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Shaku Chinkuko;s profile

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Shaku Chinkuko;s profile

Post by Chinkuko on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:21 pm


Name: Shaku (First) Raiken (middle name) Chinkuko (Last)

Age: 16

Height: 6'0"


Ninja ID: 6947-359SH-7AKU

Village: Inzukakure-The Village Hidden In Thunder

Rank: Kage, Wolf Sage, Master of Lightning, Master of Fire, Master of Wind, Master of Darkness/Light, Darkgan Lord

Element: Lightning, Fire, Wind

Ninja Type: Ninjutsu specialist, Taijutsu specialist, Joining element specialist, Wolf Sage, Darkgan Master, Lord of Thunder

Occupation: InzuKage, Founding Father of Thunder Anbu/Chinkuko Clan, 16 Tailed Thunder Wolf

Character Information

I have no family, my mother died during birth, and my father died sealing me inside the 16 tailed Wolf, i grew up in the streets, hated by everyone around me, i finally was able to join the Ninja Academy and then passed the Gennin test within a month, i gained enough Ryo to buy my 1st apartment, i then took the Chunnin Exams with my 2 Squad Members who were my best firneds at the time, even tho they knew i had the Beast inside me, we all passed the exams and did great over the next 6 months, we were all then promoted to Jonnin, on our 6th Mission together as Jonnin we ran into heavy resistance, my 2 squad mates were confirmed K.I.A. and i was confirmed M.I.A. for about 3 weeks, i then later was able to find my way back to the Village, there i was alone yet again, I had no friends, no family, Even our Squad Leader from when we were Gennin had been killed in a Assassination mission. i had considered suicide many times after everyone who was close to me was killed, i then met a man by the name of Leji. He was the Kage of The Mountain Village, a good Ally of The Thunder, he did not like me at first, and i had challenged him many times. most the times i challenged him, he would deny, and when he didnt deny, he would win, until my Darkgan 3rd activation activated, i stopped time and defeated him, he then shook my hand and told me that if i wanted to, he would become my Sensai, i agreed and he helped me over the next Year become stronger and better at my Jutsu, he eventually helped me Form the Darksen and my signature move, Lightning Style: Lightning Orb, (My character is holding in my avatar) i was then promoted to Anbu Squad member at the age of 15, 3 months later i was promoted to ANBU Squad Leader, after a year of assassination missions and training my Squad, i was chosen to be the 3rd Inzukage, it was an honor, i was born on the streets, and now i was the Inzukage, I had been promoted to the highest rank possible, even tho everyone around me hated me, and now auto-matically they loved me, the only one i am friends with at the moment are my co-kage, My Sensai, and My Summoning creature...

Description: Avatar (Just With Black Highlights and hair in face)

Personality: Funny, Playful, Smart, Strong, Serious


Family: none

Students: none

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Admin-Chinkuko master of thunder-Izunakage
Admin-Chinkuko master of thunder-Izunakage

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Re: Shaku Chinkuko;s profile

Post by Leji_hyuga on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:42 pm

i used too be your sensei.

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Admin-Sage byakugan-Yamakage

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