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~The Prime Academy~

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~The Prime Academy~

Post by Ace Akau on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:48 pm

Shinobi Rules:
4. "A shinobi must always put the mission first."
. "A shinobi must never show tears."
"A shinobi must see underneath the underneath."
"A shinobi is to never question their leading ninja."
"A shinobi will prepare before it is too late."


Phys. Ed.






Taijutsu classes serve as the Ninja Academy's equivalent of Physical education class (Moegi's least favorite class during her time at the Academy). In taijutsu class, students are engaged in physical activities to help train their bodies and develop their stamina.

Ninjutsu classes provide the bulk of what potential ninja learn at the Academy. The subject of ninjutsu encompasses techniques that use chakra and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Techniques such as the Transformation Technique and the Clone Technique are taught to students at the Academy that will build up to what they'll learn from their Jōnin-sensei.

Genjutsu classes are not touched much upon except for explaining what genjutsu is. When learning about genjutsu, students are advised to determine if they are trapped in a genjutsu, and then how to release themselves from it.

Ninja Weapon Guide:

== Animals ==
* '''Users:''' Many characters.
* '''Description:''' During the [[Chūnin exams]], it was confirmed that animals can be considered a ninja tool. This was brought into question immediately prior to [[Naruto]]'s fight with [[Kiba Inuzuka]] and [[Akamaru]].

A ninja's jutsu may often involve use of various animals; most notably among the Leaf ninja are the [[Aburame clan]]; who form a symbiotic relationship with a beetle-like species of insect called the [[Kikaichū]]. Also, the [[Inuzuka clan]]; which favors the use of [[Ninken|canines in battle]]. In this first style of animal usage, the relationship between ninja and animal extends beyond battle; as they will be in each other's company for most of their lives. The ninja will develop [[Collaboration jutsu|a unique style to maximize coordination]] between himself and his animal partner(s).

Another form of animal usage, and far more common, comes from the [[Summoning Technique]]. An example of a Summoning Technique is that of [[Kakashi]] that calls eight ninken including [[Pakkun]]. This method is a time/space jutsu, which calls an animal to the user during battle after drawing blood and using sufficient chakra.

== Chakra Enhanced Trench Knives ==
{{Main with-include|Chakra Enhanced Trench Knives}}

== Chakra Seal Tag ==
* '''Users:''' Some ninja
* '''Description:''' Using a tag similar to the [[exploding tag]] and placing it on a door, the user prevents anyone else from entering or leaving the room, similar to a padlock. By using a special hand seal, the tag disappears.

== Exploding Tag ==
{{Main with-include|Exploding Tag}}

== Flash Bombs ==
* '''Users:''' Some ninja
* '''Description:''' [[Wikipedia:Hand grenade#Stun|Flash bombs]] are small round spheres that are attached to a kunai knife, similarly to an [[exploding tag]]. Once thrown, flash bombs explode on impact, creating blinding flashes, used as a diversion. [[Shikamaru Nara]] uses these against [[Tayuya]]; using them to create shadows so he can use his [[Shadow Imitation Technique]] on Tayuya's [[Doki]]. [[Tsume Inuzuka]] also used a flash bomb while fighting the [[Preta Path]], though this one was in the form of a canister, making it appear more like a modern grenade.

== Fūma Shuriken ==
{{Main with-include|Fūma Shuriken}}

== Hidden Kunai Mechanism ==
{{Main with-include|Hidden Kunai Mechanism}}

== Infinite Armor ==
{{Main with-include|Infinite Armor}}

== Jōhyō ==
{{main with-include|Jōhyō}}

== Kama ==
{{main with-include|Kama}}

== Katana ==
{{main with-include|Katana}}

== Kunai ==
{{Main with-include|Kunai}}

== Lion-Headed Kannon ==
{{Main with-include|Lion-Headed Kannon}}

== Makibishi ==
{{Main with-include|Makibishi}}

== Manriki-gusari ==
{{Main with-include|Manriki-gusari}}

== Metal Wires ==
{{Main|String Reeling Technique}}
[[File:Orochimaru wrapped up with metal wire.jpg|thumb|Sasuke using metal wires to capture Orochimaru]]
* '''Users:''' [[Tenten]], [[Sasuke]], [[Kakashi]], and some others
* '''Description:''' The metal wires are used to trap enemies. If enemies get tangled in the wires tightly, they can get sliced up. Probably what's a lot more effective is when [[Sasuke Uchiha]] wrapped up [[Orochimaru]], he performed the [[Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique]], causing the wires to light up on fire, burning Orochimaru. Wires may also be used to control throwing weapons.

== Pills ==
Pills are commonly used to enhance a user's natural ability.

=== Blood Increasing Pill ===
{{Main with-include|Blood Increasing Pill}}

=== Military Rations Pill ===
{{Main with-include|Military Rations Pill}}

=== Mind Awakening Pill ===
{{Main with-include|Mind Awakening Pill}}

=== Three Colored Pills ===
{{Main with-include|Three Colored Pills}}

== Poison ==
{{Main with-include|Poison}}

== Puppets ==
* '''Users:''' [[Kankurō]], [[Chiyo]], [[Sasori]], [[Monzaemon Chikamatsu]].
* '''Description:''' All puppets are different. However, they all work on the same fundamental principle. The puppeteer is a master of [[Puppet Technique]], and uses threads of chakra to manipulate the puppet's movements. A trend among puppeteers is to have hidden traps among their puppets, and to use poisons, smoke bombs, and other devices to incapacitate their enemy. Often, the controller of the puppet is a weak close-range fighter. The use of puppet-related jutsu is most often associated with the [[Sunagakure|Hidden Sand]].

== Radio ==
* '''Users:''' Several [[ninja]]
* '''Description:''' Used to communicate with other [[ninja]]s over a short distance. Usually used on missions with more than one person.

== Scrolls ==
{{Main|Generic Sealing Technique}}
* '''Users:''' [[Tenten]], [[Kakashi]], [[Naruto]], [[Shikamaru]], [[Sai]] and many other [[ninja]]
* '''Description:''' [[Wikipedia:Scroll|Scrolls]] come in many varieties of uses. Normally, they are used as letters or messages to be sent out, but some scrolls are also suitable for combat. For example, summoning scrolls are activated by the user's blood and allow them to store or summon objects such as how Tenten uses her scrolls to summon weapons. A summoning contract with a line of creatures is also signed by blood on a scroll. Sai uses scrolls to draw on in order to use his [[Super Beasts Imitation Picture]] technique.

== Senbon ==
{{Main with-include|Senbon}}

== Shuriken ==
{{Main with-include|Shuriken}}

== Sleeping gas bombs ==
* '''Users:''' [[Tsunade]], [[Sakura Haruno]]
* '''Description:''' A sleeping gas is a chemical substance seemingly common among [[medical-nin]] that Tsunade presumably taught Sakura. It can be stored in a spherical object that, when detonated, releases the gas, inducing a powerful sleep if inhaled.

== Smoke bombs ==
* '''Users:''' Several [[ninja]]s
* '''Description:''' The simple [[Wikipedia:Smoke bomb|smoke]] [[Wikipedia:Smoke grenade|bombs]] puffs out smoke when detonated, serving as a distraction to disrupt enemies. Some [[wikipedia:Chemical warfare|smokebombs may contain poison]] or tranquilizer gas, making it deadlier than regular bombs.

== Tantō ==
{{Main with-include|Tantō}}

== Triple-Bladed Scythe ==
{{Main with-include|Triple-Bladed Scythe}}

== Umbrella ==
{{Main with-include|Umbrella}}

To Start Classes Post Below

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Re: ~The Prime Academy~

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:55 pm


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