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Post by Sairento E. Kouseitan'i on Sun May 23, 2010 8:49 pm

Name: Sairento E. Kouseitan'i
Age: 15
Height: 6'2
Weight: 122 lb
Ninja ID: 2294-557A-BC4D-1EHG
Village: Waterfall Village
Rank: Chuunin
Primary Element:Lightning
Secondary Element:Wind

Ninja Type: Taijutsu Specialist

Occupation: -

Sairento was born into the Kouseitan'i clan.His great father was none other then the great Rock Kouseitan'i,His mother Takimeshi Kaguya.Like alot of his cousins and siblings,he was born during the great ninja war.He remember him and his family always traveling.So Sairento never had a chance to make actually friends.He remembers also them hiding him.And he watched them fight ninja's,and afterwards them taking him and them all running and getting away from ninjas.After Sairento turned 6 they were able to find a hidden temple under the sand village.There they stole books and scrolls,and brought them down to the temple.No one knew that they were there.Sairento did not understand why were they stacking stuff.He thought it was all useless junk.

When he turned 7,they began teaching him the way of the ninja,the world and everything else that was needed to know about surviving in the world.He learned all his little Academy jutsu quickly,they taught him things when he wanted to.And he choose to work almost all day everyday.And he mastered the academy jutsu in one month.And after realizing that the boy was not at a academy level they desided to push it up the training alittle bit.He keep training in everything but hand-to-hand combat.For some strange reason his mother told him not to train in that.And he just agreed and keep training and praticing his running skills around the underground area.But at the age of 10,the parents noticed something different about him,He had a much larger chakra level then others.

Sairento was rapidly getting stronger.He and his family soon enough was found underground and realizing that there son was training and they would not tolerate theif.But when Sairento's parents introdoce themself they reconsidered and made a deal.That they would be able to live inside the sand village,as Suna Ninja,and Sairento could be able to go to ninja academy.They accepted,and shortly after they were given a house.A pretty big house.And life for Sairento was great.But then again being actually inside of the village and not underground was something that he was not use to but he somehow got through it.
At the academy he stayed away from windows,he would always do his work and he would tell what the students what they would be doing and it seems to once in a while piss of the academy instructer.One day he was walking home one night after spending his allowance on dumplings.And one of his teachers made a attempt to attack him.He ran not understanding what was happening.But his speed was incredible,he could bearly keep up with him.But when he got him in a tight spot Sairento jumped off the wall and kicked his teacher in the chest knocking him out.Apperently a ANBU black ops saw the whole thing,and told his parents before he got home.And when he made it home.His parents were proud but very glad he made it home.And from that point on they desided to teach him all the ways of combat.But the next day he arrived at school and they were throwing a party for him.He did not understand but he knew when his kage and parents were there holding a sand village head band.He greatuated from academy that day.

Gennin arc:

He was the number 6 rookie.Because he choose not to show his full power to anyone,even his parents didn't know what he was really capable of.But his parents still loved him all the same.And they noticed that Sairento was very different then the others.He was able to climb, run,jump and all other stuff that other gennin couldn't do.He trained hard,and getting alot of props from ninjas from his village.His parents bought him something that he learned to use well.A all black sword.He at first did not use it.He was just interested in what it looked like.And soon enough he began swinging with it.And got the hang of it.He began training in his sword ways mixed with kicks and punchs.But He signed up for a gennin tornament.And he praticed hard.His father quickly tryed teaching him Fire style jutsu,He learned them but that was not the element he wanted.But he trained and got well in the Katon Element.When the time came when he had to fight,they all realized that it was to many gennin so they made it a team battle.This was a secert tornament but his family knew.And allowed him to do it so long as he doesn't get caught.So they gave him a mask and told him to keep it on no matter what.He did exacly what they said.

when the tornament started it was a task to capture another gennin.And the first five would advance to the next stage.This was only to decrease the number of gennin in there fighting part.Sairento already knew who,what and how he was going to complete it.He used ninja wire and captured them.He was second to another ninja.this ninja was Sengei kono.Sairento knew he was the number 1 rookie.Second trail was to eascape a the jounin following you and get to the finish line.Alot of gennin were caught by the same trick,but Sairento was different.He was easily able to lose the jounin after him.But still Sengei was ahead of him.This pissed him off.He faced a emotion that he had never faced before.Hate.He hated him for the simple reason that he was the best but for some strange reason he was always better.

The last part was the Fighting tornament.He was very glad he made it to the final round,he was also was waiting for his chance to see what Sengei could really do.One night he snuck out of his house to walk around the village,and saw a jounin praticing Raiton Release.The Young Kouseitan'i talk to the jounin who was a woman.She took a interest in him and that same night taught him the Raiton Element.She was shocked to see not only he was able to master them but he was able to completely control it.She looked after him after that and the week after it was fighting time.He fought through everybody but in the end he stood face to face with Sengei.It wasn't a "I hope you fight well"No It was a glare and "I'm going to Kill you" that came out of the Young Kouseitan'i.The fight raged on and in the end Sairento had the tip of his blade to the boys throat,but his eyes were different he had activated.Declaring Sairento the winner.All of a sudden ANBU swarmed him And the Kage appeared yet again.And Handed out a vest.Saying he made it to Chuunin.

Head:On his head he has long and beautiful hair.He use his hair in battle in all kinds of ways.He doesn't wear any of that pirecing or ear rings.He has no scars on his face.Just a plain face.Although girls find him cute.He has no marks or scratchs.He has good tone and none pale skin.

Body:On his arms he have no markings.His skin is toned.He is a very flexible and musular boy,or some say teenager.He once in a while wears gauntlets.The gauntlets increase his punching power by sending a static force into his opponent when connects with his opponent.But he only wears them once in a while.He wears a black Samurai like shirt.

Legs:His legs are normal legs.Although he trained them to be one of the most deadly weapon of all.At first glance it may seem like normal legs.But when he starts using them you can't eacape his fury.but he wears black samurai like pants.They are very light on him.

Other stuff:well he doesn't have anything other then seals.They are weapon seals,when using his chakra he can activate them to summon any weapon he already has.The seals have ALOT of space.And he normaly have his spear and sword on it.He is about 6'0 in height and 121 lb in weight.

When he was very young the traveling he was doing didn't confuse him but more like he just went with it.He did not ask why.Maybe once.But other then that he was just a normal quiet boy.But during the time he became a very (at times) hatefull person.He can hate at almost any time.He is not afraid to kill anyone,he does not fear darkness.He is when no one is bothering him one of the most quiet in the world.Unless something interest him,annoys him,bothers him or what not to new people he never meet.He IS a perv.Its in his blood of a Kouseitan'i.Being a Hero is not something that he desiree,But if it comes down to it he'll try.But he's not that good at it.Around kages he shows respect.When fighting or anywhere he speaks on how the Kouseitan'i are very powerfull.

Jutsu: -

Bloodline: Kaguya

RP Sample:
As the day was bright and people were worried about there village being attacked again. The attack was of 2 men that looked very much young. One was charging a large ball and the other was covering, but it was stopped by a mysterious man.And the attackers retreated from the village after the hero and the attacker said a few words. The ninjas of this village were increasing and being on guard and alert to protect the village hidden under the sand. You could see the ninjas walking around the gates and you can't see them but its hidden anbu black op members around in the shadows waiting for a move.

But other then that a small disk appeared at the west gate on top of it. many ninjas moved in. The disk was on the floor of the gate. It was yellow but the ninjas were on guard waiting for something to happen. It was a loud wind as they waited, some were scared and some were ready to die for there village. Which was loyalty of the village from a ninja which was something that was not bad for a ninja. Normaly Sairento would appear, but the question is who were they expecting. The Kazekage was very worried for his village, some of the ninjas and anbus were able to get a good discription of who the attackers were.

As noted before normaly it was a person coming out the disk, but this time it was something completly different. Some of the ninjas closed in on the disk with there swords and weapons ready to defend there village as well as there life.Instead of a person a Kunai flew out of it.But it was no ordinary kunai,it was a kunai with a explosive tag on it. There it happened,a explosion which killed and injured quite a large amount of ninjas in the village. The villagers ran from the explsion to get to a safe place. What got them worried even more was after the explosion was a large amount of smoke which the ninjas of the village desided to charge in.

But either do they know it was someone there. The man was wearing all white but black hair and was standing there tall. The ninjas and villagers saw the man and knew he was one of the two men who attacked the village the last time. As the smoke was still lingering in the air the ANBU members took there chances and using speed alone ran in the smoke expecting to get a kill. The man was Sairento E. Kouseitan'i. In fact he was one of the man who attacked this village, he has done alot of things which made him famous. But Sairento use to live here, why would he attack it.When the ANBU black ops attacked they were quickly knocked into buildings and the gates were large image being knocked from the gate to a buliding.

The smoke completly cleared up and it was clear who the man was. The ANBU and Jounin knew who he was and stood there in silence. There was only one word you could hear through the whole village, and this word was spoken in great fear. His face had a frown on it as usual that one word was"Beserker". He was ready to destroy the village but instead of doing that he using Body flicker dissappeared through sight, and shortly after appearing in the middle of the village and doing handseals for some strange reason, no one knew what kind of jutsu he was going to do but he did it and when he was done it was a large seal on the ground. He had completed his mission and flickered to the tallest building in the village and using chakra projected his voice so it would be more then loud enough that the whole village could hear him."Alright,As you know I was the one who defended as well as attacked this village.This village is under the Shadow Knights.If a villagers have any objection all will be answered later.If a ninja wants to attack me to protect there village do it now...."He said as he pulled up a flag that had the Shadow Knight symbol on it and placed it on the gate and the whole gate transformed completly black.

Sairento's mission had been done and finished.He had training to do and he could not waste his time with the past.But he had to stand there for a moment, and looked down and remember "what use to be" He looked up to see 2 jounin in the air in attack stance to kill the young Kouseitan'i. Sairento did not expect it, he then remembered that there could be new ANBU members who never heared of him.Sairento sighed a moment before spinning around with his Kaguya bloodline activated and by the time they got close they were cut in many places and sent back all the way to the ground, from the largest buliding in the village to the ground.

Sairento thought that, it should show the sand village a tiny bit of a sample his power, the Shadow Knight power. And the power of redemption. He turned his body to the village as they look at his back.Sairento then vanished from the village with what he needed to do done.
Sairento E. Kouseitan'i
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Sairento E. Kouseitan'i Empty Re: Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Mon May 24, 2010 5:03 pm

Your not , A Chuunin . If you like you can take this year chuunin exams.

Other than That ~Approved~

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Sairento E. Kouseitan'i Empty Re: Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

Post by Shikamatsu on Tue May 25, 2010 11:27 am

Waterfall Village will own everyone Twisted Evil

Welcome Sair
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