demons that have been claimed to "beat" god or satan. Don't try to get ridiculous concepts approved and describe the power levels. Also, we will not allow any curse seals to be made, unless there is one person making the. You can't have a curse seal unless someone gives it to you and that needs to be done through RP/IC.


  • Do not create godly equipment. Like weapons or tools from super powerful deities or demons, or strange things that are super powerful. Stick to the Naruto Universe when creating items with power. Even though this is a modern world RP here, we still must keep some limits. Do not create knockoffs, or rip offs of manga weapons either. For instance, someone might make an RP about their being another Samehada, or another Hatake White Chakra Weapon. Do not do this, it will not be approved. Keep your work original. It is OK to take the look of a weapon in some cases, but to completely rip off the weapon is wrong.

How to Roleplay Better

Roleplaying - The basics

If you're just starting off and you're unsure as to how to roleplay, don't be afraid to ask some of your fellow players for advice and/or tips. I'm sure that most, if not all, would be willing to take some time out to help someone in need.

Good roleplayers are made, not born. Just because someone else might be better than you at roleplaying, it doesn't mean you can't do the same thing. With time and effort becoming a veteran roleplayer is quite an easy task.

Don't be intimidated by your fellow roleplayers. Watch and learn from them. They can often teach you more than you'd be able to learn if you were alone.

Never give up. While in some cases there might not seem to be solutions, facing defeat is something you'll deal with sooner or later. It's how you deal with that which is important. You always have the option to make a new character, join a new thread, a new faction and/or learn from the mistakes you've made in the past.

One of the most important pieces of all, is to remember it is an RP. You are there to have fun and to interact with other characters and players. Don't take things too seriously and remember to always enjoy yourself.

What is Roleplaying?

The dictionary definition of roleplay is "to assume or act out a particular role." Roleplay is, basically, assuming the form of a character, and writing as that character, in a certain setting. It's writing, but more/less structured, depending on how you look at it. When you set to write a story, you must write the setting, the plot, the characters, everything. When you roleplay, the setting and main plot has already been decided, as well as every character but your own. You have control over only half of the story, your own side. The other half is up to the other players. This strengthens interaction skills.

Roleplaying, in essence, is assuming the role of another entity. You write that entity's actions, thoughts, and words, in response to other people's entities. It's sort of like a play, except not quite so live-action and not nearly so rehearsed. Roleplaying is less of a story and more of a dialogue (though not limited to two) with actions incorporated. Plots can tie everything together, or you can let things happen as they will, but one thing is certain--anything is possible, because you are in charge.

Labels and Terms

There are many different labels for people at different skill levels, they aren’t really meant to put them down but they generally distinguish different kind of roleplayers so that people with higher standards can get more out of what they want to roleplay.

  • Illiterate: Usually beginners, illiterates are known to use very generic list descriptions like such—

    Name: mister so and so
    Gender: male
    Eyes: Green
    Clothes: jeans and a green day shirt

    There are usually no depth or substance to these characters and the remainder of the roleplay is played out in one-liners. Usually illiterates have no regards for capitalization or ooc or grammar or spelling or basic roleplaying rules.
  • Semi-literate: Usually have longer and more descriptive lists that really get into the character, sometimes a semi-literate might type out a paragraph or two about their character but it’s usually not very intriguing or well written information about their character. Grammar is more sharpened.
  • Literate: Longer introductions and posts that have depth and description and are more like writing than basic information. Literates create more relatable and in-depth characters that a reader is interested in reading about, not just interacting with. The writing is more developed and the grammar is intact.
  • Advanced: This is when someone writes a long, interesting, in-depth, creative introduction. The grammar is nearly perfect and the writing is well thought out and descriptive. The quality of the writing is just more developed.

There are different terms known to roleplayers, these are some of the more common ones:

  • BIC: back in character, or in character. When the writer is writing in his or her persona, and interacting with other characters.
  • OOC: out of character, when you are talking to other players as yourself not your character.
  • Mary / Gary Sue: perfect characters. These are generally not permitted because it’s boring and doesn’t make for an interesting roleplay. Flaws and personalities are what make a better roleplaying and Mary / Gary’s are more common in illiterate and semi literate roleplays.
  • Powerplay: controlling someone else’s character. This is not permitted—you are only allowed to control the actions of your own character
  • Godmode: creating unrealistic situations, or characters that can do anything. Example: a character that is a lightening fast super intelligent guy that can defeat anyone in combat.
  • Prommie: A well known roleplayer that has earned the respect of the other roleplayers by their example of literacy.
  • N00b: Someone who is considered illiterate and generally new to Roleplaying without a mentor.
  • Newbie: Someone who is new to roleplaying, but is well on their way to becoming literate but still needs practice. They are often found in semi- literate roleplays.

Rules for Standard Roleplaying

  1. Spell check—no one wants to read your typos, it puts them off. Typos are fine, of course, but make an effort to spell check your posts.
  2. This is related but, no chatspeak in IC. Everyone hates it. You can’t read it. Please don’t do it while you are roleplaying at all.
  3. Post length—quality over quantity obviously, but you should describe your character at length so people get a feeling of who your character is. Not only current appearance but things like personality, history, flaws, the stuff that makes a human interesting.
  4. Use proper grammar in IC—that means capitalization, quotation marks, etc.
  5. Make your best effort to write intriguing and interesting posts—everyone gets better at writing and roleplaying and until then ask questions so you can learn.
  6. Please be original, not only does it get boring to see the same characters over and over again, but there are so many of the same genre RP circling around. If you see an RP of a genre you like, don't start a thread with the same thing, join the original one. Also, try to be eclectic with what you RP, make up some new ideas about what to roleplay. Try not to be redundant in the threads that already have been posted.

Other Pointers

  1. Don't use '*', you should use formal writing to a certain extent while roleplaying.
  2. Structure the sentences so they all flow together.
  3. Do not use words repeatedly. For example: He got up and got dressed. He walked into the wash room. He picked up a brush and he brushed his teeth. He walked into his room once again. He pushed open his door. He left his house. See? it gets annoying.
  4. Make sure you have more than just a sentence. A truly gifted roleplayer can stretch one sentence into at least three paragraphs.
  5. Pay attention and read about what is going on around you. Try and effectively jump into situations where you would otherwise be left out of the general flow. Not that that is a bad thing a lot of people enjoy just roleplaying on their own.

About Introductions and First Posts

All thread authors are considered to be the initial Games Masters (GMs) of their scenarios. They should make an effort to include, at a minimum, a story, and rules in the first post or first few posts of the thread. They usually set the scene, guide players during its course and make decisions as to the outcome of the game. These authors may relinquish their right to the thread and game therein if they appoint another person to act as the GM of their RP/thread, or if the initial GM is away for an extended period at which time a new GM is appointed by group consensus and sanctioned by the Forum Moderator(s).

Describing Actions and Scenarios

  • Being the topic creator implies other responsibilities as it was said before, one of which is to describe the area and the scenario. If you are the topic creator, make sure you describe the space you're located at the beginning of the battle, any trees, rivers or lakes, windy or dry weather, grass or dirt kind of ground and any other thing you might remember to describe it, as long as it fits with the country you are in. Audio and smelling sensations can also be described to give a better environment to the post and even some theme music can help to create an environment.

    Example Not wrote:Joe Ninja was standing in front of his house, with nothing else to do
    As you can see, its pretty basic. Too basic, in fact and there isn't much description that could be important.

    Example Yes wrote:It was another morning in the village, with the sun already high in the sky. A breeze flew through the street, gently caressed the faces of the people who already walked across it, busy with their lives. Joe Ninja stood in front of his house, outside the green door, truly a reference in such a busy place, listening to the birds singing and to the happy conversations the people had with each other, since he didn't really had anything else to do on that day.
    It is just me, or is this just too obvious?
  • Always make sure you describe your location in the area and what direction does the objects around you are. This will help your opponent to visualize the scenario and to make a better post himself. Try to be as clear as possible while doing this, since a mislead from your opponent (or not, if you are not fighting) may cause a great mess on the next posts.

    Example Not wrote:Joe Ninja stood in front of his opponent.

    Example Yes wrote:Joe Ninja was facing his opponent, a ruthless murderer covered by the shadow of a tree. All the forest around them trembled, fearing such confront and the wind blew over the grass, creating an even more tense atmosphere!

    On both examples you know that Joe Ninja is facing his opponent, however on example two, you know that he is located on a forest and that the terrain was grassy. You can also deduce that it wasn't a very dense forest since there was wind and the tree was simply described. More elements could be add to the description, such as animals, accurate description of the trees, day time, etc. This can also be done with attacks or defenses:

    "Joe Ninja threw a kunai at his oponent that flew with great speed, cutting the wind as it passed by, and trapping him against a huge tree." or "The kunai hit the tree as Ninja Joe dodged it just barely, jumping to the side. The kunai got stuck and with it a piece of his shirt. It had been a close one and Ninja Joe wasted no time and quickly hid behind that same tree, waiting for another attack."
  • When moving around, make sure you describe how fast you are moving, from were to were you moved and the way you moved. Don't forget that the posts don't have infinite time so make sure you know your distances and you don't over do it. Use your common sense to this and once more remember, no God Mode is allowed, so be sure to remember your abilities.
  • You are not Super Man, therefore you will be hit. Do not fall under the belief that you can dodge, defend or hit everything just because some factors point to it. If your opponent performs a good attack that you find interesting or hard to dodge in "real life", let at least some damage get through you and be as realistic as possible and the only thing Stats may point out are probabilities and possibilities. Don't forget that the purpose of this is for everyone to have fun, not just you. Even readers that aren't participating on that specific topic should enjoy it and a glorious death is always something to remember!

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The Official Points System
Genin Point System


When you Graduate from the Academy and Become a Genin you Get 1,000 points for free to buy jutsu/Items , And to get more points you have to work for them by completing mission and Posting.

Genin Elite


When you pass the bell exams and become a genin Elite you earn 2,000 points for free to buy jutsu/items and any other necessary things, and to earn more points you complete mission and Post.



When you become a Chuunin you Earn 3,000 points for free to buy jutsu/items and any other necessary things and to earn more points you complete mission and post.



When you become a Jounin you earn 4,000 points for free to buy jutsu/Itesm and any other necessary things and to earn more points you complete mission and Post.

Jounin Leader


When you become a Jounin Leader you earn 5,000 points for free to buy jutsu/items and any other necessary things and to earn more points you complete mission and Post.



When you become a Anbu you earn 6,000 points for free to buy jutsu/items and any other necessary things , to earn more points you complete mission and post.

Anbu Leader

When you become a Anbu Leader you earn 7,000 points for free to buy jutsu/items and any other necessary things , to earn more points you complete mission or post.



When you become a Sennin you earn 8,000 points for free to buy jutsu /items and any other necessary things , to earn more point you complete mission or post.



When you Create a village or become the kage of a certain village you earn 9,000 points for free to buy jutsu/item and any other necessary things to earn more points you post , and from every points a village member get you get a 50% for the village and a 20% for you meaning if a village ninja makes 100,000 points in a mission , the villages earns 50,000 points and you earn 10,00 points and the person who did the mission earn 20,000 points .

The mission Points


E-ranks ( Gives 1,000 points for the Person who did the mission and 500 points for the village and 200 points for the kage )

D-rank ( gives 5,000 points for the person who did the mission and 3,000 points for the village and 1,500 points for the kage )

C-rank ( gives 10,000 points for the person who did the mission and 5,000 points for the village and 3,000 points for the kage )

B-rank ( gives 15,000 points for the person who did the mission and 10,000 points for the village and 5,000 points for the kage )

A-rank ( gives 20,000 points for the person who did the mission and 15,000 points for the village and 10,000 points for the kage )

s-rank ( gives 25,000 points for the person who did the mission and 20,000 points for the village and 15,000 points for the kage )

If you Failed a Mission

E-rank ( you lose 500 points )

D-rank ( you lose 1,000 points )

c-rank ( you lose 1,500 points )

b-rank ( you lose 2,000 points )

a-rank ( you lose 2,500 points )

s-rank ( you lose 3,000 points )



genin=get money from missions
genin elite=money from missions
chuunin=money from missions/550 week
Academy teacher=1000 week, money from missions
Chuunin exam protcors=2000 every chuunin exam/money from mission
special jounin=750 week/money from missions
jounin=900 week/money from missions
jounin instructors=money from missions/1250 week
jounin commander=1550 week/money from missions/10% of money all jounin make
ANBU=2000 week/money from mission
ANBU leaders=money from missions/2200 week/10% of all squad members ryo they make on a mission
Anbu bosses=money from kages/2700 weekly/20% of all anbus pay
Hunter ninjas=money from kage/the bounty of the mis-nin/2150 weekly
Medical ninja=money to rank/everytime they heal 500 points/money from missions
Elders=2500 weekly
Sennin=kage pay, every student they teach=5000/money from missions
Shop owners
craftmen shop-all the pay of the people when they buy the stuff
police force-1000 weekly
Interrogation unit-1000 weekly
grociary shop owners-the money from what they get
resterunt owners-the money from what they get
weapond shop owners-the money from what they get
bank owner-1000 weekly

Shop workers-200
craftmens shop-200
police shop-500
interrogation unit-550
grociary store-150
mission giver outters-550

RPG Post Limit

* When Role Playing you Need to Fallow Some Basic Rules
1. You need to describe the Location
2. You need to give details to your actions.
3. Your post should be 4-5 Lines Long.
5. Don't used small Posts

Example of a Good Role Play
Ninja A.

Out of a sudden, coming from the sea, a thick mist approached the harbor. In just a few seconds, the mist would cower the entire area, lowering visibility a lot. Actually, there was no visibility, everything was white. Well, everything except one thing. a extremely large ball of fire suddenly appeared a few meters in front of the young girl which stud there, somewhat 3 or 5 meters away. The ball of fire was not made by an ordinary Great Fireball Jutsu. This fire was made by a quite different technique, known as Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work, or something like that. Anyways, not only that it went forwards, it also spread to the left and to the right, cowering a large amount of area.

Anyways, if the young girl continued to stay still there, she would get toasted by the incredibly hot flames made by this fire technique. As for the person who made this techniques, the one which made the mist and the one which made the flames, he was still hidden inside the mist. There, he might be doing hand signs, or he might just be calmly waiting to see what happens. Ether way, there was no way for the girl to find that out

Ninja B.

A thick mist cloaked the area clouding the harbour, someone was here. Ayame looked around but she was being enveloped by the domination fog. A orange glow seemed to be coming from in front of her. A great firestorm made itself known around 5 metres from Ayame and she had little time to react. She stamped down hard on the rotting plank which broke sending Ayame who had just finished her hand seals into the water. The scorching sea of orange flames safely passed over her imparting the knowledge that her opponent was a user of the fire affinity. She rose back out of the black waters and jumped back onto the burning pier. The mist was still around but the fire illuminated the area and caused evaporation of the mist making visability just a bit worse than it originally was.

Ninja A.

From inside the mist, a figure was done with a new set of hand seals, waiting to see what will happen with his attack. He thought that if the attack actually connected, that the girl will scream as she was getting consumed by the flames. But, if that did not happen, it only meant that the girl was still alive. With that simple theory, he decided if the attack worked or not. As the flame storm stopped, the young man knew that the attack failed, since he did not hear any screams. Well, it seemed that this girl was not a complete waste. Even so, by surviving that attack, she was now about to get hit by another.

With a new hand seal formed, the young Lancelot used his special technique, known only by himself. This was one of his own inventions, which he always liked using in times like this, when he was about to use his silent assassination strategy. Out of a sudden, the mist, it transformed into thunder clouds. Its appearance and abilities completely changed, in just a blink of an eye. But, how was this possible? Well, the answer is quite simple. Using the mist as an medium, Lancelot guided his lightning chakra all over the place, making the Hidden Mist Jutsu turn into Hidden Cloud Jutsu. Hidden Cloud Jutsu, a unique technique which was made by adding lightning chakra to the Hidden Mist Jutsu, it was a powerful technique used by Lancelot when he decided to do things slowly.

After making the lightning cloud cower the area, Lancelot slowly started to form another set of hand seals. At the same time, he left his previous spot, moving to another spot while he was still hidden by the storm cloud. On the other hand, his opponent was unlucky, if she did not have lightning chakra affinity. If she did have it, nothing would have happened to her. But, if she did not have it, then she was doomed. When the Hiddn Cloud Jutsu suddenly was formed, its effect was activated right away. Since this technique actually creates a storm cloud in a area, it also has some of the abilities of an storm cloud. One of them is shocking and paralyzing lightning. This little thing was the reason why Lancelot like this jutsu.

Since the storm cloud made by Lancelot had lightning chakra, it was able to paralyze anyone who was in it, by using metal objects on the target to guide the lightning. This paralyzing effect would happen in a instant, since lighting was all over the place, every part of the storm cloud contained lightning. So, since the girl was in the mist when the sudden change happened, she would also get subjected to this effect, probably getting shocked and paralyzed by the cloud, unless she did something to prevent that from happening. But, there was not much that she could do now, the speed at which the mist turned into a storm cloud was too fast so she would be unable to make any hand seals before that. Not only that, at the moment when the cloud appeared, there was no escape, since the lightning would have shocked her instantly.

So, what could she do to escape her doom?

Ninja B

Ayame tapped something on the underside of the wooden pier as she dropped into the water and now was moving swiftly underwater making use of the underwater motion technique whilst the water clone she had created as she plunged into the water, jumped back up onto the wooden pier.

The water clone was in the mist which seemed to have taken an unsual property; it almost seemed like some static force was incorporated into the mist. The clone looked around for the user of the technique but just as it started to move it found it's body shocked with electricity, the clone spasmed for around four seconds before it burst into a pool of water splashing upon the wooden planks seeping within the gaps to join the sea below.

Ayame who was moving on her back to observe the ground above barely made out the scene with the water clone. Her foe was a formidable one for sure, that was no shabby jutsu but a cleverly executed trap, it was lucky that Ayame always tended to use clones to make a note of the enemies intial abilities. From what she had seen she inferred that her opponent could use the fire release as seen with the fiery jutsu that tore through the mist; the water release as seen with the use of Hidden Mist Technique which she could identify as she could use the same technique and the probably, not certainly but probably the lightning release as seen with the unique manipulation of the mist.

Ayame moved swiftly and silently under the dark waters and under the water, stopping once out of the mists range and around the side of the pier. She formed a set of seals and created a water clone beside her. She looked carefully at the ground above her and her opponent was not within sight in this area so she ever so quietly rose out of the water avoiding making much splashes or noise and rose out of the water behind the many large crates almost completely blocking the view of the mist as it was in the area to the right of the mist around seventeen metres away.

Still though she took precautions and on cue, right before she exited the water as to make sure her opponents attention was focused elsewhere the tag she placed on the wood as she fell in intially exploded right on time creating a large, flashy explosion sending water and wood flying high up in the air in a ball of flame covering up the minimal amount of noise she made and most likely drawing their eyes too.

Out of the water Ayame and the clone took the six steps to press up against the nearest seven metre tall crate as the explosion began to die down. Ayame began forming a set of a few seals in preparation for the small plan she had devised whilst moving to the spot she was in.


Ninja A.

As he moved around the area, still hidden by the storm cloud, Lancelot could hear the sound of his pray getting shocked by the lightning. It seemed that she was over, only a thought of that made a smile appear on the face of the young man. But, it seemed that he was wrong about the result of the attack. As he was moving away from the area, sure that the attack connected, the young Lancelot heard a splashing sound coming from the place where his female opponent was. Well, that came as an surprise, as he suddenly stopped, meter before the entrance into the storm cloud. Mizu Bunshin or Mizu Kawarimi..ether way, this is not over yet...So, she has water as well, I guess it is quite obvious where she went; those were the thoughts of the young Lancelot about the situation at hand.

Then, a moment later, an explosive tag was detonated. Its blast made the storm cloud move away a few meters, moving the exit of the cloud a meter away from the cloud. It seemed that the girl also prepared a trap just in case if her opponent was somewhere near, that made this more troublesome for this youngster. With an grin on his face, Lancelot quickly finished the hand seals for the jutsu which he planned to use. Out of a sudden, with that last hand seal done, rain clouds formed and rain started to fall. The area which this Jutsu cowered, it was extremely large, equal to the size of one of the five great ninja villages. So, we could say that it cowered the entire battle area, including the location where the girl went to.

With the rain formed, the young Kurage was able to locate his female opponent and measure the amount of chakra which she had. At the moment, it seemed that she had a lot more chakra than Lancelot. Quite troublesome...it seems that I will have to use something else, rather than wasting chakra on flashy attacks; those were the thoughts which Lancelot had after measuring the level of chakra which his female opponent had. But, that was not the only thing which he discovered, the formation of an new Water Clone was not something which she could hide from this rain. But, that was a minor problem, one which could be solved easily.

Out of a sudden, Lancelot formed a single hand seal, while shouting this words: "Ranton: Kumogakure no Jutsu." Those words were spoken out loud, loud enough for the girl to hear them and know whats coming. Out of a sudden, the area which was not cowered by the cloud and where the girl was, it got cowered by a new Hidden Cloud Jutsu. Well, not everything. The only location which was not cowered by the newly made storm cloud was the exact spot where the girl was, and the area 3 meters around her in every direction. If she wanted to escape, it was not possible now, all exits have been closed. She could try going underwater again, but now Lancelot would know if she did so, due to the rain.

Before she could finish her hand seals, the girl could hear an voice saying: "Give up, its over." This voice, like an echo, it could be heard coming from all around the girl, making it impossible for her to notice where Lancelot was exactly.

Ninja B

So it seemed that the fight was going to be a challenge. Ayame began forming a set of seals when a large cloud seemed to materialise from thin air above the whole area. Most unnatural, it had to be the work of a jutsu of her hidden opponent. Consequently remaining in this rain would be a foolish move the rain could mean anything. "That ninja must have a large amount of chakra to spare, especially seeing these large widespread techniques they are using" Ayame thought.

The words "Ranton: Kumogakure no Jutsu." echoed through the area, a male voice. Ranton??? So this was a storm element user, that what the cloud was before a storm release technique. The clouds from before began forming again around her and her water clone that stood right beside her. She had seen the effect of being caught in that cloud was earlier and she had no intention of letting the clouds remain and the rain was a problematic issue that would have to be dealt with in this one move.

"Give up, its over."

Oh, it seemed the man had a lock on her position somehow and they were not in her line of sight and the same could be said conversely as Ayame checked carefully as she left the water. The only explanation that she could infer as the only thing that was produced that touched her was this rain which seemed to serve as his eyes. She would use that to her advantage surely. If her postulation was true then the only logical escape would be to enter the water...or so he would think. At least she was out of his actual sight which would mean this would work.

She activated her jutsu, Wind Release: Great Breakthrough which blasted a fierce wind around her dispersing the clouds slowly approaching in front of her and into the sky above her. They would no longer hinder her movements which had instantly started the moment the clouds were blown away. She had less than a couple of seconds to make her move but for a ninja of her caliber it was more than enough. The wind along with defeating the clouds around her also prevented the rain from touching her for the time being due to it blowing above her as well. After dropping a small object below directly beside her water clone, Ayame using her great speed she dashed at full pace with clapped hands using Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm, blowing the mist away leaving an open path towards the exact location she had come up from a second ago obscured by the crates, as to avoid potentially being spotted whilst making a new set of seals making the short distance to where the water and pier met.

The wooden planks were placed tightly together meaning only water could barely seep through. You could not see through it. They also were one metre fifty centrimetres above the water. These planks on this side were much stronger having to cope with the great weight of the multitude of rusty metal crates that stood upon it. And this was key to fooling the ninja as to where her position was. Ayame with only a few moments to go before the rain would make contact with her again grabbed the edge of the wooden pier and swung around to the underside of the wooden planks. She stood bending her knees slightly underneath using her chakra to grip onto the plank so she was not underwater or even in the water. The planks were large enough so she could stand in the centre of one without a gap exposing her to an water potentially dripping on her, she doubted the rain would work after landing and dripping through but she was not taking any chances.

Whilst under the wooden listening carefully to see if the man would approach her water clone which now was looking around to spot the man whilst still standing on the spot she activated the jutsu she started as she ran to her current location. Rain began to fall from the clouds above but in an area much much smaller than the one the man had created in the location of the clone covering a ten square metre radius. The rain would not be noted hopefully due to the fact the man was using a jutsu that created rain it would not particularly be noted to be strange to see rain. If it was the daytime the light would reveal that the rain was black yet the darkness covered up that fact nicely.

Ayame held her hands together ready to make her next move if necessary.

The Basic


Basic Rules

Please respect all other members of the site. This means no petty or nasty arguments, foul language, spam or anything else deemed unnecessary or rude. If you have a problem with another user or even one of our staff members, please PM an appropriate member of staff and they will deal with the issue as best they can. This means excessive In RP language as well, please note at the top of your topic if it is going to be highly vulgar. Example:
Topic Name: Bob the Bobinator [Vulgar Language]
Failure to comply with this rule will result in warnings, followed by suspension and then a ban.

---> We ask you to please maintain a consistent high-standard of role-play on this site. Please try to keep spelling, grammar and punctuation as accurate as you can. This will help everyone understand and enjoy their roleplay with you and other members. However, knowing that we do have members whom are not as precise on the site as others, we are very leniant on this rule, and don't enforce it unless someone is being deliberately beligerant with another member while RPing, to the point where their intentions are insulting and angering the member.

---> Only members of staff may post on application threads (character, summon, clan etc.). If you are not a member of staff and you post on one such thread, your post will be deleted and you may receive a warning. Certain members may be given special permission to post on applications. Please show them as much respect as you would a moderator or administrator. Failure to comply with the member will lead to exactly what failure to follow a moderator or administrator's instructions would be, lack of approval.

---> Please refrain from double-posting. Instead, edit your previous post.

---> Please do not spam outside of the spam sub-forum. Excessive posting, in one topic repetatively, noted more than double posting is an example. Posting unneccesary comments or otherwise in character or out of character posts that are not approved of by everyone else within the topic are illadvised. An example of this would be entering a topic with a few posts to deliberately intrude on others who are role playing, without proper cause. We will delete posts and issue warnings if you do not adhere to this rule.

---> This forum is PG-13. Adult content, foul language and anything else considered 'beyond' this age rating will be removed and can result in warnings, suspension or even an immediate ban. If your topic is going to get vulgar, extremely detailed/bloody, or sexual in any manner, please note at the top of the topic an appropriate rating. If you cannot manage to let others know BEFORE you start something within the topic as the topics tend to lock, please notify a moderator or administrator BEFORE continuing.

---> Advertising your own site is permitted, but only in the 'Advertisement' sub-forum. Read the rules in that section to find out more. Anyone caught advertising in the chatbox or elsewhere will be dealt with by a member of staff. It is possible to have an advertisement banned from this forum. Advertising here is a priveledge, the site staff allowing you to advertise on an active site to enhance your own.

---> Our staff members are busy people and have their own lives to lead. Please do not bug them about checking applications unless absolutely necessary. Constantly asking a moderator or administrator to do something often gets irritating and it is possible for your application to be at the bottom of the check list. Please, respect all staff in this manner and your topics will be check relatively quicker.

Banned & Restricted List

---> No Canon characters. This is site is not entirely based on the show or manga. A lot of techniques and countries are modified to enhance the role play experience and bring a fair, fun enviornment for everyone to participate in. Due to this, we have cannon techniques and other cannon features, but these may also be modified so everyone may use them fairly.

---> Please request use of Rasengan or Chidori on your application first. Do not recreate these techniques in any way until you are approved for use of them. In which case, making new forms of the techniques are acceptable within reason.

---> Cure seals alloed for certain ranks

---> No demons. This includes Bijuu, and other major or minor demons. Demons and Bijuu are given to members during events as incentive for winning or participating in an event. They are used as extras on the site and due to their increasing a character's power, are very limited ( They can be Allowed )

---> No Senjutsu [Sage Mode//Sage Techniques] is currently permitted.

---> No Flying Thunder God Technique is currently permitted.

---> The Hachimon [Eight Celestial Gates] are allowed only with permission of staff. They are under modification so everyone may potentially use them.

---> Mangekyou Sharingan is not available upon registration and even during role-play requires explicit permission from staff. The Sharingan is currently under modification so everyone may use it.

---> Human puppets are only available to ranks higher than Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin and restricted to a maximum of one.

---> Puppet limitations; Genin = 2 puppets, Chuunin = 4 puppets, Jounin = 6 puppets, Higher Ranks = 10 puppets.

Note: Pm a admin to be alloed to use this things .

Rules regarding the Kai [Release] technique

This rule really only applies to normal Genjutsu, opposed to Genjutsu like Sharingan Genjutsu. Below are a list of what ranks can release what ranked Genjutsu.

This applies if your Main or Sub Specialty IS NOT Genjutsu:

Genin // D and C Rank Missing-nin = D-ranked Genjutsu
Chuunin // B Rank Missing-nin = C-ranked Genjutsu
Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin = B-ranked Genjutsu


This applies if your Sub Specialty is Genjutsu:

Genin // D and C Rank Missing-nin = C-ranked Genjutsu
Chuunin // B Rank Missing-nin = B-ranked Genjutsu
Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin = A-ranked Genjutsu

(Note: This takes more chakra than releasing a Genjutsu of a lower rank. Just because it is your Sub Specialty does not mean that it take's any less chakra.)


This applies if your Main Specialty is Genjutsu:

Genin // D and C Rank Missing-nin = B-ranked Genjutsu
Chuunin // B Rank Missing-nin = A-ranked Genjutsu
Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin = S-ranked Genjutsu

(Note: This takes a LOT more chakra than releasing a lower ranked Genjutsu. Just because it is your Main Specialty does not mean that it take's any less chakra.)

Rules regarding the Shunshin [Body Flicker] technique


Number of uses allowed per topic:

Genin // D Rank Missing-nin = Once.
C Rank Missing-nin = Twice.
Chuunin // B Rank Missing-nin = Twice.
Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin = Three times.
ANBU // Akatsuki // S Rank Missing-nin = Four times.
Kage // Akatsuki Leader = Five times.

Character Rules


---> Canon are allowed

---> Each member can only have one character. We are discussing ways to introduce multiple characters, but don't expect anything soon.

---> Please follow the given template when posting a character application. You will not be approved with an incorrectly formatted application.

---> If you want to create a character ranked higher than a Jounin // A Rank Missing-nin, you need to request permission from an administrator. If allowed, you need to clarify which admin gave you permission when you post your application form. Higher ranks include; Akatsuki, S-Rank Missing-nin, Kage, Sannin. All of these ranks also have limited availability.

---> If you no longer want a character, post an application in the modification forum and a staff member will review it and most likely delete your saved application for that character.

---> If you create a criminal character or your character decides to break laws, understand that you can be punished by lawful shinobi, who may even try to kill you. Actions have consequences, don't forget.

Roleplay Rules

---> No godmoding. For those unaware of what the term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players acting in manner where they are not bound or limited by anything (such as their Characters inability to do something) and show no regard for the actions of other people.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context

-A character runs in to an enemy he cannot hope to defeat. Next post he claims to kill the enemy in a blink of an eye without even losing a heart beat.

-Your character is taken captive and thrown in prison. Next they go claim to have walked out of the prison after beating the guards with nary a scratch

In a Naruto RP Context

Dodging every attack thrown at you in a fight whatever the likelihood of you being able to do this
Not just saying you threw a kunai at his heart but then say which you subsequently struck killing your foe when fighting a PC
Some how being immune to lethal poison you have never come into contact with before and you app mentions nothing about being poison resistant

God Modding is often simpler to do then you might realise. Every time you post the actions of another without their consent or the results of your attacks such as your fireball striking your foe your God Modding whether you realise this or not. The easy way to avoid this is to never post for other PC’s without their explicit permission and never post for the results of your attacks. Its fine to throw a fireball towards someone quite another thing to say it hits them.

When dealing with Jutsu bare in mind that any Jutsu has the possibility of being reversed and absolutely no Jutsu has so much power that it is impossible for any opponent to counter it. It may extremely hard for a academy student to avoid dying at the hands of a S Rank technique but it may be possible. That said it is just as bad to constantly completely avoid your opponent's attack's. Most battles especially between similarly ranked Nins are close and bloody affairs and avoiding injury or where it is clearly bound to happen death

Similarly all Jutsu used must be mentioned at the time of use. Claiming to have used a Jutsu at later point when no evidence exists in the former posts is God Modding

Spamming attack's that would normally cost you an insane amount of chakra is also another form of God Modding. Using Jutsu costs chakra which is a finite resource after all. Over using Jutsu will deplete ones reserves and lead to Charka exhaustion.

---> No metagaming. For those unaware of what the term means when applied to a RP context it is used to describe a players' use of assumed characteristics of the game. In particular, metagaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to.

Here are a few random examples (they are not taken from anywhere on site, this is not an exercise to point out peoples RP skills, which take time to develop after all):

In a Standard RP Context:

A character tricking a medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of medusas and should not be aware of their petrifying stare

In a Naruto RP Context:

Having your character avoid eye contact with an Uchiha possessing MS when there is no logical in game reason they would know about the abilities and thus know to avoid it.

You find character mourning at the memorial stone and who is currently questioning whether she has what it takes to be a ninja. She lost her mother when she was just two. You character is unaware of this but you have read her character sheet and so know. Your character walks up to her to reassure her she’s a great Ninja and that her mother would be proud of her.

Your character knowing about a secret Anbu mission in progress when he is just a genin.

Metagaming makes the RP less immersive and your characters actions less believable, in extreme cases it can be as bad as god-modding, being used to evade things your character wouldn’t have or acquire things he wouldn’t logically have access too.

It’s not the worse problem out there or even totally unacceptable it’s just nice to be aware of. Most metagaming is incidental and as such completely understandable but its best to try and avoid it wear possible. Here are a few pointers:

It’s always a good idea to read the character sheets of individuals you meet in because people generally work hard to produce them, they tend to be interesting and enjoyable and you will connect with the characters more easily and enjoy the RP all the more. However with regard to what your character knows about them the base assumption is absolutely nothing. Much like when you meet someone in real life for the first time you know next to nothing about them. From this base you take into account your characters rank, country, prior social interaction and what he has learned in RP to form what you know.

Always bare you rank in mind when considering what your character would know of others or on matters. A genin’s knowledge would be limited to some basic jutsu, whatever he has picked up on mission, knowledge on his own clan relative to his rank, non sensitive info on the academy and his country and knowledge of his fellow peers (though not specific). The Hokage on the other hand will know or have access to a great many things on a wide range of matters, from who the cleans the toilets at the hospital to the true nature of Konoha’s Kekkai Genkai and who the present holders of the villages summoning contracts.

Your country/village should likewise be bared in mind. Villages are by nature very secretive and anything more then common knowledge would be hard for outsiders to come by.

Personal histories should nearly always be considered unknown to anyone but the parties involved unless revealed by the character in question during RP. Bare in mind though that anything done in an official capacity is likely to be recorded and known to ones superiors. Also you may have been watched, though this is very unlikely unless there is good grounds for it

Clan knowledge, Jutsu, Special abilities and Kekkai Genkai fall into an interesting category. On the one hand many Clans are quite famous and basic information about the abilities and techs is widely spread. Unless your clan is particularly obscure or has very few members it should be assumed that the chances are that some basics concerning you clan’s tech is known. However at the same time the techs themselves especially high level techs are very closely guarded secrets and their true nature is likely to be known by a few people. A good example would be the Uchiha Clan. Most people in Konoha and even beyond are probably aware of their red eyes and some of its basic functions but MS itself will only be known to a select group of people. Not even an Uchiha Genin is likely to be aware of techniques like Sansuno.

Remember that the RP does not follow Cannon and that none of the Cannon characters are existed with relation to it. What we know about rare techs, kkg and special abilities that came out over it may not be known. Using Deidara as an example if someone was to create an Akatsuki character with his abilities and a similar profile, then any Konoha Nin who encountered him would be unaware of his capabilities even though we know them all. In a RP sense his abilities would be new and unheard of.

Never forget that certain characters may be adopting a cover identity, hiding something or lying to you, be it the Hokage or an Academy student. If your character has been given no reason to suspect this then he/she should act as if he remains ignorant of the fact. A good example of this would be if Hailstorm’s Character Hayate actually introduced himself as Bob to whomever he met. Unless you have recourse to doubt him which unless you know his real name seems unlikely, your character would think of him as Bob and should call him such until the point they know better. Similarly if your superior tells you to meet up one but intends much like Kakashi to turn up 3 hours late a diligent genin will turn up on time. The more skilled the Nin and the more practise they have the more believable the lie. Consider this in light of a Jounin Sensei being deliberately late its highly unbelievable that one of his genin students would expect him to be lying and know to arrive 3 hours late. Keeping something known OOC that is in IC secret requires certain amount forethought. Much like an assumption of ignorance, one should always assume that someone is telling the truth unless you have good reason to suspect otherwise or your character possess a suspicious nature.
---> Criminal ninja may not attack other villages without adminstrative permission.

---> Deathmatches are allowed and can happen at any time, in almost any location. If you want a topic NOT to become a deathmatch, put [No Killing] in the title. Similarly, you can put [No Fighting]; [Deathmatch] or other requirements in your topic title.

---> When performing a technique in roleplay, please put the technique details (as on your character application) at the bottom of your post so that other participants can see and understand what you have done and how dangerous it is.

---> It is very possible for acts of nature to happen within the game. Should a character get too out of hand and the individual controlling the character get too Hostile, the administration reserves the right to use nature against the character. If the individual has created a technique that has extended beyond that which was originally intended and approved by staff, the administration can quite litterall say "Your character seems to have forgotten ____ technique.". Please, play fairly and appropriately. We are a Naruto RPG site designed for fun, not for people who are too chaotic to be trusted and allowed to Roleplay properly.



The following is a guide on traveling in villages, out of village, between villages, etc.

Traveling is a very common feature of your role play experience. Often you will move between villages, topics, buildings, etc. The staff has recognized that in order to create a more realistic role playing experience, a travel time must be set for each action. Depending on the action a certain amount of time and words to describe the event are required. The following list will be presented in an easy to read and understand format. The word count is how many words are required in the post, for the first post. Any posts after that follow only the rules of the site as a guideline. The travel time is how long you must wait from the moment you post the topic until you arrive at your destination. For example, 3 hours travel time when a topic was posted at 12:00PM means you must wait until 3:00PM that same day before you've arrived at your destination.

In order to travel Within a Countries borders:
No additional word count.
No additional travel time.

In order to travel to an adjacent country:
500 word requirement.
6 hour travel time.

Traveling across more than one country has a special set of rules. If you not intend on stopping within a country and are moving to another, you must make another post WITHIN THE SAME TOPIC. Assuming no one else has entered the topic due to your traveling across possibly hostile countries, the following is required in a seperate post PER COUNTRY TRAVELED ACROSS.

350 words per country, in a seperate post for each country traveled across.
3 Hours Travel time posted after the end of a previous travel time.

Turning Back.

If you make a topic and are traveling but decide that you no longer need to travel, a travel time in order to return to your destination is also required. You must post a 350 word reason why your character has decided to turn around, and wait an amount of time equal to the time from your first post, to the turning around post. For example, if Bob posts at 12:00PM and at 1:00PM wants to turn around, he must wait the 1 hour difference before he has returned to his destination.

Travel rules temporary until a map is put in place with complete destination descriptions, travel distance, and time based on travel distance. Several approaches will be added to how one travels during that time as well.

Genjutsu Rules


Genjutsu ~ Art of Illusions

For those unaware of it Genjutsu is the most powerful, most problematic and most confusing speciality of the lot. It is almost universally avoided by new RPers not only because of the limited cannon techs but the great confusion that surrounds them. The following treatise is both a guide and a rule set about how to apply, utilise and deal with genjutsu with an aim to do away with the misunderstandings that surround it

What is a Genjutsu?

Genjutsu (幻術; literally meaning "Illusionary Techniques") are techniques that are employed in the same fashion as ninjutsu, requiring chakra and hand seals. However, the primary difference between the two is that the effect of genjutsu is illusory, creating chakra imbalances in the victim's brain, and thus causing a disruption in their senses. This is often used to create false images or to cause pain from trauma (because the body is led to believe it is in pain); however, there are plenty of other uses depending on the situation. They are not used as often as ninjutsu because they don't physically harm the opponent

Making a Genjutsu

When making a genjutsu please use the following template:

Name: The name of the technique
Rank: (E-S. Please rank appropriately in line with effect and difficulty)
Difficulty: (See Below)
Type: Genjutsu
Element: (Element used. In most cases there wont be one so put N/A)
Description: (See Below)


The first thing you will note is like medical jutsu genjutsu have a unique addition to the standard template. The difficulty of a genjutsu technique denotes the level of kai needed to break it and while normally the same as the rank of the technique itself can be up to one rank higher or lower. This should be balanced out so that a C rank tech with a B rank difficulty would be only half as powerful as a regular C Rank while a C Rank tech with a D rank difficulty would be more akin to a B rank in raw power and scope.

Many genjutsu will not have a difficulty rating mostly because they were created prior to these rules. Where they do not it assumed the difficulty rating is the same as the rank of the technique


All genjutsu descriptions must contain the following:

1. Details of how the illusion is performed
2. The individuals it can affect
3. Its effects
4. Duration of the illusion
5. If it is a visual/active illusion a detailed illustration of the illusion.

Guidance Notes:

1. Primarily by use of Hand Seals, Some techs can be done by use of a genjutsu focus

2. Generally all genjutsu fall into one of the four types:
- Single Target – Effect one person only, tend to be the most potent
- Multiple Targets – Effect numerous individuals, number of possible targets should be included
- Area of Effect – Rather then target specific individuals target a specified area, must include size and dimensions of the affected area (include size of the area effect)
- Genjutsu Focus – Affect anyone seeing/hearing/smelling/tasting or touching a genjutsu Focus. May only affect one of the 5 main senses, so you can’t have a genjutsu that both effects everyone looking at the focus and also hearing the sound it makes

3. What the genjutsu actually does to its victims

4. Unlike ninjutsu or indeed most other specialities, which are largely created and then instantly used, nearly all genjutsu last a set duration often for great many posts or even till broken. Please state how long the genjutsu last even if it is one of the few ones which last but a second or two. Though not a requirement you are also allowed to state how long it will take someone to notice the genjutsu is in effect though rank and whether they are genjutsu specialists should factor into the equation. While this takes something that is by nature subjective, personal awareness, and makes it objective it serves to counter the unfortunate nature of people who are aware of a genjutsu OOC all too often claim awareness IC. Please note if you do so this should always be the same length or shorter then its actual duration of the technique for obvious reasons

5. Visual aspects should be well described and not misleading. It may be simple enough to use just a sentence for this but where more abstract the description should be clear and well defined.

Using Genjutsu
(and the Genjutsu Buddy System)

Normally with techniques you are expected to post any tech used in a spoiler below the post itself. Given that genjutsu are intrinsically secretive and often dependant on catching people unawares they lose a lot of their effect once revealed and risk being meta-gamed into uselessness. To avoid this genjutsu’s are not required to be posted directly below posts, only have the hand seals (or other method of creation) and effects described within them. Instead of posting the genjutsu they can PM a staff member, called a genjutsu buddy in this scenario, with the jutsu used and a link to the thread. Then it can’t be claimed at a later point that the user was god-modding and had never done the technique. It is not good enough to PM just anyone and should always be a staff member

For example if a genjutsu gave the illusion of a sand storm, then it is quite fine for the user to simply do hand signs and state a sandstorm appears from the west etc and not make mention that it is in truth a illusion brought upon by a active genjutsu

However this must be done from the victim/targets point of view so if they have a dojutsu such as a Byakugan that would see straight through it then they should be informed (by PM is fine) and user must always perform the necessary hand seals etc in the post the genjutsu was initiated

Noticing a Genjutsu

Before you can attempt to break or dispel a Genjutsu you must be aware that you are under the effects of one. This is not easy since genjutsu as illusions are intrinsically difficult to notice and often designed to mislead or confuse as to their true purpose. Invariably a great many of these so called techniques will remain in affect till you notice them and remove them. After all why anyone try to remove the affects of something they don’t even know is there.

Of course the problem with this particular aspect of genjutsu is the profound and far too common practise of meta-gaming, if normally unintentional. I and any experienced RPer will know of a case, often many cases, where a member who upon realising their character is afflicted by a genjutsu OOC will result in their character trying to dispel/break it in RP either by breaking unintentional or claiming to notice it often highly implausibly.

To avoid this genjutsu users may, as previously mentioned, both avoid directly posting that they are using genjutsu and/or create/use genjutsu where the duration it takes for others to realise, taking into account rank and gen speciality, is clearly written in black and white. Where duration isn’t specifically stated then it is fine to notice a genjutsu at any time after you are become effected as long as it is done so in a logical and understandable manner. If you cannot clearly explain to others how you have noticed then you a probably meta-gaming

To be clear on the matter, nearly all attempts to unintentionally dispel/break a genjutsu (allow yourself to take minor harm to break a D rank genjutsu your character isn’t aware of for example) or claims to notice ones affects with no logical chain of causation will be considered meta-gaming and dealt with appropriately. Please note, all genjutsu can be potentially noticed, how difficult this act may or may not be

Dispelling a Genjutsu

There are two main ways to dispel a Genjutsu. The primary way is for the victim or somebody in direct contact with the victim to use the Ninjutsu known as Kai to sop the flow of chakra in their body then apply a even stronger power to disrupt the users flow and in so doing break the genjutsu. The second is by means of Pain, which can be used to focus ones mind away from the genjutsu and with any look bring their senses back into order.


The main way to break genjutsu. Kai is one of the seven basic techniques on site all Nin whatever their speciality can have and is highly recommended. Without it characters expose themselves far more to being killed horrifically be a gen user, an action commonly referred to as Gen rape.

Kai is a D Rank tech and can be used to instantly dispel or break upon activation any one genjutsu up to the users own rank. The genjutsu difficulty rank (rather then the jutsu rank though this will most often be the same) indicates the level of kai need. What this means in practise is A rank Nin with Tai and Med who can use it to break a genjutsu with an A rank difficulty rating but not an S rank. On other sites the practise is often quite different allowing only genjutsu specialist of the highest level to break the most difficult gen but this is not especially balanced since it means all gen users can counter techs at higher levels. That said it should be recognised that obliviously genjutsu specialists would be better at this given they have significantly more experience handling genjutsu. Therefore characters with a genjutsu speciality may dispel genjutsu as though it they are one difficulty rank lower

The chakra cost for kai is directly equivalent to the difficulty of the genjutsu you are trying to break. To break a technique with B Rank difficulty requires a B Rank’s worth of chakra


Pain while another useful way to break genjutsu is not as effective as Kai. It requires a significant amount to work and is only a defense against low level techniques. Pain can only ever be used to break techniques with a C rank difficulty or lower.

Characters with a high tolerance for pain or high pain threshold can not use it so effectively to break a genjutsu and can only use pain to break techniques with a D rank difficulty or lower.

Characters that are immune to pain or can not feel it can never use it to break free of a genjutsu

Other Methods

There are other ways that replicate the effects of two above but these tend to be highly limited and often kkg related.

Genjutsu Resistance

This section covers genjutsu resistance and all the techs, abilities or kkg’s with genjutsu resistant aspects. You will note no mention of Genjutsu immunity any where in this section since it doesn’t exist, no character is allowed or will ever be allowed to be immune to genjutsu much like no character can be immune to ninjutsu or weaponry for that matter. Being highly resistant is one thing, immunity quite another.

It is allowable to have some inbuilt resistance to it within a kkg or have techs that make you resistant to it etc. However when linked to a kkg it must be balanced as whole and fit in logically. Don’t expect it approved if you just added it on the side for extra protection


There are certain dojutsu that can see through illusions or allow their users to use their own eyes as genjutsu focuses. Any dojutsu that allows the user to see the flow of chakra, which includes the Byakugan and the Sharingan, can directly see changes in its flow that are a clear sign that are gen is in effect. In such a way the can quite literally see the effects of genjutsu on themselves and others. There is a mistaken assumption by many that they can see through all genjutsu though this is far from the truth. While the can tell if others and their own bodies are affected in standard conditions by looking at them with their dojutsu active it does require that their eyes are passing sensory information to the mind to be unscrambled by it to make a picture in our brain. Any genjutsu that directly affects the minds perception, cutting off the information they are receiving from the eyes and replacing the sensory images received with new ones cannot be detected by them in this way.

In a short a dojutsu that can see chakra flow can:

  • Can see changes in chakra flow, in others and themselves (if looking at themselves) and thus realise a gen is in effect while they can see and the dojutsu is unaffected

Theses dojutsu can not:

  • Make the user immune to genjutsu
  • Allow the user to actually see through genjutsu. They simply see the affects a genjutsu has on other people where the genjutsu does not inhibit site or entirely change their perception
  • Work at all on any technique the blinds them or totally replaces what the see with an illusionary perception of the world. Thus they can not see past dream like or illusionary worlds by means of a genjutsu
  • Ever break the illusion akin to kai, pain etc. They just make the user aware of it when it works

Additional Information


Some genjutsu hints or even straight forwardly states that they play on, affect and manipulated certain feelings or emotions. This is all well and good but the emotions must be their in the first place for the genjutsu to have any affect. While most people are assumed to have most emotions, even in very small amounts there are people to whom certain emotions do not exist nor are meaningless who will not be affected. That said it is possible to make targets believe they have theses emotions which may then be played on in this manner while the latter effect continues

Subconscious Techniques

Subconscious techniques are those that remain dormant in the opponents mind or place supplementary effects on them via mental suggestion/blocks. By there very nature they are far harder to notice. However until they become active they are easier to break and there 'difficultly rank' can be no greater then 'B' while in this state

Genjutsu Focuses

A Genjutsu focus is an item that can be used as alternate means to activate a genjutsu. The best known users of genjutsu focuses are the Uchiha clan who often use their eyes and jewellery, such as rings, to use a genjutsu by eye contact alone. Anyone may user a genjutsu focus, though a focus may only work in one of the following sensory ways:

  • Work upon the focus making eye contact with the victim
  • Work upon playing music or a sound heard by the victim
  • Work upon being touched/felt by the victim
  • Work by creating a smell which will affect those who sniffs it

Note a focus well only ever work in one of these ways. The use of a genjutsu focus replaces regular hand seals. Only B Rank Nin or higher may use genjutsu focuses and may never have more then two

An example of a genjutsu focus would be: jewellery of some type, a bright or garish piece of cloth or clothing, a dojutsu, musical instrument. The item itself must be out of the norm and attract attention; it can not be a drab or unattractive item.

Limits & Weaknesses

~ Limits of Jutsu Per Round


Chuunin- 3

Jounin -4

Kage -5

~ Limits Of weapon Used Per Round

Genin- 10

Chuunin- 20

Jounin - 25

Kage- 30

~ Limits of jutsu used per Round by a Path

Genin Path - 2

Chuunin Path - 3

~ A path Can't used more than 3 jutsu per round .

* Limits of jutsu used per round by a puppet

Genin Rank Puppet : 1

Chuunin rank Puppet : 2

Jounin Rank Puppet : 3

Kage Rank Puppet : 4

* How clan should work

Here is an example of what a powerful clan weaknesses look like .

Clan : Weaknesses , The Advanced Byakugan can only be activated for 10 post or the user body would blow up from chakra to much chakra obtain from Doujutsu , because to much chakra woul blow up the user body , The Eternal Byakugan can only be activated for 5 post or the user would blow up from to much chakra increase that the body can't control .The Eternal will be allowed , but can only be used-Five Time a battle meaning , if your going to used the Eternal path it is only possible , to used the body Five times , and only 3 paths can attack per-turn , the same rule is fallow for other Custom Kekkei Genkai that allow the user to used some time of path , Only 3 jutsu can be used per path .

Whats Not allowed .

It's only possible to Be part of Two Things.

Meaning : You can only be part of a clan and be a host at the same time .

or you can be in a clan and be a puppet master .

you can be in a clan and be Sage .

Or you can be A Sage and be Puppet master.

I think you understand what i mean , you can't be three things .

If you have Three things Then Edit your Character .

Note : If your a Main Character to the season and you have to be one of the few powerful ninja maybe three things will be allowed.

PM : Me The Leader of the Staff.

Chakra & Life


~ Because Forumotion Allows just great role playing game Modules , I made this last minute Edits .

Like In the Jutsu Template it Stays The user has to say How much Chakra a Jutsu Uses and How Much Damage it does to the Foe and in some cases how much damage it does to the User or Player of the jutsu .

So here is a Table

E-rank ( 5 damage )

d-Rank ( 10 damage)

c-rank ( 20 Damage )

B-rank ( 30 damage )

A-Rank ( 40 damage )

S-rank ( 50 Damage )

Kinjutsu : ( 60-100 damage Scale ( This jutsu Normally Either Kill the user or Harms the User )

Ok So that’s The table for damage .

Here is The table For how much Chakra a Jutsu uses .

E-rank ( 5 Chakra )

D-rank ( 10 chakra )

C-rank ( 20 chakra )

B-rank ( 30 chakra )

A-rank ( 40 Chakra )

S-rank ( 50 chakra )

Kinjutsu ( 60-100 Chakra )

How Much chakra Each Rank Obtains .

Genin Rank : ( 200 Chakra Points / Same as Health )

Chuunin Rank : ( 400 Chakra Points / Same as Health )

Jounin : (800 Chakra Points / Same as Health )

Sennin : ( 1,500 Chakra Points / Same as Health )

Kage : ( 2,000 Chakra Points / Same as Health )

Now How this Will work , Under each profile and Message you can see The User Chakra Bar & Health bar in their Character Sheet .

The system . ( Will work Like this )


Ninja A :

I see My opponent from far away , I take my time to think of some tactics as my Opponent is in close-range with me , I activate a fire trap and Engulfs around his body Paralyzing him from moving ( Fire Style : Trap Level 1 )

Beta Tester : ( Approved Post ) Ninja A has used , 10 chakra points , his point have been removed from his chakra bar . 200-10 = 190 Chakra Point Remain .

Ninja B :

I Simply Walk Through the Trap Fire can’t harm me , I then Stab My Opponent and make him bleed to death . He can’t escape .

Beta Tester : ( Denied Post ) Ninja B made Some Wrong Movements he Said he Stab his Opponnet except of saying he attempts or aim , and a Lv.1 jutsu can’t be block or escape by for rather a jutsu of greater rank can overpower it , a Lv.1 Water style the jutsu weakness would Overpower the jutsu as well , Their Fore Ninja B is Denied from battle .

Another Example

Ninja A :
I Summon Three Genin Path .

Path One : Come towards you using Flame Kick .

Path Two : Come From your other direction shooting 10 shurikens toward you and at the same time fires ad Flame Ball .

Path Three : Uses Chidori attempting to crush the foes body .

Real Body : Uses chakra to control , Path Their Fore I have a 5-second Restriction from moving .

( Approved ) ( The user is a Chuunin rank ninja , he has used three genin rank path meaning that’s 3-D-rank Jutsu that uses , 10 10 10 = 30 chakra points ( 400- 30 )

Ninja B :

I summon 100 Genin path .

All the 100 path come towards you each using Chidori .

Beta Tester : ( Denied ) , A Genin Path can only used Two Jutsu per turn the max rank for a path would be chuunin that can Used 3 jutsu per Round , And only 3-paths can be summoned per turn , Therefore you lose and denied from the battle .

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Complete Forum Role Playing Guide Empty Re: Complete Forum Role Playing Guide

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General RPG rules*For those Who like to read Less Read this




Villages are one of the most important Category in the Forum , Villages are something that only people who are determine to sacrifice themselves can create. Villages will not be easy to make and will not be Official if you don’t fallow the fallowing rules.

~Rule Number One~ you need to have 200 posts or more , because people with higher post power mean that they are activate in the forum and that they can be trust as a activate hokage who can keep a village from Falling the Depths of Darkness.

~Rule Number Two~ you need to have 30 rep points , “Why” , We need to make sure that what you make gets rep up meaning you are recognized as Popular and like this the village will have more members and will be more popular and it also shows that you are able to create good things for your village that can be rep-up , like a good history for the village .

~Rule Number Three~ you need to be a jonin Leader to create a village Meaning , Before you create a village you need to had taken the Chunin exams and the Jonin exams , The first Members to Make a village will be rouge and will take the exams as rouge ninja , or you can join a village that has been made and become a jonin leader and then make a village “Why You need to be A jonin Leader~ we have to make sure that you know the rules and you are worthy of Been a Kage .

~Rule Number Fourth~ When you Create a village you have to choices you can Create the village jutsu or Buy them from the forum Jutsu Shop , your village needs shops so the villagers can Buy jutsu to be able to fight and be ready for any incoming wars.

When You create a village each jutsu you make will cost you points each village will start with 5,000 points , then as the village become popular and Wins Wars the village earns Points


Winning a war gives a village 5,000 points
Each member that joins the village it give the village 100 points
Each Member to pass the chunin or Jonin exams give the village 500 points
Mission according to rank give villages points
Genin rank missions-100 points
Chunin ranks missions-200 points
Jonin ranks missions-300 points
Village Chakra Natures
A Village can have as many chakra nature but the village has to buy them normal elements like fire and water cost 500 points , special elements like wood or ice is 1,000 points .
If you have Fallow All this rules then you will get a social Group For your village.



Ninjas need jutsu to battle. How then does a person acquire jutsu? Well, firstly, the villages kage much purchase all the jutsu he wants people in his village to choose from. He must purchase jutsu at the prices listed below. The War council will keep a master list of all available jutsu. If a kage wishes to create a new jutsu for his village he may write it up and the War council will set it's level. Other kage's may not purchase techs created as village specific jutsu.

Please note that by buying these jutsu, it does not mean all your ninja get them for free, only that your village knows of them and your members can learn them.

Jutsu prices

Lv1 jutsu = 50 points
Lv2 jutsu = 100 points
Lv3 jutsu = 150 points
Lv4 jutsu = 200 points
Lv5 jutsu= 250 points

Fallow the fallowing rules when creating a jutsu




Level 1 activations may be done at any rank.
Level 2 Activations are for chunin and up.
Level 3 activations are for jounin and up.

Template for KG submissions is as follows:

Who may take the KG (open to all, XYZ Village only, or personal (only creator may use it)) (note: Villages may only have 3 village KG)

Description: This is what my jutsu does, said simply

Activation 1: This is the first level of the power.

Activation 2: This is the second level of the power.

Activation 3: This is the third level of the power.


War Council
Open to all with medical nin training.

Description: This Kekkei Genkai gives the user super speed regeneration capabilities

Activation 1: The moment this is activated the user can instantly heal up to 5 small cuts that they have on their body

Activation 2: The moment this is activated the user can instantly heal 2 large gashes that they have on their body

Activation 3: The moment this is activated the user can instantly re-grow any limb, such as an arm or leg, that has been destroyed. Or they can restore a damaged body part, such as returning a crushed bone to its original state.

Blade Master:
War Council
Open to all

Description: This Kekkei Genkai allows the user to have a hyper control of summoning Jutsu

Activation 1: When activated a barrage of 10 shuriken shoot out of the user's stomach

Activation 2: When activated the user can draw out two katana whose handles emerge out of the user’s back

Activation 3: When activated 20 katana shoot out of the user’s body, although not fully. The handles remain unseen, and the user wears the blades as a deadly armor

Zero In:
War Council
Open to all

Description: This Kekkai Genkai allows the user to track an opponent no matter what.

Activation 1: The exudes a special aura, and as soon as they touch the opponent they can track their movements no matter where they go

Activation 2: The user can create a thin line of chakra between himself and the opponent, as long as the opponent stays within 30 feet, and then the user can guide any of his attacks along the line to the opponent

Activation 3: The user creates a group of 3 chakra animals that are able to cause physical damage, and they relentlessly track and attack the opponent everywhere. These animals are in the form of a wolf.


If in the next 24 hours you do not receive a pm from someone on the council, please remake your KG to fit this template. If you get a PM from us it's cause we managed to do that much for you. If you do not like how we did it, feel free to resubmit it here.

Some things to keep in mind:

Teleportation, reality manipulation, time manipulation, and dimensional manipulation and not allowed.

Genjutsu will likely not be allowed for initial release since it is in affect time and reality manipulation and can't be judged or ruled fairly in the current system.

KG may only have healing abilities if the user is medical nin training.

You may only have 1 Kekki genkai. No one gets two bloodline bonuses. If Hinata and Sasuke had a kid (perish the thought) one bloodline would win over the other, he woulldnt get both. At least not in this system.

Please note if you want to register any jutsu that require the user to have your KG you may do so in the same post after your 3 levels of activation are present.
All submissions will be graded very harshly and they better be well thought out, fair, and in the right format or they will not be considered.



If a village desires, all shinobi from that village may have an elemental affinity and weakness. If you choose to do this you will be stronger with any jutsu you have an affinity for but will gain the corresponding weakness.

You should consider making your first chakra element your villages affinity, but this is not required.

A village can have as many elements

Note:The forum wil allows new elements such as blooc, wood or crystal.

Fire: Strong against Wind, Weak to Water
Wind: Strong against Thunder, Weak to Fire
Thunder: Strong against Earth, Weak to Wind
Earth: Strong against Water, Weak to Thunder
Water: Strong against Fire, Weak to Earth



Academy Ninja

Rank:Academy Ninja
Chakra natures: None


All E-ranks


Chakra Natures: 1
Chakra: 200

Jutsu :
all E-ranks

10 lv 1

8 lv 2

2 lv3

(Note:When you buy a chakra nature you don't get the jutsu from that certain chakra nature , it means you have bougth the chakra nature and you are able to buy jutsu from the chakra nature )


Chakra Natures : 2
Chakra: 400


All E-ranks

15 lv1

10 lv lv2

5 lv3

2 lv 4


Chakra Natures : 3
Chakra: 900

20 lv 1

20 lv 2

10 lv 3

5 lv 4

3 lv 5


Chakra Natures : 4
Chakra: 1500


30 lv 1

30 lv2

15 lv 3

10 lv 4

8 lv 5


Chakra Natures : 5 Plus 1 sp.Element
Chakra: 2,000
life: 3,000


40 lv 1

35 lv 2

22 lv 3

18 lv 4

15 lv 5


Chakra Natures : 5 plus 2 sp.elements
Chakra: 5,000


50 lv1

50 lv2

40 lv3

30 lv4

20 lv5

Ultimate Ninja

Rank:Ultimate Ninja
Chakra Natures : 5 plus 5 sp.elements
Chakra: 10,000


100 lv 1

80 lv 2

70 lv 3

60 lv 4

40 lv 5

Wars Battle

Village War: In order to wage war with another village, A Kage and only a Kage, must go to the War Council with valid reason and request the battle. If the Council accepts, the other Villages Kage must also accept before the war will start. You must also have enough points to make the challenge.

After the War has been accepted by both villages, you will start the terms. You can make bets with your village points on who will win, and select how many Ninja you wish to compete.

Up to 4 Jonin including a kage may do battle. 2 from each Village.
Up to 6 Chunin from each village may do battle. 3 from each village.
Up to 12 Genin may do battle. 6 From each village.
Jonin battles will always go last on the War schedule with kage's going last.

Additional rule: A war must have an odd # of matches, and a minimum of 5 matches is necessary for a war.

Note that for fairness, if a village does not have enough members BOTH villages must put out the same amount of ninja. The ninja wishing to compete must also register before the battle starts. After these terms are met, you may put in a request fr a war.

Personal Battles: Got a grudge against another member, or just want to test your skills against someone with a reputation? Challenge them to a personal battle. This will not affect your villages points in any way, and is the best way to gain personal points. You must request the fight from the War Council, and give a VALID reason for wanting to battle. NO FIGHTING will be done without Counsil approval, unless its just practice. No points are awarded for winning a practice battle, nor are any spent.

Both Shinobi will agree. You will notify a council member to get your own topic and battle. Personal battles are going to be harder to get approval on, because you must also get approval from your village Kage IF you belong to a village of course.

How to fight


Ninja A: I see my enemy far away. I use Lightning Style: Ground Pulse to shock him from the ground.

Ninja B: I see my enemy using a jutsu from a distance away. But his jutsu doesn't reach all the way to me. I use Earth Style: Rock Projectiles and four rock kunai come out of the ground and I throw them at my opponent. Then I take out my regular kunai and get in a defensive stance.

Ninja A: I see my enemy attack. I use Lightning Style: Mini Bow and his jutsu is destroyed. I see a pile of glass on ground nearby. I pick them up and use Ninja Art: Glass Shuriken and throw them at enemy.

Ninja B: My enemy somehow blocked my attack and then retaliated with his own. I quickly use Earth Style: Wall of Ridge to protect myself, but one of his shurikens gets past and cuts me on the shoulder. I don’t think I should attack him head on in my condition, so I use Earth Style: Dirt Clones to make two clones. I send the clones forward to attack while I hide behind my wall.

Ninja A: I think I got my enemy not sure. Then I see 2 clones running at me. I am better than clones. I run up to clones and punch them in stomach, and they disappear. Then I take out kunai and jump over wall and stab enemy in the heart.

Ninja B: My clones were easily defeated, but they gave me time to prepare my next jutsu. I wait for my enemy to get closer. When he jumps over the wall and attacks me up close I use Earth Style: Ground Spike to make sharp jagged rocks pop up from the ground around me.

Another Example

Ninja A: I see my enemy and take out a Kunai with a paperbomb attached and throw it at him. Then I run closer and use Ninja Art: Poison Needle.

Ninja B: An enemy appears out of nowhere and starts to attack me. He throws a kunai and I take my own out to block it, but it explodes before it gets to me. The explosion forces me back and makes a cloud of smoke. I cannot see my enemy so I use Earth Style: Wall of Ridge to make a defense. I hear sharp needles bounce harmlessly off my wall. I jump over the wall and slash at my opponent with a kunai.

Ninja A: My opponent attacks, but I use Ninja Art: Substitution and he hits a log. I appear close by and quickly use Water Style: Water Scratch to attack him.

Ninja B: My opponent disappears and then hits me in the back with 3 sharp claws. I quickly use Earth Style: Ground Spike to make spikes come out of ground and force him away. I can’t move very far now, so I use Earth Style: Earth Spear to make a long rock spear and I try to stab him in the shoulder.

Ninja A: My enemy makes a spear and attacks me, but I use Water Style: Water Replacement, and he only hits some water. I stand next to a puddle of water far away and use Ninja Art: Poison Needle again and then Water Style: Water Shuriken.

Ninja B: My enemy dodges my attack again. Then he appears and launches two good attacks at me. I can’t move very well because of my back, and my Jutsu. I quickly use Earth Style: Hole Trap and make a hole under myself. I fall into the hole and avoid the attack. Then I use Earth Style: Dirt Clones. I make one clone and give it an exploding Kunai and send it to attack my enemy.

* when having a battle god modding is not allow.

" this is how battles should work "


You see how they didn't actually ever hit the other person? The person attacking never actually said "I HIT YOU AND YOU FALL AND DIE" no, the person that was defending actually acknowledge that it was getting hit, also the judge will know whether or not you got hit.

" see how it works "

note: Battles dont have to be 3 turns

Chakra/life system


lv1 use 10 chakra points does 10% Damage

lv2 use 20 chakra points does 20% Damage

lv3 use 30 chakra points does 30% damage

lv4 use 40 chakra points does 40% damage

lv5 use 50 chakra points does 50% damage



Dont want to be in a village? Want to walk the loners path Here you go.

1. Free to ally themselves with any village at any given time. No alliance is permanent, and is only as binding as any verbal agreement.

2. If a village accepts your alliance, they are not allowed to add you to the Clan Member list.

3. You are still allowed to visit and help other villages.

4. Honor System; Don't ambush someone from a Village you claimed friendship with although nobody can stop you from doing so. That's the beauty of it. If a rival Village offers you more, it's up to you to take it.

You can Buy jutsu in the forum jutus shop or you can buy jutsu from village alliance.

You can also Battle a person and if you defeat them or kill them your allow to take away their jutsu and learn them but not kg jutsu .

Rouge: Are allow to enter the chunin exams and jonin exams .

How do you get Jutsu?

To get jutsu you have to go into another village social group or outside training grounds an take there jutsu. After you take there jutsu they still can use them.To get a chakra element go to the jutsu shops in the Beta system forum an buy them the same you do with weaponds an pupetts.

How do you Join a clan?
Clans are every were you can join one an still be a rogue you will just have to purchase jutsu from the owner of the clan or steal them from them.
After you get the jutsu you can now train other rogue ninjas instead of them buying them.

Rank system
You rank up by excuting missions an assaignating forum members.
E-rank/Same as Academy -Start
D-rank/Genin -when you take the chunin exams
C-rank/Chunin-10 Missions
B-rank/Jonin-30 missions
A-rank/Sennin- 50 missions
S-rank/Kage - 100 missions

War council/ Designer Team


The leaders and Judges who make this all possible. Want to join? It's not that easy.

1. The final decision to join will always go to the Mods.
2. Must give evidence that they have done a lot to help the forum, whether it be technical help, or village organization.
3. Be impartial. If your friend is battling, be fair to the other Ninja, or better yet have someone else judge.
4. If you belong to a village, you CANNOT vote in their battle or in a personal battle of any member of your village.
5. Try to be fairly active. This will take a lot of work. I know we all have jobs or school, but just do your best to make time.
6. Don't use your position against non-members. You have no powers outside of judging. You're not THAT special and abuse of power will likely lead to the mods being angry... and they can dock 50 rep...
7. Constantly PMing TheBlackChidori, Toma RNK, or anyone else about getting into the War Council won't work. While it helps to be on our good side, the final decision lies with the mods and the council as a whole.

Hostile Takeovers/Mutiny


Even in your own village, the Kage must be on guard. Should some members of the village feel the leadership of the Kage is lacking, they may start a Mutiny. In order to so...

1. There must be at least 1 Jonin in the group overthrowing the Village. This Jonin will become the new Kage if they succeed.
2. At least 5 ninja must be willing to take part in the take over.
3. The Jonin in charge must request permission to challenge the Village Kage from the Council. The Kage being challenged MUST accept this challenge or he is automatically overthrown.
4. They will proceed to have 5 one on one matches, culminating in the Kage Vs. Jonin leader match. Even if the Kage loses, if his team wins at least 3 matches, he will stay in charge. And once a group wages war against their own village, and lose, they will be kicked out of the village and branded traitors. They will keep their Jutsu and rank. If the Kage loses, his members are allowed to stay, but the Kage must leave the village and become a Rogue ONLY IF the new Jonin in charge demands it.

Rouge Organization


Orgs are gatherings of rogue ninja who band together for whatever purpose they want. Despite coming together, each ninja is still considered rogue and will generally only remain loyal to the organization if he thinks he will personally benefit from being in it.

To start an org, at least 5 (five) founding members must pay a total of 20 personal points. How they split the cost is up to them. This cost is waived for the already well-established orgs when thiis system is implemented. This fee like all fees can be waived by the council but likely won't be. However, if a village destroys you, you WILL have to pay the full cost if you want to reform.

-A rogue may only be affiliated with one organization.
-Each Organization may have one topic dedicated to it.
-No spamming topics or PMs to get people to join. Doing so will make you lose so much Rep it's not even funny. Also it may warrant a disbanding of the organization
-Absolutely no flaming. Any flame war that breaks out jeopardizes the organization's very existence.

-Orgs will NOT have any collective points to spend. However, members can buy public things from the kage shop as a group, but some of the members have to pay it personally (or split the cost between several members). They CANNOT train medical ninjas, however.

-Orgs will NOT have any group jutsus and members will NOT be able to teach each other jutsus with the exception of a rogue to rogue teaching. (see rogues rules on rogues teaching rogues jutsus).

-Organizations are allowed to initiate a war with a village, HOWEVER their members will have to pay the full war cost out of their out personal points OR they will need a village willing to cover for them. Since they will not gain any collective points from winning, they will instead gain a refund of the points they spent initiating the wars. If the village wins they still gets points for winning a war.

-If a VILLAGE declares war on the org, the members don't have to pay any costs. However, a loss results in the org disbanding. This challenge from the village MUST be accepted or the org will be disbanded. The organization HAVE to match the amount the fighters the village puts into this, possibly forcing an org member to fight twice, and any damage taken is cumulative. The attacking village will not gain any group points if they win this war.

-Organizations CANNOT seal tailed beasts within their members.

-The leader in an organization can be overthrown the same way as a village Kage can. However these battles does not award any kind on points.

An organization with less than 5 members may be disbanded by the council if they cannot recruit up to that number within a certain time frame.

An organization cannot have a limit to their membership number. But they can deny rogues from joining at any time.

Becming of rank


Naruto Ninja Ranks
Academy Student
Academy Students are young ninjas whom primarily focus on studying basic ninja techniques. Since they are usually quite inexperienced and weak, they are not included in the ninja workforce. The requirement to graduate from each academy varies in each village.

Requirements: Pass academy final exam.
Entry level ranked ninjas are called Genin and are basically peon servants. They attain a metal forehead protector after graduating from the academy into a Genin. Much of the missions assigned to Genin are D-ranked, meaning that it's mere labor work and combat is rarely ever involved.M

Requirements: Pass Chuunin Exam.
Only exceptional ninjas who are able to pass the Chuunin Exam judged by the Kages are allowed to become Chuunins. Chuunins are often assigned higher level ranked missions. They are easily distinguished by their thick, green vest fancying stylish scroll pouches.

Requirements: Pass Jounin Exams.
Elite ninjas showing incredible skills are given a Jounin ranking, meaning that they are eligible for high ranked missions such as assassination. Many Jounins lead a group of three Genins and assists them on their missions, preparing them for the Chuunin Exam. They act as a teacher and guidance counselor.

Ninja Councilor/Elder
Requirements: Jounin or higher ranking.
These politicians work next to the Kage and make important decisions. Just like most politicians they like to rip everyone off and make a lot of money.

Requirements: Appointed by Kage.
Ninjas who possess unmatched strength and skill are ranked right below that of a Kage. A maximum of three Sannin per village are appointed by each Kage. Sannins no longer wear forehead protectors or vests, in order to blend in with common civilians. They are emitted to perform dangerous S-Class missions.

Requirements: Appointed by council.
Each village has a single Kage, who is the strongest of all ninjas and the political figurehead whom represents the village. Duties include assigning missions, judging the Chuunin and Jounin Exams, acting as a battle strategist, and finally protecting the city.

Requirements: Medicinal training program.
Advanced ninjas who are able to carefully focus their chakra. Thus, enabling them with various medicinal healing techniques. When a Medical-Nin is added to a group, the chance of unnecessary deaths is dramatically reduced.

Requirements: ANBU training program.
Elite military squads who enforce vigilance and justice are called ANBU. These guys are incredibly talented and specialize in assassination, investigation, and protection. They are distinguished by their animal mask and silver vest. Think of them as police with ninja skills!

Hunter-Ninja/Anbu Category
Requirements: Hunter training program.
These are bounty hunter ninjas who primarily specialize in tracking down vigilante criminal ninjas, otherwise known as Missing-Nins. They hold many secret abilities such as being able to completely deconstruct bodies, utterly destroying any secrets which they may hold.

Missing-Nin/Anbu Category
Requirements: Piss off your village leaders.
Missing-Nins have either betrayed or abandoned their country in search of ambitions which are often frowned upon. They are often hunted as prey by Hunter-Nins and aren't permitted to enter villages. Missing-Nins are trademarked by the slash cut into their headband across their country's national symbol.

Ultimate Ninja-The strongest Ninja in the Entire Forum.

Chunin Exams


Twice every year, a test called the The Chuunin Exams held. This is the exam you must pass if you are to become a Middle Ninja. It's a 3 part test, and held for lower ninjas from any village. If you wish to enter you must have completed a minimum of 8 missions, and given the "OK" from your instructor.

The Chuunin Exams hold participants from, not just one village, but any village which a ninja qualified to enter. They are held in different villages each time, and because of convenience purposes, usually end up with mostly ninjas from the village hosting the Chuunin Exams.

These Exams also happen to have another purpose. Because people come from across the globe to watch the final test of the exams, they'll get to see ninjas from your village fight. After taking this into consideration, next time they happen to need a job done, they'll be much more likely to go to the village with the good fighting ninjas for the job, than the village with the bad fighting ninjas. Which means, these exams can be very good for business.

Below you'll find detailed information on each of the 3 parts of the Chuunin Exams. We will be basing this information entirely on what was revealed in the Chuunin Exam taken by Team 7 early on in the series. The reason for this being information on other Chuunin Exams has not yet been revealed.

Chuunin Exams Test 1 - The Written Exam:
This test consists of a 10 question paper, which participants are given 1 hour to complete. Each participant starts out with a total of 10 points, and for each question you get wrong you lose one of those 10 points. If you ever reach 0 points you and the rest of your team will instantly disqualified. While the exam takes place several Middle Ninjas watch over the participants. Their job is to look for anyone who is cheating, and kick out anyone who reaches a score of 0. When they see someone who is cheating they penalize them for 2 points.
The last questions of the test works slightly different. It is not written on the paper like the rest of the questions, and isn't even the same question from test to test. This is what the 10th question was for the Chuunin Exams Team 7 took at the beginning of the series. When the 45 minute mark hit the teacher asked the participants if they would like to continue and try to answer question 10. If they answer question 10 wrong they will never be allowed to take this test again and forever be a Lower Ninja. In addition, all of their teammates will be disqualified.
If you choose to not continue, you will be disqualified along with your teammates, but will be allowed to try again next year. After everyone makes their decision the teacher congratulates them on their choice. They had just answered question 10 and passed the first part of the Chuunin Exam without even knowing it. The secret behind questions 10, was that the question about taking the question was the question! In other words, do you want to try to answer questions 10, was question 10.
Fun Fact: When Naruto was taking the written test, he didn't write down one answer on his paper, but because he answered question 10 correctly it didn't matter, and he passed this part of the exam.

Chuunin Exams Test 2 - The Forest:
This part of the Chuunin Exams takes place in Practice Area #44. Also called the "Forest of Death", because of it's poisonous plant life and vicious animals. Participants are briefed on the exam 30 minutes before hand, and each cell if given one of two scrolls. The objective is to try to obtain the scroll you don't have, and reach a tower which is located in the middle of the forest. There are 44 locked gates which circle around the forest of death, in which the participants simultaneously use to enter the forest.
Each scroll is given out in secret so other teams won't know which teams have which scrolls, and which person is carrying the scroll in each team. You lose if anyone on your team is killed, tries to open the scroll, or doesn't make it to the tower with both scrolls. If a participant tries to open one of the scrolls, they will set off a spell inside the scroll causing anyone who looks at it to fall unconscious until the test finishes.
26 different teams made it to this part of the Chuunin Exams and entered the "Forest of the Death", however, only seven different teams successfully made it through forest and passed this portion of the Chuunin Exams. The participants who passed are: Hinata, Shino, Kiba, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kabuto.

Fun Fact: Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, arrived in the Tower, completing the test, in only 1 hour and 37 minutes. Beating the old record by 4 hours. On top of that Gaara didn't have one scratch on him.

Chuunin Exams Test 3 - The Tournament:
After seeing how many people passed the previous test, an announcement is made saying that too many teams have made it through and the number of participants needs to be cut in half before the Chuunin Exams can continue. So a preliminary round is held. It's at about this point that Kabuto decides to quit, saying that his body is to exhausted to continue.

The preliminaries are made up of one-on-one fights between all the remaining participants. The fights were chosen at random, and the winner of each fight would be guaranteed a spot in the Third Test. If a draw occurs neither participant would move on. All participants along with their instructors watch the fights. You lose if you give up, die, become unconscious, or are unable to continue for some other reason.

Here's the list of who fought who in the preliminary matches. The name of character who won is stated first, except in the case of a draw, where the character names are in Italics.

Preliminary Exam Winner:
Round 01 - Uchiha Sasuke
Round 02 - Aburame Shino
Round 03 - Kankuro
Round 04 - Haruno Sakura
Round 05 - Temari
Round 06 - Nara Shikamaru
Round 07 - Uzumaki Naruto
Round 08 - Hyuuga Neji
Round 09 - Gaara
Round 10 - Dosu Kinuta Fought With:
vs. Akado Yoroi
vs. Zaku Abumi
vs. Tsurugu Misumi
vs. Yamanaka Ino
vs. Tenten
vs. Kin Tsuchi
vs. Inuzuka Kiba
vs. Hyuuga Hinata
vs. Rock Lee
vs. Akimichi Chouji

The 3rd and final test in the Chuunin Exams, is fairly similar to the preliminary matches. Like the preliminary matches the fights are made up of one-on-one battles between all the remaining participants. The fights are also chosen at random. However, unlike the preliminaries, if you win one match you go on to fight another until there's only 1 person left. Also unlike the preliminaries, you only increase your chances of becoming a Chuunin, not guarantee them. Another change is the enormous amount of people watching each fight. This audience of people even includes several Kages, and people from many villages.

Due to Sakura and Ino's match ending in a draw, as well as Gaara killing Dosu before the Tournament could take place, only eight people were left to fight in the 3rd test of the Chuunin Exams.
Unfortunately, we never get to see this tournament finish because of Orochimaru launching his attack againast Konoha in the middle of the Exams, but I'll give a brief explanation of who I feel would have won.

In round 1 (Naruto vs. Neji), Naruto wins, as shown in the series. Round 2 (Gaara vs. Sasuke), we never get to see complete in the Tournament, but we do see complete elsewhere. Sasuke loses to Gaara, and Naruto manages to save Sasuke and beat Gaara. This also means Naruto would have made it to the finals if the tournament wasn't interrupted. Round 3 (Kankura vs. Shino), In the series Kankura forfeits due to un-related reasons, but if he was to actually fight Shino it is un-clear to me who would win. However when we see Shikamaru beat Temari in Round 4, it's almost 100% clear that Shikamaru could beat either of them. This then leaves Naruto and Shikamaru in the finals. Who would win? Well, most likely Naruto. Shikamaru's only chance would be to quickly beat Naruto before Naruto got angry or used his best attacks which he always waits to use until later. But, like I said it's very unlikely that Shikamaru would wipe out Naruto fast enough. As I previously stated we can't know who would have really won the tournament and this is only my best guesses as to how it would play out.

Fun Fact: After all the incredible fights, and signs of great shinobi, only one of the participants became a Chuunin; Nara Shikamaru. However, in my opinion this is almost completely due to the fact that the tournament was brutally interrupted by Orochimaru, and the person who was in the position to assign these new Chuunin's was killed before he could make his decisions.

Tailed beast System


When you are in

1 tail mode: your chakra goes up 100 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 20 more life points damage .

for example : Takashi was having a battle and suddenly he loses 100 chakra points and was out of chakra and he uses Demon fox 1 tail mode and he now has 100 chakra points then he uses lv1 exploding shots and normally they create lv1 damage that it's 10 damage hits point but because of this chakra mode it does 10 20 making this lv1 jutsu a lv3 in power.

2 tail mode : your chakra goes up 200 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 40 more life points damage.

3 tail mode : your chakra goes up 300 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 60 more life points damage.

4 tail mode : your chakra goes up 400 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 80 more life points damage .

5 tail mode : your chakra goes up 500 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 100 more life points damage.

6 tail mode : your chakra goes up 600 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 120 more life points damage.

7 tail mode : Your chakra goes up 700 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 140 more life points damage.

8 tail mode: your chakra goes up 800 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 160 more life points damage.

9 tail mode : Your chakra goes up 900 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 180 more life points damage.

10 tail mode : Your chakra goes up 1,000 points evrey round and any jutsu you use will do 200 more life points damage.


Bad news

1 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 10 life points.

2 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 20 life points.

3 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 30 life points.

4 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 40 life points.

5 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 50 life points.

6 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 60 life points.

7 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 70 life points.

8 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 80 life points.

9 tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 90 life points.

1o tail mode : evrey round this is in use the user loses 100 life points.


ranks and uses

academy student can only use 0-1 tail mode.

gennin- can only use 1-2 tail mode.

chunin - can only use 1-3 tail mode.

sp.Jounin- can only use 1-4 tail mode.

anbu- can only use 1-5 tail mode.

jonin- can only use 1-6 tail mode

Jonin leader - can only use 1-7

sennin- can only use 1-8

co-kage - can only use 1-9

kage - can only use 1- 10

note : any rank can have any beast but as they rank up the more tail mode they can use.


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