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drakinkyugans final secret the eternal drakinkyugan

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drakinkyugans final secret the eternal drakinkyugan

Post by dragoon master dj on Thu May 27, 2010 7:40 pm

history: one day the current dragkage killed a genin who possesed drakinkyugan he hated doing so but wanted to experiment even further with his eyes he knew everything about the eternal mangekyo so he decided to test it out with drakinkyugan he transplanted the eyes into his sockets when they opened his eyesight was even more incredible than someone with perfect distances he could see things clearly about .5 kilometers away and whenever he used some techniques that would normall damage his eyesight like the ultimos dragon seals and drakins nightmare he stll felt the pain however his eyesight stayed the same and hisa eyes changed to the original drakinkyugan to an eye that looks like one that looks like an actual dragons eye

eyes image: heres a link to the image of the eternal drakinkyugan (link because photobucket is being a peice of crap and not allowing me to host pics) they look like the real eyes of a dragon with a blazing sun colored iris http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=33

known users: so far the only one known to posses eternal drakinkyugan is the current dragkage Dj Dragonia

requirments to gain it: you must steal the eyes of someone in your family whether a cousin,sister brother etc. then transplant the eyes into your own

powers: the eternal drakinkyugan not only gives you light that will never fade (never going blind) but it also increases your vision you can now see things clearly .5 kilometers away from you you can also see things behind you as if you have eyes on the back of your head also your eyesight will never be damaged by certain jutsus that would normall damage the eyes like the ultimos eye seals or drakins nightmare however you will still feel the pain from them but your eyesight will stay perfect also with these eyes you can unlock new techniques only accomlplishable by having these eyes like the eternal mangekyo gave uchiha madara that jutsu ability to manipulate time and space and to even control the nine tailed fox

set of techniques one learns when they obtain these eyes:

eternal dragon art perfect genjutsu: shiranami's flight

rank: S

description: this traps the enemy in a genjutsu even more powerful than drakins nightmare in this genjutsu they are completley tied up to a dragon made of blue flames where its impossible to escape from its grasp while their burning from the blue flames the dragon constantly flies around above the atmosphere where its hard to breath eventually reaching space trhe dragon then slams them into the sun but when it seems there about to be burnt to death from the sun they suddenly return to the real world and the sun turns back into the users eye

status ailments: the user loses no eyesight but still feels stinging pain in their eyes

eternal dragon art: heart of a dragon

rank: A

description: with there newfound eyes the user looks through the enemies body to see like an X-ray that shows nothing but the enemies muscles and organs this gives the enemy a clear sight of where there heart or vital organs are just in case they constantly move giving them a clear shot to pierce someone in a vital organ for example or tear a certain muscle

eternal dragon art: spacial dragons portal

rank: S

description: the user forms a large wormhole in front of them a demonic dragon appears out of it and opens its mouth wide and devours anything that is in its way including any jutsu then going back into the portal

NOTE: this eye technique can only be used twice per battle

eternal dragon art: dark dragon shield

rank: A

description: this jutsu is releated to forbidden dragon art: dark dragon release the user activates there technique and 1 giant snake like dragon made of black flames appears before them and instantly envelopes them sort of like a snake wold curl around its eggs any person who happens to touch the dragon shield will burn to shreds but the flames burn slowly allowing the victim time to remove the body part thats burned or remove the clothing of where there burned before the flame envelopes them this technique is used as a shield for ninjutsu and taijutsu

eternal dragon art: dark dragon shuriken

rank: A

description: another jutsu based off of dark dragon release the user fires tiny dragon scale shuriken at the enemy made out of black flames like the snake dragons are


i am the dragkage of dragongakure the village hidden in the dragon valley im also the leader of the dragonia clan and i am the jinchuriki of the 11 tailed dragon Drago
GF: Yuuki Hime

i am of dragongakure
i have the heart of a dragon
theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bu1cV95e0&playnext_from=TL&videos=QOFPxfJj91U

me and dragos battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebZ3ekFBMzU&playnext_from=TL&videos=lv4Rp7H2WnQ
dragoon master dj
dragoon master dj
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Admin-Master Of Dragons-Dragkage

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