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Post by sasukee1996 on Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:58 am


The Rinnengan is considered the greatest of the three most powerful doujutsus. This Kekkei Genkai is said to have belonged originally to the Rikudou Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths), founder of the shinobi world and the creator of modern ninjutsu. A Rinnengan user can easily be recognised because his eyes will have several concentric circles surrounding the pupil.

Not much is known about the Rinnegan, so much of this information is still speculation based on what has been presented in the manga so far.


One possibility is that the Rinnengan, like the Sharingan, is a Kekkei Genkai that would remain dormant but can be awakened in a life-threatening situation. This theory is based on Nagato’s history. Nagato trained under Jiraiya as a normal boy during the Great Ninja War, but when he was attacked by a Rock ninja, his Rinnegan instinctly activated and Nagato was able to kill his attacker.

Another theory is that the Rinnengan belonged exclusively to the “Sage of the Six Paths”, and has been transmigrating from body to body. In this case, the Sage was using the Rock ninja as a vessel and then passed onto Nagato. (Note that the eyes of the dead rock ninja where empty, chapter 372 page 17). Years later, when Jiraiya fought Akatsuki’s Pein, he faced against six people who each had the Rinnegan. Jiraiya claimed that Nagato’s body was not among the six, but he did recognize Yahiko, another former student, amongst them – yet Yahiko was never a Rinnengan user.


The Rinnegan was prophesized to be either a weapon of heaven that can bring salvation to a world in chaos; or a weapon of total destruction that will return everything to dust. Users of the Rinnegan are supposed to be the ultimate ninjas because they are able to master any technique effortlessly and have control over all of the six chakra elements.

During his battle with Jiraiya, Pein demonstrated that he can switch between any of his six different bodies or use all of them at the same time. The six bodies share the Rinnegan, and gain the benefit of sharing their fields of vision. Pein can therefore see things from many different angles, effectively eliminating any blind spots. Also, each body is specialized in a particular technique such as summoning or taijutsu. With the ability to share visions, Pein can seamlessly coordinate attacks with some or all of his six bodies.


Sasuke was a young boy around the age of seven. He was a hard working boy. His family and him lived in peice in Amagakure. Sasuke's family lived in the time of the third ninja war. Some suspisous ninja came to hide in the shed. Sasuke's father went to get some tools from the shed. Unfortunately he was killed by the ninja. After a while , his mother started to get worry. She went to check if he was still there. The hidden ninja attacked. They killed both Sasuke's Father and Mother. The ninja had panicked. After 2 hours Sasuke himself started to suspect that something happened. He went to the shed. This time ninja remained hidden. Once he saw the dead bodies he started to cry. When he looked for something to try to save them he had spotted the hidden ninja. The ninja did not want anyone to know they were there. So they decided to kill Sasuke too. They were about to do it but at that moment something started to happen to Sasuke's eyes. They started to grow several circles around the pupil. Sasuke closed his eyes one second , the next he found the ninja dead as well. He started to get scared. He thought the villagers would blame for what happened. He ran away trying to find a place in the world where he could be normal.
During his journey as a child he passed through many villages in some he made friends. In others he made enemies. This enemies would turn out to be Sasuke's paths in the future. One of his friends which he decided to bring along in the journey was his friend Ven , which he found at the Dragonia clan. Another of his friends was Terra , which he found as an orphan in the village hidden in the mountain. One of his friends from his home village was Aqua. Aqua was Sasuke's best friend. Suspisously her parents were also killed. She had decided to go with him. Together they Named them selves Fenikkusu "literally meaning Pheonix". The reason for this name , from one mistake comes something new. They journied the world together. They figured that they should at least the world some way. They wanted to make the world equal for everyone. Unlike Shin , and Pein. Most people treated others like animals. He wanted to stop this. While in his travels he met a ninja. He was a powerful ninja. He had destroyed maybe about thirteen people at the same time. The children had never even learned Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu. They asked the man if he could teach him some jutsu's. He said "No" and started to head away from them. But before he left he gave them a name "Riku". This was one of his best students. He might have even surpassed him. The children decided to track him down. They kept traveling while asking for "Riku". They thought they would never find him. One day after they were tired of looking for him they went up the steps into a Ramen shop in the hidden leaf village. They started to talk about finding him. A man heard them say "Riku" he immidiately turned around and said " Wwhat do you want with Riku".The children were surprised. Finally someone that knew Riku"Well you see we were walking into the warzone and found this old man. He was very powerful.We thought maybe he can teach us Ninjutsu. He said no and left. But he told us a name "Riku". He said he might be able to teach us". "Well that old gieser is always making me do things. Well looks like you found me". "So your Riku". "Yes he said.


Human Path
They started there training with the sensei. He was strongg just as they imagined. They trained and trained for almost six years. At this point the children were at there teens. There sensei thought that there was nothing more that he could do for them. After all they were stronger than him by now. Then he told them that he had to leave to fight and try to win the world for peace. Unfortunately the children followed him. They started to fight in the war secretly. One day when they were spying on there old sensei he was attacked from all sides. One man used "Chidori" another used a Giant Shuriken. While another used a Shadow manipulation technique. When they all came of him the teens ran up to him. The Terra and Ven attacked the enemies. Sasuke was not able to save him. He was so mad. Then his own sensei got revived somehow. He told Sasuke to kill him. He did not want to suffer anymore. He did as he said and killed him. He cried his eyes out. He was mad at the people that killed him. Something happened though. His body started to change. He started to get Dark hair like Sasuke, he started to look like Sasuke too but much older. This body started to follow every movement made by Sasuke. He realized he revived him somehow. This path then said "I am you new Human Path".
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