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Village War System Beta Rules Empty Village War System Beta Rules

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Mon Jun 07, 2010 2:56 pm

Beta rules released!

The following rules are the rules we are going with to start the beta. They will probably be changed, in fact if we don't find 5 things wrong and revise them... I will be very very shocked.

I am posting this as a sample of whats to come, but don't get too attached to them.


1. No Village can challenge or be challenged by another village until
they have at least 5 members. Also Ninja of a village with less than 5
members cannot buy jutsu, or participate in personal battles.

2. All battles will be one on one.Wars must always have an odd number of battles, so that there can't be a tie.

3. A member of the war council or a mod will judge each battle.

4. There must be for every village, A Kage, and a Co-Leader.

5. If you lose, accept it. If you make a big deal out of it, you will no longer be allowed to compete in future battles.

6. You will not die in a battle. You can only be injured. If you are
injured, you have to meet certain requirements before you can battle
A. If your village has a hospital, you can be healed and fight again in X days.
B. If you have a Medical Ninja, you can be healed and fight again in Y days.
C. If there is no hospital, you must wait Z days to heal before you can battle.
PS: Rogue's can request service from an ally villages hospital for free, OR can train themselves in Medical Jutsu.



Villages will start with the following jutsu for free:

10 level 1 jutsu
8 level 2 jutsu
3 level 3 jutsu
2 level 4 jutsu

Training is what
makes you strong! From your body to your mind, you have to train and
get stronger. For that, all you have to do is role play. Every
quotidian situation is worth of training, fighting, having a
conversation at a restaurant, everything goes around. Each time you
roleplay you will be able to be judged on your roleplay in order to get
Experience (Exp, you may find this rather familiar from other games...
like Pokemon!). After you finish that topic, you may request an
evaluation from it so that you can get Exp from it, required to level
up. The Exp goes from 0 to 20 and each level will require a different
amount of it. If you have more experience than what you originally
needed to level up, don’t worry, the remaining will count for the next
level up. The only restriction on these requests is that you can only
request this twice a week. This avoids a serious spamming of requests
as well as a full "no-life" speed level while other are doing it a
little slower. You should place this on the Request Forum, which you
will easily find below the Shinobi Shop. The details of each level are
the following:

  • Levels 1 to 5 - 10 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 6 to 10 - 15 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 11 to 15 - 20 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 16 to 20 - 25 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 21 to 25 - 30 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 26 to 30 - 35 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 31 to 35 - 40 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 36 to 40 - 45 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 41 to 45 - 50 Exp per LvL
  • Levels 46 to 50 - 60 Exp per LvL

New Level
So, you managed to level up. Congratulations, now you have become slightly
more powerful. Each level up you will grant you 10 PS and 5 KS. If the
Character has a Kekkei Genkai, then you will receive an extra KS points
each level as well as an extra point every five levels(which makes it
an extra 55 total).

Leveling Over Caps
Each rank has a cap level from which it gets harder to level up. If that's
the case, you can still level up, however, this will be done at a much
slower rate. In order for you to rank up you will need to have three
times more Exp than the original required ones. After three levels of
over cap training, you will receive a penalty, getting 7 PS and 3 KS
instead of the usual numbers, although the Kekkei Genkai bonuses still
apply. After six levels of over cap training you will be unable to
continue leveling up at all. The rank level caps are the following:

Normal Ranks


Student: 7
Genin: 18
Chuunin: 35
Jounin: 45
Sennin: 48
Kage: 50
D Rank: 15
C Rank: 24
B Rank: 32
A Rank: 40
S Rank: 48

Character Basic, that stat system


Stats are the powers and basic knowledge a
character has and it affects how strong or fast or how good he\\she
is controlling chakra or a kind of jutsu. There are two kinds of Stats,
the Physical and the Knowledge ones. Physical Stats (PS) are those who
control your body skills and what you can do body wise. Knowledge Stats
(KS) are your knowledge about things, about Taijutsu, Ninjutsu,
Genjutsu and perhaps even about your own Kekkei Genkai. All of those
make a total of eight stats, seven if you don't have a Kekkei Genkai.

    Physical Stats: These are the stats that define your body. Each of them has a limit at 150.

    • Strength:
      Your offensive power, your toughness against attacks. This is all that
      matters if you're the kind who likes to go and smash things recklessly.
    • Dexterity:
      Your movement speed and agility, your finesse with ranged and non
      ranged weapons. This will prove to be one of the most important stats
      for most ninja, perfect for quick movement and control many of the
      finest Shinobi weapons.
    • Stamina: Your
      Stamina, raw and pure. How long can you keep fighting without this? The
      answer is not much. Great if you fight using your body instead of your
      Chakra a lot.
    • Chakra: The amount of Chakra
      you have in your body. Although it will be a temptation to rise this to
      the top, some find it more appealing to learn how to proper control it
      instead of relying in great amounts of this energy.

    Knowledge Stats:
    Your wisdom and training experience. These are the stats that define
    what's inside of your head and what you learned so far. Each of these
    have a limit of 100.

    • Taijutsu: Your Taijutsu Knowledge. What you know about fighting with your body as a weapon.
    • Ninjutsu: Your Ninjutsu Knowledge. What you know about fighting using a Ninja's best tricks.
    • Genjutsu: Your Genjutsu Knowledge. What you know about fighting using illusions to deceive your opponent.
    • KG: Your Kekkei Genkai Knowledge. What you know about fighting using the powers hidden in your blood.

Level Rate
character has the chance of being stronger than the other. That is
reflected on his\\her level. Right now as the system is, your
character will start with the base level for Genin (Level 5 if you
will) and will rank up by living his\\her life as a ninja, training
and talking to others. There is a maximum of 50 levels, but the task is
not easy and many trials are waiting in the way.

When you start
your character, you will have an amount of points available for your
stats, called Stat Points. Like the Stats, these points will be divided
in Physical and Knowledge and will be used respectively by those same
stats, raising your character's abilities in the areas of your choice.
You will have 65 PS Points and 30 KS Points on which you can freely
distribute. You won't be able to start with a KG, so don't worry
about it for awhile. As you progress, more of these will be available.



Jutsu and How to Use Them
Jutsu are what ninjas use to fight. There are dozens of Jutsu that vary in type, style and difficulty.

    The art of fighting hand to hand using your body as a weapon. Taijutsu
    is accurately unarmed fighting, although armed fighting styles
    (Kenjutsu) are also considered Taijutsu for the most part.

    As the name implies, Ninjutsu are ninja techniques. These are the most
    usual way for a Ninja to fight, and involve the widest range of types
    than any other fighting method. Ninjutsu have a wide variety of types,
    from simply chakra use, to be able to use items in a special way, or
    even special abilities running in your family.

    The art of illusion and deception, Genjutsu is used to confuse or
    distract one's opponent by messing with their senses in order to grant
    the user the upper hand. Some more powerful Genjutsu can even cause the
    opponent to become out of combat by putting them asleep, weakening them
    or simply making them insane.

Jutsu also have difficulty
Ranks that go from E rank to S Rank. The difficulty ranks define how
hard a Jutsu is to perform, its requirements and the power it has. All
of this defines what ranks can use determined Jutsu:

    E - All Ranks
    D - All Ranks
    C - Genin and Higher
    B - Chuunin and Higher
    A - Chuunin (Level 30+) Jounin and Higher
    S - Jounin (Level 40+) and Higher

Chakra and Stamina costs

order for you to use a Jutsu you will be required to spend the
necessary amount of Chakra or Stamina. Taijutsu usually only cost
Stamina while other techniques will cost Chakra. The amounts highly
vary from Jutsu to Jutsu. To use Chakra or Stamina for a Jutsu, you use
it from your "ChakraStamina Pool", your energetic
reserves. This is obtained by putting together your ChakraStamina Stat
value + your own level (10 is the minimum), which is the same as your
ability to createcontrol your energy plus your own experience. There
are several things which may allow one to reduce Chakra and Stamina
costs; some will even reach values of 0. This isn't allowed, the
minimum cost for anything, regardless of reductions is a third its
original cost. Maintenance costs cannot be reduced by any way.

Jutsu Range
Jutsu will have a range of effect, especially offensive although there
are a few exceptions. If you are too far away from your opponent or
sometimes even too close, you won't be able to fully use your Jutsu to
its full capacity or even not be able to make them useful at all or on
other cases, even hurt yourself in the attempt. The ranges are:

  • Melee = 0 meters 0 ft
  • Close = 0~5 meters 0 to 16 ft
  • Mid = 6~20 meters 19 to 65 ft
  • Long = 20+ meters 65 ft +

is the most complex form of battling. Instead of being a direct attack
to the body to cause damage, Genjutsu is a method used to deceive the
mind and mess with the brain of the opponent, striking to the senses
directly. Because this isn't a physical attack, there is no possible
way to "dodge" it. The only way to not get into a Genjutsu is by
knowing how an opponent would do it and avoid it.
In resume, here's a list of ways to perform a Genjutsu and the effects they may take.

Ways to perform a Genjutsu
- Opponent must hearbe watching you
- You must be looking at the opponent
- Area effect
- Others
Effects a Genjutsu may take
- Affecting Vision
- Affecting Hearing Capabilities
- Affecting Body Control
- Affecting Nervous Signals

you may ask, "If I can't dodge a Genjutsu and if I don't know how my
opponent is going to perform it, then if I get caught I'm done for!".
Well, that's not quite true, for there are ways of dispelling a
Genjutsu and there are many different methods. Of course you won't be
able to dispel a Genjutsu if you don't know you are in one. Here's a
resume of the methods you can use.

How to Dispel
- 1st, Realizing you have been caught.
- 2nd, Using a dispel method.
Dispel Methods
- Genjutsu is not strong enough to work against you and you aren't affected
Deceiving simple Genjutsu that ends with a condition (you don't have to
do a thing, it will finish after you've done something, like touching
the Clone in the Bunshin no Jutsu.)
- Genjutsu duration time ends
- Using self inflicted pain (makes the brain focus on something else, more realistic)
- Using a Dispelling Technique
- Using an advanced Chakra Control method
- Countering (you aren't affected and you turn the Genjutsu against the attacker)

In detail, this is how it works

Genjutsu can be weak or strong, depending of the Genjutsu itself and
the person performing it. This will be reflected in the effects, and on
how much trouble it takes to be dispelled. A Genjutsu "attack power"
will be equal to its basic power (see the Genjutsu's description) plus
the Genjutsu Knowledge of the user.

"Control of chakra, Intelligence, knowledge and fatigue are the factors that determine if someone is able to dispel Genjutsu"

it was said before, dispelling a Genjutsu takes two things. First,
realizing you are under a Genjutsu and second dispelling it. There are
Genjutsu on which you can clearly see you are under one, due to the
nature of what you see or feel or the knowledge about your opponent's
moves or even because you found a logical way to realize you are under
one. However, there are the cases on which the Genjutsu may feel too
realistic and just too hard to doubt. For you to realize you are under
such Genjutsu when there aren't any factors around it that makes it
evident, you must have Genjutsu Knowledge of at least half the
Requirements of that Jutsu. If not, then you're in for some messed up
trouble. Either way, don't forget to roleplay it out and make it sound
realistic. In addition, you will gain +3 Gen Stat each turn you are
under the effect of a Genjutsu (until it is dispelled, where it will be
back to normal). This is your awareness increasing as the time goes by,
although it may not be enough.

After that you will have to
dispel the Jutsu. A Jutsu will be automatically dispelled if your
Genjutsu Knowledge alone is lower by only 15 then the Genjutsu total
power. It's not like you won't see or hear the effects, its more that
your brain will be able to quickly ignore the effects and focus on
reality. There are also Skills and Jutsu that will allow a person to
dispel a Genjutsu.

Dispelling with... Pain!

some situations, pain is the only method for dispelling a Genjutsu.
Pain helps the brain return to its normal functions as a real menace is
at play. In order to do it, you must first realize you are on a
Genjutsu and then hurt yourself, like cutting, piercing, hitting,
braking bones etc. The maximum amount of pain you can do to yourself is
25% of your maximum Stamina. The amount of Stamina you lose must be
equal to half of the Genjutsu power, or else it has been all in vain.

are the things that naturally make you... you! Each person has a wide
variety of things to specialize in and that's up to you to choose.
There are skills that will be the same for everyone but others that
will be quite different. There are four types of Skills: Role-play,
General, Specialization and Awarded Special.

  • Role-Play are
    those that everyone will have eventually in their lives. Those are
    things that allow you to do pretty much everything a ninja should do
    and are gained through RP so you won't have to pay for them.
  • General
    skills are a bit different; They do not count towards the allotted
    skill count and there are a few restrictions of how you can use them,
    particularly the "Weapon Skills" or "Taijutsu Styles", since you will
    only be able to have two of those for "Free". The Free part is not due
    to the price it's rather referenced to the fact that they don't count
    for your skill limit number (yes, there is a limit), which means there
    is a chance everyone will be the same on that, although that is very
    much unlikely. If you wish to have an extra or more Weapon Skills or
    Taijutsu Styles, they’ll count as a Regular Skill instead.
  • Specialization
    Skills are exactly that, a bunch of things you can specialize in just
    like you do with regular Jutsu. You buy them and there is a limit for
    them, but these are the ones who present more variety and.
  • Awarded
    Special Skills are not gained through any regular means. Only Admins
    may decide when and to who give those skills depending of the
    situation. If you think you are worthy enough of a skill thou, you can
    always request for it to try to call the attention if they are
    distracted, although this usually does not happen.

may have a new Specialization Skill at levels 5, 10, 20, 30, 38 and 46,
meaning you can only have a maximum of 6 Specialization skills. There
are also some skills that will require other skills. In which case the
second one will "overwhelm” the previous one, which means it will take
the "socket" of the previous one. You won't be able to sell those
skills back though. Also, if you decide you don't want a skill anymore,
you can remove it, but you will not be able to get any other skill for
a period of a week.



Every ninja is born with something special about them, due to their
family background, traumatic experiences, training method or simply
because they were lucky to be like that. This is either called a Kekkei
Genkai (KG), if it's due to a family genetics or background, or Special
Trait, if it has nothing to do with family genetics and many people are
just like the ninja.

Getting the Kekkei GenkaiClan Abilities or Clanless Trait
order for you to get your Kekkei Genkai, Clan Abilities, or Clanless
Trait, you must have reached a certain level in your growth. You need
to have at least Level 5 and you must do a RP for it, describing how
you found out about it. It can be anything from a traumatic experience
to a ritual of passage of your clan, anything goes, as long as it makes
sense and fits your character's history. You can roleplay alone or with
anyone else aiding you there. After that you simply make a request for
it and it requires approval from two Admins. Once you get it, it is
final and cannot be changed back.

Clanless Gets Clan
Clanless ninja is able to get a Kekkei Genkai later on by getting a
corpse of a ninja who possesses one (think Kakashi). The DNAOrgan
transfusion must be done within Medical Facilities and must be done by
a good Medical Ninja (Jounin equivalent or higher). The probabilities
of success are measured with a dice roll of 0 to 100. The chance of
success will be higher at a lower level, (the body tends to be more
receptive to something new at a younger age) so a positive result will
have a base of 50 -50, and then your own level will be add to the
chance of failing. A failing result will be one on which the number
isn't higher than 45% base plus your own level. A character death is
also possible to occur if the number would be equal or lower than 15
which is where the patient is incompatible with the DNA from the Kekkei
Genkai of the previous owner to a point where the body fails completely.

Clanless abilities will be kept normally if the operation is a success,
but the use of the KG will be harder. Jutsu will cost 30% more
ChakraStamina (including upkeeps), and all bonus (passives and other
effects) will be reduced by 15%. After the roleplay takes place, a
request on the Admin Request section must be done with a link to it,
specifying the type of Kekkei Genkai it was and allowing the RP to
finish, well or badly. The role will be done by Admins.

Clans that are not available for transfusion are Aburame, Akimichi,
Funjin, Inuzuka, Kota, Kumo, Nara and Yamanaka. Hyuuga will also be
restricted as only Byakugan will be available for use. The same applies
to Uchiha with the "Fan Bends Fire" passive skill as only the Sharingan
and related Jutsu will be available for transfusion. These two Doujutsu
however have a chance of failure base reduced to only 20% and don't
have a death percentage.

Once the Clanless Ninja gets his Clan,
he will also receive a KG stat equal to the level of the person from
which the DNAOrgan was obtained, minus 5 (this corresponds to the
extra KS point KG characters receive) and the character will start
receiving this bonus if until it meets a maximum of 45 total points.
Techniques such as the Sharingan and Byakugan will be, however, at the
level their maximum evolution level (for example, even if the KG stat
of a character who just go the Sharingan is 30, if the person he got it
from had the Three Tomoe Sharingan, he will have it at that level).

Elemental affinity:


If a village desires, all shinobi from that village may have an
elemental affinity and weakness. If you choose to do this you will be
stronger with any jutsu you have an affinity for but will gain the
corresponding weakness.

You should consider making your first chakra element your villages affinity, but this is not required.

Note: No new elements will be created. Styles can be used(Blood, Crystal) but the Elements will remain as such;

Fire: Strong against Wind, Weak to Water
Wind: Strong against Thunder, Weak to Fire
Thunder: Strong against Earth, Weak to Wind
Earth: Strong against Water, Weak to Thunder
Water: Strong against Fire, Weak to Earth



Rank Description
There are a
wide variety of ranks a Ninja can have. From those who relate to power
to the others that give your character a specific task, there is a lot
to look at:

Academy Student
academy is where would-be ninja start; they are not actually considered
ninja until they graduate. Academy students take formal and practical
tests of all sorts and are taught basic ninja skills, such as martial
arts, techniques, physical fitness and the way of the ninja. Basic
weapon usage, such as kunai and shuriken, are commonly taught.
Elementary ninja techniques, such as transformation Jutsu and clone
Jutsu, though they vary from village to village, are also taught. What
is required for graduation varies from academy to academy. The
graduation exam is usually composed of some sort of written test, as
well as demonstration of basic techniques. On daily life, Academy
Students usually do small errands on the village to better train
themselves and to gain some extra money, essential for their future
ninja life

Genin are the lowest level
of ninja; although, skill levels vary drastically between Genin. Genin
are usually put in three-man cells, and are then assigned a Jounin
Sensei to mentor them. This is done to teach the Genin teamwork and
experience true ninja life under the supervision and protection of an
elite shinobi. When they become Genin, ninja start to do their bit for
their village's economy, for which they are given a small payment. They
are typically sent either on D-rank missions, which are the lowest rank
and are almost entirely risk-free jobs of manual labor, or experienced
Genin are sent on C-rank missions, which are a cut above that and begin
to verge on real "ninja" work, though they generally have a very low
possibility of risk to the ninja involved.

are ninja who are qualified to watch over and guide other ninja. Chunin
have reached a level of maturity that primarily consists of leadership
skills and tactical prowess. Upon reaching Chuunin level, ninja can
wear an identifying tactical vest corresponding to their village. This
vest is not required; instead, some look for more elaborate clothing
like capes or robes. Chuunin are typically sent on C or B-rank
missions. To become a Chuunin, a Genin participates, with his or her
team, in a large examination, known as the "Chuunin Exams," hosted
twice a year due to the growing number of ninjas.

The exam to
Chuunin is a test not only of strength, but information gathering
abilities, survival skills, and adhering to guidelines. Those who have
all of these qualities are grouped together into predetermined fights,
watched by a council that decides who becomes a Chuunin and who does
not. While the winners are able to proceed to fight the next opponent,
it is aptitude, rather than winning, that is evaluated to determine
whether a candidate is promoted. This way even one who loses his or her
first match can become a Chuunin.

are generally highly-experienced ninja with great individual skill who
serve as military captains. They are often sent on A-rank missions, and
experienced Jounin, may even be sent on S-rank missions (which are
considered to be the most difficult), and may carry out missions alone.
They are sometimes assigned as Sensei for teams of Genin (and not also).

Medic Ninjas
are ninja who specialize in medical treatment and use medical-oriented
Jutsu to heal others. Becoming a medic-nin requires an extreme level of
intelligence and excellent chakra control, since medic-nin use chakra
to heal injuries. Aside from their medical training, their combat
training consists mainly of Taijutsu skills, with emphasis placed on
evading enemy attacks, as the death of the medic-nin could result in
the death of the team, though medical techniques can also be used
offensively. On dangerous missions, a medic-nin will usually be sent
along with the team, to increase the survival rate of that team. Good
Medic-nins are usually Medic Chiefs, Ninjas who lead a team of medics
inside a village on a hospital and outside it, on the field of battle.

is actually short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, and is an
organization of assassinations that serves directly under the village’s
leader and performs the most dangerous and prestigious missions and
jobs that are available. The ANBU wear porcelain animal masks in order
to distinguish themselves from normal Shinobi and to conceal their
identities, and also have standard uniforms consisting of black and
Grey armor, arm guards, a signature spiral tattoo on their left
shoulder and a Ninja-to strapped on their back, although the appearance
of ANBU may change from village to village. They know the layout of the
human body in detail, and have developed several special techniques to
strengthen their job. ANBU are considered the elite and only the best
can pass through the difficult exams a candidate is put into.

are the elites, the references to all young and elder ninjas in a
village. Sennin is a special rank given only to those who have prove
themselves in battle and have served their village like no other
person. Sennin are usually acclaimed by several people or a single very
important person. They are usually free to carry their own lives
outside the village and travel through the world without being Outlaws,
since they will still be loyal to the village and will always find a
home there. In an entire village, there is the maximum of three Sennin.

who have achieved the title of Kage are the leaders of the five most
powerful Hidden Villages and generally the most powerful ninja in their
respective villages. The Kage stand equally with the rulers of their
countries, oversees the activities of their villages, and are the
leaders of ninja society. There may be exceptions, however, as a ninja
may be the most powerful at the time of being installed as Kage, but
may become less powerful upon aging, eventually being surpassed by a
more youthful ninja. A Kage may retire and give the title to someone
else; however, once granted, the title is held permanently, creating a
situation where there are two Kage at the same time, with only one of
them actually active. Their elite status is also attributed to the
tendency for most Kage to have family members who were previous Kage,
or be personally taught by a former Kage or student of a former Kage,
or some combination of these factors. The five Kage have different
titles depending on their village. Those titles are:

  • Hokage (火影 "Fire Shadow") Kage of Konohagakure.
  • Kazekage (風影 "Wind Shadow") Kage of Sunagakure.
  • Raikage (雷影 "Lightning Shadow") Kage of Kumogakure.
  • Mizukage (水影 "Water Shadow") Kage of Kirigakure.
  • Tsuchikage (土影 "Earth Shadow") Kage of Iwagakure.

[*]Missing Nins Criminals
(original Japanese name) are ninja who have abandoned their Hidden
Village, and as such can include ninja of every rank. These ninja are
considered traitors and are hunted down because of the secrets they may
hold. Other Hidden Villages would be interested in purchasing this
information because it could be useful in gaining an upper hand in
battle or obtaining a bloodline limit unique to a village. They can go
from D to S rank on a Bingo Book (Book of bounties of a village).

Rank Requirements
Rank will require certain things besides the minimum Power Level each
character of a determined rank must be. The forum minimum requirements
for rank ups are:

Level 5 minimum, must have the three basic jutsu (Henge, Kawarimi and
Bunshin) or any other special village requirement (in case the
character is particularly week in one point, like Rock Lee). Must have
passed in the Genin exam, done village wise and being of the
responsibility of village authorities.

Level 15 minimum and be Genin, must have at least two D rank missions
successfully completed, and must pass the Chuunin Exam, held
periodically by responsible authorities.

Level 35 minimum and be Chuunin, must have at least eight missions
successfully completed, four of them must be C and one must be B (or
higher). Must have significantly above average RP skills and requires
Council approval as well as two Admins approval.

Must be Genin and must have a Sensei in the area to become one. Regular
development is done just like the other ranks, except that the missions
for Jounin equivalent level only have to be six, although you need to
have served as a medic on the Hospital at least two times. Anything
else is the same.

ANBU: Must be Chuunin at
least level 20 to join and must be approved by the responsible ANBU
authorities (there must be a Roleplay on which the character joins,
just like a small Genin exam or something, perhaps without any actual
test). To develop to a Jounin equivalent, one will need to have two B
missions instead of one, as village council nomination and Admin
decision, although it may not be unanimous. Great RP skills are
required for all ranks, no mediocre RPers will be able to pass further
Chuunin equivalent ANBU.

Sennin: Level 42
minimum, although higher will be preferably, Jounin Rank, must have
been born in that village (never escaped a village and joined another).
Must have great RP qualities. Requires an Admin decision, although it
may not be unanimous.

Kage: No minimum Level,
although having a higher rank is recommended. Must have great RP
skills. May be appointed from various ways and due to different
necessities. A village council and only they may nominate a person for
the job, but the final decision comes to the Admins and the decision
must be unanimous.

After ranking up, some special items may be awarded freely according to the rank you have achieved.

Missing Nin

Missing-Nin aka Criminal, is a former ninja of a village that has
escaped for some reason without the contentment of its authorities.
Depending on their rank, job or even crime, the rank of the Missing-Nin
will be given to him, from the lowest D rank to a Kage like S rank and
it will be registered that way on the Bingo Book (book that villages
use to keep information about their ninjas).

Escaped Village Shinobi becomes:

  • Up to Level 15 & Genin: D Rank Missing-Nin
  • From Levels 16 to 24: C Rank Missing-Nin
  • From Levels 25 to 35: B Rank Missing-Nin
  • From Levels 36 to 50: A Rank Missing-Nin

means that a running Genin will always have D rank, regardless of his
level. From there on forward, the Missing Nin will be ranked depending
his level. Just pay attention, as level caps didn't change, which means
that you may not be able to level up properly after you escape.

In order for a
Missing-Nin to rank up, they require to either kill enemies or do
missions in order to get points. To learn more about it, check the
Reputation System.



Village War: In order to wage war with another village, A Kage and only
a Kage, must go to the War Council with valid reason and request the
battle. If the Council accepts, the other Villages Kage must also
accept before the war will start. You must also have enough points to
make the challenge.

After the War has been accepted by both villages, you will start the
terms. You can make bets with your village points on who will win, and
select how many Ninja you wish to compete.

Up to 2 Kage from each village may do battle. 2 from each village.
Up to 6 Jonin from each village may do battle. 3 from each Village.
Up to 9 Chunin from each village may do battle. 6 from each village.
Up to 14 Genin may do battle. 6 From each village.
Jonin battles will always go last on the War schedule with kage's going last.

Additional rule: A war must have an odd # of matches, and a minimum of 5 matches is necessary for a war.

Note that for fairness, if a village does not have enough members BOTH
villages must put out the same amount of ninja. The ninja wishing to
compete must also register before the battle starts. After these terms
are met, you may put in a request fr a war.

Personal Battles: Got a grudge against another member, or just want to
test your skills against someone with a reputation? Challenge them to a
personal battle. This will not affect your villages points in any way,
and is the best way to gain personal points. You must request the fight
from the War Council, and give a VALID reason for wanting to battle. NO
FIGHTING will be done without Counsil approval, unless its just
practice. No points are awarded for winning a practice battle, nor are
any spent.

Both Shinobi will agree. You will notify a council member to get your
own topic and battle. Personal battles are going to be harder to get
approval on, because you must also get approval from your village Kage
IF you belong to a village of course.



Okay, here we go. The battling system.

1. Get full approval before fighting, see the section above.
2. Decide how many Shinobi are going to compete in the war.
3. The battling works in this way; Each member types out a decently
lengthed "story" about their battle with the other shinobi. It doesn't
have to be insanely long, but it can't be short either. You don't want
the posts to consist of "I use the Rasengan on sasuke90210. he dies".
Try to make your post at least 3 lines or more. Don't write a novel
though or we may have to impose a cap.
4. I cannot stress this enough. If you are not trained in a Jutsu, you CANNOT USE IT.

You're a ninja, and your job is to do jobs no one
else can, and that means assassinations, theft, guarding, and many
other things that involve fighting.

are the time you and your opponent post your actions once, actions that
describe attacks, defense, or any other thing that may be started by
you, or in response to other actions your opponent have made. When in
the middle of a set of fighting actions, the round usually lasts a few
seconds (6 to 8 mostly), although there may be times of dialogue or
others consisting of "dead time" in which no one is doing anything. For
example, after you have dodged some attack you fall back to recover
your breath. Have in mind that in such situations, your opponent may
take advantage of it to rest as well, or continue his actions, making
your "dead time" useless since you have to respond to it. It's basic
common sense.

Battle Points (BP)
Within a
round, there is a limited amount of actions a person can perform. In
other words it's the speed a certain action is performed by a person,
sparing time or using it all. That is defined by the Battle Points.
Each person will have an amount of Battle Points based on their
character's level:

  • Levels 0 to 5: 1.5 BP
  • Levels 6 to 10: 2 BP
  • Levels 11 to 15: 2.5 BP
  • Levels 16 to 20: 3 BP
  • Levels 21 to 25: 3.5 BP
  • Levels 26 to 30: 4 BP
  • Levels 31 to 35: 4.5 BP
  • Levels 36 to 40: 5 BP
  • Levels 41 to 45: 5.5 BP
  • Levels 46 to 50: 6 BP

Certain actions
will cost more BP than others, and some things will reduce the amount
of BP you use for certain actions. These are the BP costs of actions:

Basic Movements

0.5 for each set (combo) of actions (note that they must be followed
and not interrupted by anything. Each combo has a maximum of 5 moves.)
Drawing weapon: 0.5 for light, 1 for medium and 2 for heavy
Throwing projectile: 0.5 (check weapon rules for details)
Moving around: Free action, although if it’s done a lot in one post, it will cost 0.5. Please use common sense and be fair.

Using Jutsu

Jutsu Rank E: 0.5
Jutsu Rank D: 1
Jutsu Rank C: 1.5
Jutsu Rank B: 2
Jutsu Rank A: 3
Jutsu Rank S: 5
Dodging a Ninjutsu: Ninjutsu Rank BP/2 (minimum is always 0.5)
Maintaining a Jutsu: 0.5 BP
Taijutsu will cost less 0.5BP to a minimum of 0.5 while S rank Taijutsu less 1BP

You can also
"store" Battle points by spending time resting (not doing anything).
The maximum amount of BP you can have each round is your own level BP +
1, and not any more than that.

Stat Influence on Fights
Stats mainly influence the kind of Jutsu you can use, in some
situations they can represent which individual is more powerful than
other. These will reflect in combat. For instance, a Jounin is supposed
to be much faster and stronger than an average Genin, so things like "a
fair fight" won't really exist, since there will be more difficulties
for that Genin if fighting the Jounin.

You already know your
character's Stats, the things you train to be faster, stronger and to
know more about different fighting subjects. They apply in the
following way:

  • If person A's Stats are bigger then
    person B's by 15 points, there will be a slight but noticeable
    difference, although it will hardly ever make a difference.
  • If
    person A's Stats are bigger then person B's by 30 points, there will be
    a bigger difference but still not significant enough to decide a match
    from its beginning.
  • If person A's Stats are bigger then person
    B's by 45 points, the difference will be highly noticed. This would be
    an obvious sign of who had the upper hand from the beginning of the
  • If person A's Stats are bigger then person B's by 60
    points, the difference will be huge. Person B will have an extremely
    hard time fighting on A's terms and will most likely lose.
    This is not final as even great differences can be overcome depending
    on the situation. Just make sure you make it fair. If you take a hit,
    it doesn’t mean you are dead yet. Take it like a man and resume the

Don't forget that each Stat
corresponds to itself on the opponent. And also, this is never a reason
for God Mode. The normal RP rules still and always will apply
regardless of the situation.

Hidden Moves
it is mostly required for one to write every single action he performs,
we do realize that sometimes a little surprise effect is necessary for
a turn around and a boost of action, especially since this is based on
Naruto. So, the Hidden Moves exist in the ninja world, done to surprise
an opponent and attack him when he least expects. There are however a
few rules about this:

  • 1: You can do hidden actions
    and not mention them as long as you have BP for it on the post you
    where supposed to have done a determined technique.
  • 2: The
    situation for you to claim to have done a hidden action must perfectly
    fit. For example you could not claim to have switched with a water
    clone on post 1 when after that on post 2 you attacked with a Katon
    Jutsu, and revealed your switch on post 3. In addition, you should have something that would assure that your hidden action was truly hidden.
  • 3: All the costs for the hidden action must be done on the present topic (including BP).
  • 4: You must also pay for ½ the BP of the technique you are up against (if any).
  • 5:
    This can only be done from 2 to 2 posts, from the moment you reveal
    until the moment you can do this again (means from the point where you
    could create a situation that would lead to a latter revelation of an

involves using your muscles and that will tire you out eventually and
that will reflect on the way you fight. As you lose stamina, so will
your other fighting skills become lower. Once you reach ¼ of your
Stamina Pool (or 30, if ¼ of your stamina is more than that), you will
lose 10 Str and Dex, further reducing those stats by 5 for each 5
Stamina you use from there on. In addition, as you lose Chakra so will
your Stamina be affected as a side effect. For each third (1/3) of your
total Chakra Pool depleted, you will lose a tenth (1/10) of your
Stamina. If your stamina reaches 2% of its maximum (the result is
rounded up) and you have no Chakra left, you will faint and you can no
longer keep fighting until you have rested or healed. Usually this
requires help from a team member.

Rouge Ninja


Don't want to be in a village? Want to walk the loners path Here you go.

1. Free to ally themselves with any village at any given time. No
alliance is permanent, and is only as binding as any verbal agreement.

2. If a village accepts your alliance, they are not allowed to add you to the Clan Member list.

3. You are still allowed to visit and help other villages.

4. Honor System; Don't ambush someone from a Village you claimed
friendship with although nobody can stop you from doing so. That's the
beauty of it. If a rival Village offers you more, it's up to you to
take it.

5. Free to turn down any request from allied village. Village can also
turn down your request. It's up to the Kage to choose whether or not
they will help you.
Rogue Jutsu: If you are a rogue ninja from the start(Before joining any
village), you start with the minimum jutsu for your rank (dictated by
the council, most likely genin). If you are "going rogue" and are
already part of a village, you just go rogue with what you have. If you
never were in a village, you are an Original Rogue. So Original Rogues
will obtain FREE:
1 level 1 Jutsu
1 level 2 Jutsu

Chunins and above will also obtain FREE:
1 level 3 Jutsu

Jonins will also obtain FREE:
1 level 4 Jutsu

These are the only free Jutsu you will get, and are only able to do so
because you don't have a villages help from the start. It is not
unfair, it balances itself out with the power of a Village.

7. Rogues only get to start with 5 points+ your rank bonus, so use them wisely.

rule is imposed because Rogue Ninjas have a lot of freedom, and you
have to prove that you can be trusted with this freedom. This rule is
also in place so the hardships f being a rogue do not scare new people
away from the forums. This rule may be waived by the council but likely
won't be.

9. In order to heal yourself after losing a battle, there are three
options. Wait the required time to heal, find a medical jutsu user to
heal you, or train yourself in the art, and ask a Kage to let you use
the hospital. If they want to be real mean about it, they can charge.

10. Rogues can also enter the Chunin Exam.

11: Rouges do not normally get trusted to enter villages, after all,
they abandoned a village already after receiving their training.
Villages can (and should) not allow rogues to join there village. If
for some reason a village wants to accept a rogue into their ranks
despite the rogues previous betrayals, there will be a LARGE fine. This
is meant to make "going rogue" a serious decision and to prevent
villages accepting rogues to cheat the system. If a Village wants to
accept the rogue anyway, the following fees will be charged to the
village and the rogue.

A Genin Rogue will cause a village fine of 0 Village points and will cost the rogue 5 Personal points.
A Chunin Rogue will cause a village fine of 15 Village points and will cost the rogue 20 Personal points.
A Jounin Rogue will cause a village fine of 30 Village points and will cost the rogue 30 Personal points.

12: A rogue may teach another rogue a jutsu however in addition to the
rogue learning the jutsu, the rogue teaching the jutsu must pay a
personal point cost equal to half the cost of the jutsu.

The War Council


The leaders and Judges who make this all possible. Want to join? It's not that easy.

1. The final decision to join will always go to the Mods.
2. Must give evidence that they have done a lot to help the forum, whether it be technical help, or village organization.
3. Be impartial. If your friend is battling, be fair to the other Ninja, or better yet have someone else judge.
4. If you belong to a village, you CANNOT vote in their battle or in a personal battle of any member of your village.
5. Try to be fairly active. This will take a lot of work. I know we all have jobs or school, but just do your best to make time.
6. Don't use your position against non-members. You have no powers
outside of judging. You're not THAT special and abuse of power will
likely lead to the mods being angry... and they can dock 50 rep...
7. Constantly PMing Err, Admin, or anyone else about
getting into the War Council won't work. While it helps to be on our
good side, the final decision lies with the mods and the council as a

Hostile Takeovers/Mutiny


Resting is the method of regaining stamina
lost with actions. You can catch up your breath if you stop doing
actions on a combat or simply sit down for awhile in a camp. In combat,
you can use 0.5 BP to regain 5 Stamina (used on actions), however, if
you are interrupted by an enemy, you will only be able to gain 3
Stamina. Outside a battle, you will probably be healing as well, but
even if you're not, you will be fully rested up after the first 200
words of roleplay, as long as it's a resting situation (happy
conversations after defeating an enemy don't count, you know, those 15
minutes of real time that only count for 15 seconds in the show? You
get the point). Such topics and posts don't count for your training.

is the method of regaining Stamina lost by damage taken. You can either
Heal with a Jutsu on a field, probably with the help of a Medic Ninja
or an Item, or at the Hospital of your village where you can even
escape from death situations more easily due to the complexity of the
equipment and amount of Staff working there (Descriptions of the
hospital facilities depend of each village). Being healed in such
manner will depend on the healing skills and the severity of the

You can also heal yourself by resting. You will need
to create an "encampment" topic on which you rest or simply keep using
a previous battle one if you stay in the area. You are supposed to RP a
healing situation, alone or with assistance, it only matters that your
wound's are treated. You can move on when you like but the wounds will
remain there until you return to your village (on a mission or similar
case) or go to a Hospital. Remember that there are some situations
where complex medical treatment is required. Admins figure that you
will be smart enough to know when and if you don't, penalties may
“magically” occur.

Dying and Killing
When a character has no Stamina
nor Chakra left in his body due to excessive damage or other natural
conditions, he dies. Death to that character will be permanent, which
means, exactly what it means, the character cannot be used any more
(except by other people with proper Jutsu such as Edo Tensei).

person who kills may then have the loot (20% of the dead person's
money, and equipment and the body itself if the killer wishes to use it
for something else, although the reason must be stated, otherwise it
will be refused). Of course, there may be someone there to stop this
from happening; things must remain as real as possible. If the killer
isn't able to loot because he didn't have enough time and ran or got
defeated, a companion present at that time may have an equipment of the
dead person. If no one is present and if there isn't anything to loot,
then the body and its belongings are lost forever (no late findings).
Remember that the looting of a corpse must be done in the same topic
that the person died.

Character Death however, can be "denied"
by the Admins if the situation on which a character got killed wasn't
good enough or resulted from unfair situations. It is a big deal, so,
no GM situations or easy kills will be allowed. RP is supposed to be
all about enjoying this while putting up a good show, so don't be
astonished if somehow a character you killed was considered "heavily
wounded" and then recovered to kick your ass. In addition, no character
will be killed at the beginning of a fight as everyone must have a
chance to defend themselves.

Weather you did indeed loot the
body or kept anything else or not, weather it is an enemy of your
village or someone that you betrayed or betrayed you, killing a person
means giving a notification to the whole forum. This is done by posting
a topic on Killing Notice Forum Section, following the respective section template and explanation. From here on out, the rules previously explained will be followed.

So, your character is dead
your character dies, then you will lose everything of your previous
character, except for a percentage of the money you had, already
counting with the money that was looted, if any (take it as an
inheritance for your new character to receive). You will then have to
create a new character, the normal way, choosing a new village if you
want to and with a brand new character! It will be given the chance for
member's to start out with a new character with the following

  • 1/2 of the level. Inherited money will have a loss of 10%.
  • 3/5 of the level. Inherited money will have a loss of 35%.
  • 3/4 of the level. Inherited money will have a loss of 70%.
won't be rounded up, however, depending on your decimal numbers, you
will receive an amount of Experience corresponding to it (ex: 24,4.
Level will be 24 and you'll get 40% experience for the next required
level). The rank on which your character will start will be the rank
corresponding to that determined level (except off course if your
previous character didn't have that rank). If it's a transition level
(such as level 15), your character will be allowed to go to the higher
rank. Getting the ANBU rank will not be possible, as this rank requires
a thin margin for one to join.

To compliment this rules, your
new character won't be able to participate on any major events (such as
wars or important missions or fights) that where created before the
character was created. That is the same as saying that it was in the
past where your character wasn't active, even if on its story states
otherwise. Kage are advised to correct any inaccuracy on a character's

So, you've grown tired of
your life and you decide to put an end to your misery. That my friend
can be done, but not without consequences. Normal penalties for death
won’t apply. In fact, if you kill of your character, you will have to
start from scratch. Kamikaze characters may bypass this rule, although
it will be evaluated by the Admins if the situation was forged just so
that a player could kill of their character or if it was truly a
sacrifice. If it is considered forged, tough luck, no use to complain.

Character Alignment


Brief Explanation
Good vs. Evil
The conflict of Good versus Evil is a common motif on any fantasy fiction.

Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity
of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help
--> Evil implies harming, oppressing, and killing others.
Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill
without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others
actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some
malevolent deity or master.
--> People who are neutral with
respect to good and evil have compunctions against killing the innocent
but lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others.
Neutral people are committed to others by personal relationships.

Law vs. Chaos
implies honour, trustworthiness, obedience to authority, and
reliability. On the downside, lawfulness can include close-mindedness,
reactionary adherence to tradition, judgement, and a lack of
adaptability. Those who consciously promote lawfulness say that only
lawful behaviour creates a society in which people can depend on each
other and make the right decisions in full confidence that others will
act as they should.
--> Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and
flexibility. On the downside, chaos can include recklessness,
resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions, and
irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behaviour say that only
unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully
and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have
within them.
--> Someone who is neutral with respect to law and
chaos has a normal respect for authority and feels neither a compulsion
to obey nor a compulsion to rebel. They are honest but can be tempted
into lying or deceiving others.

Alignment Table
Lawful Good Lawful Neutral Lawful Evil
Neutral Good True Neutral Neutral Evil
Chaotic Good Chaotic Neutral Chaotic Evil

Lawful Good
Good is known as the "Saintly" or "Crusader" alignment. A lawful good
character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a
sense of duty. A lawful good nation would consist of a well-organized
government that works for the benefit of its citizens.

Neutral Good
Good is known as the "Benefactor" alignment. A neutral good character
is guided by his conscience and typically acts altruistically, without
regard for or against Lawful precepts such as rules or tradition. A
neutral good character may cooperate with lawful officials but does not
feel beholden to them. A doctor that treats soldiers from both sides in
a war would be considered Neutral Good.

Chaotic Good
Good is known as the "Beatific" or "Rebel" alignment. A chaotic good
character favors change for the greater good, disdains bureaucratic
organizations that get in the way of social improvement, and places a
high value on personal freedom.

Lawful Neutral
Neutral is called the "Judge" or "Disciplined" alignment. A lawful
neutral character typically believes strongly in Lawful concepts such
as honour, order, rules and tradition, and often follows a personal
code. A Lawful Neutral society would typically enforce strict laws to
maintain social order, and place a high value on traditions and
historical precedent. Characters of this alignment are neutral with
regard to Good and Evil. This does not mean that Lawful Neutral
characters are amoral or immoral, or do not have a moral compass; but
simply that their moral considerations come a distant second to what
their code, tradition or law dictates. They typically have a strong
ethical code, but it is primarily guided by their system of belief, not
by a commitment to Good or Evil.

True Neutral
Neutral is called the "Undecided" or "Nature's" alignment. This
alignment represents neutral on both axes, and tends not to feel
strongly towards any alignment. A farmer whose only concern is to feed
his family is of this alignment. Most animals, lacking the capacity for
moral judgement, are of this alignment. Some neutral characters, rather
than feeling undecided, are committed to a balance between the
alignments. They may see Good, Evil, Law and Chaos as simply prejudices
and dangerous extremes.

Chaotic Neutral
Neutral is called the "Anarchist" or "Free Spirit" alignment.A
character of this alignment is an individualist who follows his or her
own heart, shirks rules and traditions. They typically act out of
self-interest, but do not specifically enjoy seeing others suffer. Many
adventurers are of this alignment. An unusual subset of Chaotic Neutral
is "strongly Chaotic Neutral", describing a character who behaves
chaotically to the point of appearing insane. Characters of this type
may regularly change their appearance and attitudes for the sake of
change, and intentionally disrupt organizations for the sole reason of
disrupting a Lawful construct.

Lawful Evil
Evil is referred to as the "Dominator" or "Diabolic" alignment.
Characters of this alignment show a combination of desirable and
undesirable traits: while they typically obey their superiors and keep
their word (trustworthy), they care nothing for the rights and freedoms
of other individuals. Examples of this alignment include tyrants,
devils, honourable but undiscriminating mercenary types, and soldiers
who follow the chain of command but enjoy killing for its own sake.

Neutral Evil
Evil is called the "Malefactor" alignment. Characters of this alignment
are typically selfish and have no qualms about turning on their
allies-of-the-moment. They have no compunctions about harming others to
get what they want, but neither will they go out of their way to cause
carnage or mayhem when they see no direct benefit to it. An example
would be an assassin, who has little regard for formal laws but does
not needlessly kill.

Chaotic Evil
Evil is referred to as the "Destroyer" or "Demonic" alignment.
Characters of this alignment tend to have little respect for rules,
other peoples' lives, or anything but their own selfish desires. They
typically only behave themselves out of fear of punishment.

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