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Post by Shikamatsu on Sun May 23, 2010 3:18 pm


Name: Denkou, Shikamatsu

Age: 33

Height: 6'3
Weight: 150 lbs

Ninja ID:


Rank: S-rank/ Akatsuki

Element: Fuuton, Raiton, Katon

Occupation: Akatsuki

Academy arc:
Long, Long ago a young boy was born just a little bit outside of Kumogakure. The child wasn't born outside, but instead he was born in a small village that was located a half a mile away from of Kumogakure, with the population of about 10. Kaito the father, and Aoi the mother decided to name there child Shikamatsu. They planned on raising him tell he was old enough to become a ninja, and at that time they were going to move into Kumogakure under the Raikage's consent, then live on from there. But tell then all they could do was raise there child under the small village with 10 people, but there were lots more within the village. Although it was a small village Everyone that lived in the village was related to Shikamatsu in some kind of way. It was like a village full of family, but the reason this happened was because Kaito and Aoi thought that he would learn more if he grew up with only his family. And she was right. When Shikamatsu was at least at the age of 5, he had been working and trying to master his Taijutsu. Just because of his age, he had no chance in mastering his Taijutsu, instead all he could do was improve because within the world there are many Techniques that require skill which Shikamatsu didn't have at the time. But for now he was just fine with learning Taijutsu, and with the help of his family it was going to improve big time before he moved into Kumogakure to attend the academy. Mostly the only reason that he was going to improve was because just about everyone in the village was a Shinobi from the hidden Cloud. They all obtained unique powers, and skills. The clan, or family had a unique Kekke genkai and used it to their advantage. They all abtained the element of Lighting with some having diffrent color of lighting due to their level in with they were suited. It was there Dojutsu that the clan obtained and when one knew how to use it that person could be way powerful. But little did they know something bad was about to happen. One night when everyone was asleep about 20 men rushed into the small village and began to burn it down. Everyone that lived in the village wasn't going to go down with out a fight. The only one that didn't fight was young Shikamatsu but he knew that if someone attacked him then he would have to protect himself. Out of the 20 Shinobi that invaded the village only about 9 of them made it out alive, the rest where dead. The Takeru clan was whipped out though. Although they did put up a good fight they still had their life's taken the only one that made it out was Shikamatsu. And the reason for that was because out of the 9 Shinobi that lived one of them was their leader and he allowed Shikamatsu to live, he had told him that he wanted Shika to carry on the story and tell it another day. He was trying to make him and his followers noticeable to the world. After his words where spoken, he disappeared into the night and was never seen again.

The next day Shika had really realized what had happened and was devastated. Shikamatsu didn't know what to do his whole family had been killed, there was blood ever where, and dead bodies. The sight of his mother and father dead on the ground flashed threw his head for over an hour which caused him to droop to the ground because he was in shock. Slowly his legs became numb, then rushed up his whole body tell it reached the point where he couldn't move, he was just staring at all the dead bodies on the ground. He was hopeless, he couldn't do anything but close his eyes yet, when he did that all he seen was the faces of his mother and father which made his mad yet, sad. Slowly as tears dropped from his face his eyes began to close as he feel into a deep sleep. After a while of just laying there he began to hear voices but didn't really have to will power to open his eyes, but he pushed himself to open his eyes. Once he did he noticed that people where surrounding the bodies, then noticed that a med-ninja running towards him screaming. Although Shikamatsu could make out what he was saying, he knew that he was calling for help. They where here to save the living and take the dead back to the village. With a slight caught Shika was lifted into the air and taken back to the village where he explained everything that happened even though it took him a while to get it all out, he was still in a bit of a shock. The Raikage was a big help to Shika though, he help him get threw it and gave Shika a Place to stay. The kind Raikage also enrolled Shika into the academy so that he would be able to learn what he needed to know, the only thing that was wrong with it was that Shika was a year younger than everyone else. The Raikage put him in there a year early. But The raikage knew what he was doing, he was a smart man. Little did Shika know The Raikage had anbu members watching him train for the past years. So he knew that Shika had talent and would be able to handle being a Shinobi a year early. For what was the first day for Shika was the 5th day for the rest of the class, so Shika didn't have much to catch up on. Even though he needed to catch up the Chuunin sensei allowed him to be in the first part of class which was explaining what they where doing today. After he made it clear to the students they would all go outside and practice what they had just been taught weather its Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Or Ninjutsu. But for Shika it was different. The Chuunin Sensei watched everyone for a while then began teaching Shika what they had learned within the 5 days that they had been there beginning with Clone jutsu, Replacement, body flick, and so on. Seeing that Shika is a fast learner he had everything down in about two long days of none stop training. And on top of it he also had Shika take 30 mins each day and work on what they where doing that do just so that he didn't get further behind while working on the other stuff. When Shika was all caught up he began doing everything that everyone else did. They all when threw an intense learning for about a month, then where officially named Genin of the Hidden cloud. And ssince they where Genin meant that they weren't going to be in the academy anyone, instead they where going to be pared into three along with a Jounin or higher Sensei.

Genin Arc:
Now that Shika was a Genin meant that he was going to have to step up with his skills not because he wanted to look cool, but because he thought that he needed to be at his fullest extent because he was younger and he wanted to show the others that he could be just as strong as them. But Shika had an advantage, he was what some called a genius when it really put some effort into something. Just like the rest of his family, he was a fast learning and understood things better because unlike most people he broke down things himself as they taught it to him. It was one of his many ways of learning faster because he was able to break down things into little steps then preform it starting with step one. The members that Shika was pared up with where both guys and had good skills they named where Yuuta, and Kiyoshi. And there Sensei was a powerful Jounin from the hidden cloud village and his name was Sensei Isamu, he was one of the many Shinobi that survived a war that broke out long ago so he was experienced and was going to teach them everything that they needed to know. But before they even got a chance to tell Sensei Isamu about themselves, he told them to attack full force. This was just a simple test to see how good there ability was and also to see what they need to learn, and what they need to work one. So they did with no problem at all. First Yuuta rushed him and threw a couple punches, but where dodged, then Kiyosh attacked from the back and landed one hit on his shoulder before he was thrown over his back. And lastly Shika attacked from above, he wasn't able to land a hit, instead he was kicked in the stomach and sent flying back, and that was it the fight was all over. Sensei Isamu had seen all that he needed to see and was ready to hear what they all had to say about themselves. Within the couple seconds that they attacked he had been observing from the seconds they approached him, he had all that he needed and was going to work with each one of them within the time that they had. They where all confused on what had just happened, but just continued on as each one spoke for a brief second. This also gave Sensei Isaum some info about how they grew up and just important stuff about them. After they finished he said something about himself, then dismissed them for the day. Tomorrow they where going on the first mission and many more.

The next morning the squad had to meet up at the Raikage office where they would be getting their first mission. They had all got to the Raikage mansion at the same time besides the Sensei. But Since they had been approaching the building at the same time they walked to the Raikage's room together, but Shika didn't say a word the whole time. When they walked into the Raikages office Sensei Isaum was already there and was waiting along side with the Raikage, and there Chuunin teacher from the academy. They weren't in there for long about five minuets and when they left they go on there mission right away, but since it was only a D-ranked one it was going to be easy. Yet, it was all they had to do was pick up trash, and build a fence. Although it seemed so easy it took them a while to do so. But after they where finished it was time to train the three kids when to the training grounds while the Sensei when to report back to the Raikage. After he finished he headed straight to the training grounds because he had something to tell to his students. Once Isaum arrived he had them all pay attention to him, he was going to make them work out while he did something. Isaum wanted them start doing pull-ups on the tree branched, and push ups for a while, but mostly he just wanted them to stretch because they where going to working on fighting. As they began to do what he told them to, he slowly pulled one of them back and talked to each of them individually telling them what they where going to be working on. When it was Shika's turn he told him that he was going to help him become the greatest swordsmen in the Cloud village and the best thing about it was that he was able to pick his own weapon, then Isaum would have it made. Shika had been wanting two twin blades, but he was really thinking about a Scythe but he didn't know so he told Sensei Isaum that he would know his weapon of choice when he thought of it. But for now they where moving on, he pulled three sheets of paper from his back pocket and handed each of them one. After he did he explained what they where going to be doing with the paper. They where going to be focusing they Chakra into the paper to see what element they obtained. Shika's paper crumbled up, Yuuta's split in half, and Kiyoshi's also split in half. Isaum was happy because those where the two elements that he obtained Lighting and wind so he knew that it was going to be easy. Isaum gave them each a Jutsu to work on Shika's being a simple palm, but when the palm connected with the body it send a stream of electricity into there body. It had taken Shika while to get the Jutsu but he did as well as the others. About a year had passed and the Chuunin exams where coming around the corner so Isaum let his students know so that they could prepare for it. They had about one week to be ready and they where. By that time the two older boys were 12 and Shika was 11.

Chuunin Arc:
After that short week had past Shika and the others where ready to begin the exams, but really they weren't because they still have to travel to the hidden leaf village. It took them a good day or two to get there but when they arrived everyone was notified that the exams would be starting in a couple hours. This left everyone that was joining in on the exams to get ready and do what they needed to do. about 30 minuets before the exams everyone started heading towards the stadium where the exams would take place, this year there was only two exams. The written, and the fighting part. Both Shika and his squad where smart so the didn't had a problem with the written test and proceed onto the fighting part of the exams along with some others. The fighting stage took about an Hour, and Shika's match was the very last one. He was fighting someone from the Hidden mist village, but for some reason it was as if he had already know what moves he was going to do. It was unknown why Shika felt that way, but just about with ever move he was able to counter attck. Within the whole fight Shika got hit once, but wasn't anything. Shika won by used Taijutsu it was a spinning back first to the jaw and had knocked the Mist Shinobi before Shika could land another hit on the man and just like that he won. His whole squad was successful with the exams and left to head back to the hidden cloud as soon as they could and when they got back from the Leaf the Raikage was waiting to give them their Chuunin vest. The Raikage himself was impressed that all three of them did good so it was his pleasure to promote them to the rank of Chuunin. After they where dismissed by the Raikage Shika went back to talk to Sensei Isaum because he had made up his mind, he told him that his weapon of choice was going to be a double bladed scythe. Isaum was also impressed on the weapon that he chose but was still going to get it to him next time they trained. But from all of the work that they had just done it wasn't going to be for a while before they trained again they all needed rest. After about a week of relaxing it was time to get back to training because they had an important mission that was coming up and needed to be ready. It was also there first B-Ranked mission. When they all got to the training ground Isaum was holding Shika's scythe in his hand, and gratefully gave it to him. The only thing that he wanted Shika to do was train with it before taking it into battle which meant that he need to begin today if he wanted to bring it on the mission that they were going on. But since they where Chuunin it was time for them to obtain a second element. Sensei Isaum one again gave each of them a sheet of paper and told them to focus there chakra into the paper and they did. Shika's split in half meaning that he had wind element and the others crumbled up. Now they all had the same element which made things much more easy on Sensei Isaum. Isaum, then allowed shika to step aside and work on his scythe movements because he needed to get to know his scythe, he needed to know how fast it was, how heavy it was. Just about everything that he needed to know about the scythe and Isaum would come over to him and teach him a new move now and then that he would practice with his scythe. Isaum, also taught him a new wind Jutsu it was called Atsugai - Pressure Damage. It was a unique Technique and did lost of damage if someone was hit by it, but now it was time for the mission. They whole squad was sent to the land of tea to spy on a village that was planning to attack Kumo. Shika didn't know who these people where but he thought that they where the people who killed his family, but he wasn't sure tell he saw that man again. It was the same man that allowed Shika to live and tell about them. Shika wanted revenge and he was going to get it one way of the other. After a while of observing them Shika got tired of it and wanted to take his revenge right then and there and he did. With a quick body flicker Shika appeared before the man and threw a quick palm to his chest, but right where his heart was. When Shika's palm connected it sent electricity into his body and since it was near his heart it caused it to slowly stop, but by that time Shikas squad was standing beside him, and the rest of the Shinobi where surrounding them. They were angry that Shika killed their leader and wanted his life, so they attack. Shika and the others quickly began fighting back but didn't kill anyone they just knocked them to the ground and got far away as possible. Once they did all three of them began making hand signs, then released a large gust of wind at the village. It destroyed everything in its path including trees, building, and any people. The whole village was no more. Once they returned back to the village they informed the Raikage, he wasn't happy but understood why Shika did what he did. But he made it clear that if it ever happened again that he would be severely punished for his actions. Shika understood as well and promised that it would never happen again. With that said he was dismissed along with everyone else, he then went to the training ground to pratice some with his scythe and try and develop a new jutsu involving his scythe.

Jounin Arc:

After years and years of being a Chuunin Shika finally got promoted to the rank of Jounin which meant that there squad was no more. They where all Jounin now which meant that they where either going to be a Sensei or just a Jounin within the village. Shika was at least 19 by now and had just about mastered his scythe and also created a Jutsu that involved it and also wind elemental Chakra. But it yet had to be mastered which was going to take some time. Time that Shika didn't have at all because little did he know the Village hidden in the Clouds was beeing watched and targeted. It was unknown by who but in time that village was going to be under attack, but Shika had been called to the Raikage's office right away. He didn't waste any time and headed there right away to see what he needed, but it was just a mission that he needed to do. It was A-Rank and he had to escort a important person back to his village safely and the Raikage knew that Shika was the man for the job as skilled as he was. It didn't take him that long to reach his destination, but while heading there he was attacked but the Shinobi was disarmed and killed quickly. Shika wanted to get there and back as quick as he could so that his training could continue. But when he arrived back at the village the first think that he noticed was that there was lots of smoke in the air from burning houses or buildings. Right away Shika knew that the village was under attack and that he needed to get to the Raikage as soon as he could because he knew that the man was old and couldn't take on as many Shinobi as Shika. But by the time Shika arrived the Raikage had already been killed and the intruders were long gone. Shika didn't understand why everyone that he became close to had to die, but he knew that revenge wasn't going to solve anything this time. Shika knew there was nothing that he could do, he felt sad for the death of the Raikage but he knew everything happened for a reason and that he was in a better place now. Once the news about the Raikage got around the village the village council called a meeting to vote on who was going to be the next Raikage. Even though Shika wasn't there he had some eyes and hears in the meeting that told him that Kiero Uchiha was going to be the next Raikage. Shika hadn't ever seen the guy but had head of him. The Shinobi from the hidden leaf that obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan. So everyone knew that he was a strong person and was officially the next Raikage, the council announced who they chose to be the next Raikage, then everyone moved on with there lifes. Shika continued on with his training but took some time out of his day to go have a little chat with the Raikage, just to inform him on who he was and things that he needed to know that he didn't already know. The Raikage at that time knew that Shika was going to be one of his loyal Shinobi within the village because first impressions meant a lot. After he talked with The Raikage he began to take more and more missions because the Raikage was testing him to see how good he worked and he worked good and hard. After about two to three years of being a Jounin and taking missions form the Raikage, he decided that it was time for Shika and him to have a talk about his skills and or rank. The Raikage called a meeting with just Shika, him, and the village council people. They all agreed on the same thing which was that Shika was a good and loyal Shinobi to the cloud village they also acknowledged that when it came to planning he was the best. And the Raikage Noted while in the meeting he wanted Shiks to become his new Anbu captain, which would mean for him to be moved up on the scale to a S-rank shinobi. And at this time shika knew that he wanted the spot so he accepted, then soon after he was given a mission to go on by him self. He was now one of Kumo's Anbu captain.

Anbu arc/The begging of a new Shika:
So on the day that Shika was suppose to go on the mission, he prepared himself good for the mission because he had no clue how old it was going to take him. Little did he knew Shika wasn't going on a mission because he was closely being watched by a powerful organization called the Akatsuki. For the last month or two they had been watching over him which led to them knowing of his great skills, although they knew he needed to work on some areas but other than that they thought that he would make a good memeber to their group. Leaving the village by himself Shika headed towards the village hidden in the sound because his mission was to go invade and collect info with out being caught. But when he was about an hour out of the village one of the members from the Akatsuki approached him, Shika didn't know what he wanted but he knew he wasn't about to listen. Shika immediately attacked the guy but he had some tricks up his sleeves but just good enough to defend Shikas attacks and counter, so it really wasn't a fight just a little spar. After both shinobi grew tired the Akatsuki member began to speak to Shika explaining to him about the Akatsuki. After a while he caught onto it and made a deal with the Akatsuki, if he killed the Raikage he was guaranteed a spot in the Akatsuki along with some new training if he wanted it. And Shika accepted. And from the moment on something about him just changed it was as if evil had over come his whole body...the look in his eyes was as if he just wanted blood and blood. So instead of going threw out his mission, he reported back to the village and straight to the Raikage. He spoke to the man for a little, but then killed him. It wasn't easy for Shika to kill the Raikage, but it happened although he did get injured really bad but was still able to escape by using the power of the Raidengan which was the clan powers that he had just about mastered. If Shika wouldn't of obtained the Raidengan he wouldn't of been able to escape because with out it he wouldn't of been able to slow down time allowing him to dodge moves and avoid places within the village. After successfully killing the raikage Shika returned to the place were he had meet with the member of the Akatsuki cut and barely walking, he then was taking to the hid out to rest. When he was good to go then they would explain to him what their goal in life was and what he needed to do to live the life that they do. For now on he was a member of the Akatsuki.

Family: n/a

Sensei: n/a

Students: none

Team: ?

Weaknesses: Love, Taijutsu


Jutsu: In the clan info

Clan info....Joukai Raidengan obtained

Clan Name: Denkou (Means Lightning)

Clan Village:The Village Hidden in the Clouds

Clan Symbol:

Clan Weapons: The clan has access to a Special Metallic substance named Denki that rained down from meteorites which formed the mountains in the land of Lightning thousands of years ago. Denki is three times stronger than steel and half as light. Not only that but Denki allows the flow of Electricity better than any metal on earth as well as strengthens its power

The Most common thing Denki is used for is used for is to create A Special triple thick chakra string the Denkou's clan's special chakra string which increases the speed and flow of lightning through it - It is called the Denki Cord

Kunai Receiver: A Kunai made from the Denki material, its handle has antenna like spikes on its end and it has a seal wrapped around its handle, the Kunai receivers attract and seals lightning away that is five meters close to it, the kunais however only seal away a small quantity of lightning which usually means one or two of them only weaken some lightning attacks. The more Kunai that are in five meters of each other the greater the range and the greater the sealing potential.

Kunai Magnet: A Ready made Kunai that has Denki Cord wrapped around it, all the user has to do is Pump Lightning chakra into it(It uses the Electromagnetic Power Jutsu)

Requirements: Must have Denkou as your last name, Lightning as your main element Born in the Cloud village. If Chuunin+ the first Dendou Kengen MUST be in your jutsu list, Genin not required but recommended training for the jutsu is Mandatory however if not in your list.

Kekke genkai: Raidengan(Thunder & Lightning Eye) is a Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai, which appears in the members of the Denkou clan. It is only first unlocked under some stressful, emotional or Training condition after which the Raidengan may be used freely. The Raidengan has four stages the first is considered the awakening stage while the second the Mature stage. As the Raidengan evolves, the user gains heightened abilities. The levels up from the Mature stage is the Arashi Raidengan (Storm's Thunder & Lightning eye), which is gained by means other than training, and the Mashin Raidengan (Devil's Thunder&Lightning eye) which is forbidden among clan members, both of which are Special eyes and not evolutions. The Only level Above the Mashin and Arashi Raidengan is the Joukai Raidengan(Heaven's Thunder&lightning Eye), the Highest level of the Raidengan which is gained by fusing the Mashin and Arashi Raidengan in a user. The eyes drain little if no chakra at all the Mashin and Arashi use more chakra but nothing significant, the Joukai Raidengan uses a significant amount of chakra

1st Stage Awakening Raidengan: The first stage like most Doujutsu allows the user to see chakra flow, able to see if someone is under genjutsu. This stage also allows the user to see almost anything at any speed they desire meaning that fast moving objects or people can be seen moving in slow motion allowing them to react faster, It also allows a user a clear insight into Lightning release enabling them to copy D-C rank Lightning Jutsu with no problem but cannot copy anything above that. ((Genin - 50+posts / Chuunin 25+ Posts / Special Jounin - 10+posts))

2nd Stage Mature Raidengan: This stage allows the user to see chakra flow, able to see if someone is under genjutsu. This stage also allows the user to see almost anything at any speed they desire meaning that fast moving objects or people can be seen moving in slow motion allowing them to react faster, allowing the user to Copy D-A Rank Lightning jutsu with no problem at all, S-rank are only partially copied and need training(Half The training of Typical S-rank) When this stage is activated the Brain is heighten to an extent where speed of thought and reaction time are increased, it also allows the user to copy the speed of someone but if they are not used to the speed it drains their stamina. The eye also lets the user see the nerve connecting in a living creature and see the electrical flow through them allowing the user to predict the movements of someone. (( Genin - 170+ Posts / Chuunin - 150+ posts / Special Jounin - 125+ posts /Jounin+ 100+ Posts))

Arashi Raidengan: Arashi Raidengan(Storm's Thunder & Lightning eye) is one of the special stages of the Raidengan, it has the abilities of the first two stages of the Raidengan, however this Eye is not normal and it is very Special, unlike the 2nd stage, this stage is not an evolution but a heightened form of Raidengan which gives the user access to powerful and forbidden techniques. This eye is powerful enough to copy S-Rank lightning jutsu to perfection and the eye also strengthens lightning techniques that the user uses to a higher degree. To Obtain this Eye one must have the Mature Raidengan and mastered all the clan's Hiden jutsu and Kekke genkai Jutsu(not including special Eye techs) and have a good mastery of Lightning Jutsu and experience a great stressful moment in battle(E.g Loss of a loved one) or near death experience, after its activation the user can use it when ever they please, the Arashi however drains more chakra than the normal Raidengan((Will use Two dice rolls if two of them is an even number Arashi will be achieved))

Mashin Raidengan: Mashin Raidengan (Devil's Thunder&Lightning eye) is one of the special stages of the Raidengan, it has the abilities of the first two stages of the Raidengan and is considered extremely forbidden in the Denkou clan because of its requirements. To Achieve this Special eye a User of the Matured Raidengan must kill and drink the blood of a Denkou clan member who has the Matured Raidengan, just drinking the blood of a member is not enough they must actually be dead, People with this eye are shunned from the Denkou clan who will forcibly remove the eyes from the user as a great act of punishment. Although there have been Special cases in the pass where users are spared. The Mashin Raidengan when activated grants the user the power of Red Lightning Release, where all lightning produced by the user is red, the red lightning is very intense and supposedly much stronger than normal lightning because it has some sort of advantage over it, it contains more heat and burns/sets on fire nearly what ever it touches, The red lightning is also considered slightly poisonous if a large amount is absorbed by some sort of means it can create pain in the body or create some other sort of disorder depending on how it is absorbed. The Mashin's also lets the user see through objects over a vast distance like the byakugon and can Copy S-Rank Lightning jutsu. The Drawback to this special eye is that it makes the user mentally unstable to a small degree and makes them slightly blood thirsty and sadistic. ((It uses slightly more chakra than the normal Raidengan but nothing much))

Joukai Raidengan: Joukai Raidengan (Heaven's Thunder&lightning Eye), Is the Ultimate Raidengan a Fusion between the Arashi and Mashin Raidengan, the Arashi which signifies good and the Mashin which signifies evil when fused together the Joukai is created signifying balance, the Joukai has the abilities and jutsu of all the eyes and grants the user the power of highly concentrated Lightning which is very bright(White) this lightning surpasses that of all lightning in existence even that of natural lightning and burns what ever it touches to a higher degree than the red lighting near disintegration status, it also lets the user's body match any speed they have seen for with no drawback to stamina, the Eye also allows the user to absorb Lightning and convert it into chakra to refuel one's chakra supply or heal wounds. When the eye is activated a thunder storm automatically begins to generate over the area.

Hiden Techniques: [Hiden (秘伝, Secret) Jutsu are passed down from generation to generation in certain regions or clans not kekkei Genkais.]

Name: Dendou Kengen (Electric Power)
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: This jutsu is a signature technique used by the Denkou clan where all Members learn it, from the time a member is about to Graduate from Ninja Academy they are trained to learn this jutsu. This jutsu creates electricity in the body and speeds up the heart rate pushing adrenalin to the limit, muscle strength is also busted giving the user twice the strength they had before and lastly the nerves of the user become highly active electricity through them creates a faster reaction time. With all these effects the user's speed is doubled up and strength as well also their reaction time. The jutsu however is not meant to be used over long periods.

Name: Kujo Dendou Kengen (Destructive Electric Power)
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: This jutsu is an Upgraded version of the Dendou Kengen signature technique, With this jutsu electricity is not just inside the body but outside as well, Lightning can be seen in short burst circling parts of the body or the entire body in a whole, the strength of the user is the same as the Original Dendou Kengen twice the strength as when the user was normal but with the added electricity around the body strength his tripled blunt force attacks are much more powerful due to the added electricity physical attacks are also strong against rocks and earth based attacks, speed is also the same except that instead of twice as fast as before the user is 2.5 times as fast due to the lightning propelling them.The jutsu takes drains chakra when in use and is only meant for short periods at a time.

Name: Dendou Kengen: Spreaded Impact
Rank: A
Type: Taijutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: While using the Kujo Dendou Kengen, this technique uses the lighting both in the body and outside That lightning chakra is then releases onto the target, which does a great amount of damage. With the damage done dependent on the amount of chakra used, When the ground is hit it is pulverized into miniature pieces by the excess shock of lightning, which scatters over the ground and area of impact electrocuting anything that might be hidden below the ground as well, When a strike is done Kujo Dendou is automatically deactivated because all the lightning and int he body is released.

Name: Electromagnetic Power
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: Utilizing the clan Denki Cord the user wraps the cord around a Metallic Object(Usually a Kunai) and pumps electrical chakra through it and creates an Electromagnet the Power Varies on how much Chakra is used, the user can push and pull metallic substances to the Magnet they have created.

Name: Lightning Release: Jump Start
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: This technique stores electricity in the user's heart and stops it, how ever this does not kill the user but simulates a fake death as electricity is around the surrounding blood allowing the steady pump of blood, the user can then release the electricity which goes to the heart and restarts it.

Name: Lightning Release: Yin Burst Canon
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lighting
Description: After completion of the hand signs, this jutsu fires a gigantic electricity blast of blue chakra resulting in an truly enormous explosion.

Name: Lightning Illusion: Thunder Prison Technique (Rai Genjutsu: Kaminari rou no Jutsu)
Rank: C
Type: Genjutsu
Style: Ninja Art
Description: This genjutsu makes lightning strikes down at the victim, and creates electrical walls, which traps the victim to be paralyzed inside the illusion.

Name: Lightning release: Static Build Up
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: The user generates static electricity from the air and from their body and projects it from their body creating a shield of electricity which makes opponents bounce off from them not even able to touch their bodies. The Denkou clan can use this technique with one handed seals.

Name: Lightning Release: Pulse
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: This jutsu is similar to Electromagnetic murder but requires no handseals, the user builds up chakra to their palms and convert it into lightning, this allows the user to create a wave of electricity from the user's hands. This jutsu can vary in power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock, to release the electricity however the user must be touching something. The Denkou clan usually uses this with their Denki Cords to successfully electrocute their target to death, but it also has medical uses as a way to restart ones heart

Kekkei Genkai Jutsus:

Name: Shinkei Gai Kata (Nerve Damage Style)
Rank: A
Type: Taijutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: Utilizing the Raidengan to see the nerves in an opponents body a style of combat is based on palm strikes and generally aims to damage the body's nerves. The user stores an electrical charge in his/her fingers and his/her palms and strikes the nerve connecting in the opponent confusing/disrupting the nerves of the body (Eg striking multiple times(like 13 times) of the arm the entire arm goes dull and limp for a short time ). After being hit several times with this style around the body the body's nerves will be totally confused making it hard to move due to the nervous system being disrupted. With a Strike the user can set off the nerve struck in the target's body making the brain think the area struck is in SEVERE PAIN.(With red lightning Nerves are damaged to low degree and would need medical attention after words, with white lightning temporary paralysis is inevitable)

Name: Lightning Release: Strike!
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: A Special Jutsu that uses one hand to form seals, after performing the necessary hand seals the user generates a dense amount Lightning Around the hand using it Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the lightning into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal. This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed.

Name: Lightning Release: Senkitsu (雷遁・千狐, Raiton: Senkitsu; English TV "Lightning Style: Thousand Foxes")
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Lighting
Description: The user is able to summon an enormous amount of foxes created by lightning chakra; formed in a similar way to the Chidori technique. These foxes are controlled mentally and chase down the enemy with an intense speed with the intent to cling via a bite. Upon biting the enemy or getting close enough, the foxes erupt in explosions apable of seriously injuring a target or can be used to paralyze a target. The user seems to be able to summon them without limit, thus overwhelming the enemy with their sheer numbers. Being made of pure lightning energy, certain attacks may not work against them being able to reform/ bend their shape around things (even if they are literally cut into pieces) to continue their attack without pause. The ninjutsu requires a large amount of chakra from the user to maintain and thus is a risk to use with a low chakra supply.

Name: Yomi (黄泉?)
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu/Kinjutsu
Style: Lightning
Description: The Most Forbidden technique of the Denkou clan, A Clan member must read the clan's secret scroll to obtain it and train it. The Jutsu is somewhat like a black hole in the user's pupil eye funneling everything into it, and sealing it away forever, the eye's suction is so powerful the very ground if cracked already would be picked up and sucked into the eye absorbing it(Its as or maybe even more powerful than the Baku's suction), the jutsu especially sucks away living creatures as well as metallic objects using static electricity that develops around everything in their sight creating a magnetic field which pulls them in faster, an opponent would be caught in this field and sucked away forever, the jutsu lasts a maximum of 1 minute although the user can deactivate it (Like 10 seconds in you deactivate, then reactivate it later during the day it would last 50 seconds instead of a full minute if 24 hours pass and it is not used again the eye goes dead like when if it was fully completed). The jutsu when finished the suction ceases and the entire eye turns black never to see light again, the eye is blind and all its powers lost forever.

Name: Narukami: naru (鳴, thundering/rolling) and kami (神, god)
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu/Summoning
Description: Utilizing the Arashi Raidengan the user open's their eyes and the Ring of Drums of Raijin the god of thunder and lightning appear on the back of the user, the eight Drums act as a Powerful defense generating a dense invisible electrical field around the user 2 meters all around his/her body, what ever comes near is instantly zapped and thrown back by the power of the electricity being generated physical attacks are very weak against it and Poisons or contaminants in the air around the user is neutralized, The drums also allows the release powerful Thunder like blast a Compact Sonic wave towards the direction the user is facing the sonic boom is very powerful and creates a tremor when it blasts and cracks the ground if the User is standing on it, the blast has the capabilities of a Menacing Ball Blast, the blast is 10 meters wide and the user can trigger it early or late when it is triggered it releases a powerful shock wave covering a large area of 100 meters and the surrounding area is assaulted with a large gust of wind, if the blast is not triggered it is powerful enough to drill its way through rock with ease. One can only do this attack twice A day even with full chakra,

Any Lightning attacks against this is useless as it is Absorbed and sealed away into the drums. There are eight drums ((D-rank lighting jutsu fill up one drum C - Rank lightning jutsu fills up 2 Drums, B-rank 4 Drums, A-Rank 6 drums, S- Rank fills up all eight drums)) When all eight drums are filled Narukami enters a whole new Stage allowing the user to create thunder storms from above in which Lightning strikes down around the user Creating a higher defense the user is able to redirect the lightning towards targets, being natural lightning it does not take any chakra. The draw back to this Jutsu is the fact that being a spiritual like jutsu it deteriorates the user putting a massive strain on their body.
Visual Representation but real thing has eight drums

Name: Raijū (雷獣,"thunder animal" or "thunder beast")
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Utilizing the Arashi Raidengan the user's body changes on a molecular level some what becoming one with lightning, the technique allows the user to move as fast as lightning itself but In short slightly uncontrollable bursts, this Jutsu is used mainly to avoid incoming attacks very quickly as the brain waves of the user are running beyond that of any human, the speed of thought is unmatched, in just a split second the user can convert them selves into lightning and dodge an incoming attack in that split second they appear to look like some sort of lightning wolf. Because of how uncontrollable trying to get close to someone is practical out of the question. The Jutsu requires no handsigns, and requires a lot of chakra, it also puts a strain on a person's body after excessive use and can damage muscle tissue after being excessively used. This Jutsu can also be used slightly like a body flicker, by concentrating for a while and finding the location the user can transport them selves there on a bolt of lightning faster than a regular body flicker.

History: The Denkou Clan was found in the land of lightning long before the ninja villages were ever formed and were once one of the primary clans in that region. The creator of the clan as known as Shindo Sayo the first ever to have the Raidengan ability though no one truly knows how he obtained it, it is said that it was bestowed upon him by Raijin the god of thunder an lightning for his bravery in battle, the story goes that there was a large battle between the Sayo Clan and a rival clan of the land of lightning, the rival clan completely decimated the Sayo clan all of whom except Shindo was killed, Shindo was the strongest in the clan and his survival was understandable, he fought bravely but could not fight an entire clan forcing him to flee and hide but the rival clan sent some of its members after him they planned on exterminating all of the Sayo clan. While evading his hunters Shindo was finally cornered on the top of a mountain ridge, details are sketchy on what actually happen but it is said a Loud roar from the clouds shook the area and a large Lightning bolt struck down where Shindo was, the Hunter's were not at the top of the mountain but pretty close after the flash of lightning they rushed to where Shindo would be and confronted him but he was different his eyes were strange and he killed most of them while two were forced to flee, from that day Shindo changed his last name to Denkou.

Rumors spread about a man with strange eyes who defeated all in his path a man called Shindo Denkou. Shindo's main focus was the revival of his clan having seven children all of which when they became of Age had seven children each themselves, Shindo lead the Denkou a new and small clan but very powerful especially in the land of lightning. At the time of Shindo's peaceful death in his sleep he was 90 years old and the Denkou was already an established power in the land of lightning, Shindo was also the only person in the Denkou clan to obtain the Joukai Raidengan (Heaven's Thunder&lightning Eye) with out fusing the Arashi and Mashin eyes the means of how he did it is still unknown but it is probably because he was the first with the Kekke genkai. A Few years after Shindo's death two clan members who were looking for metals to create weapons found a strange black metallic substance in a mountain area which was shaped and created by a meteor Shower thousands of years before, while experimenting with the substance the Denkou found that the metal was stronger than steel and had a better flow path of electricity, the clan had the metal Mined and kept it a secret claiming it as their own. The metal was soon named Denki just to show the clan's ownership of it.

After some time the ninja villages were formed and the clan took its place in the village hidden in the clouds being one of the most influenced clans in it Highly esteemed and respected in t he village for the clans known skill as shinobi and power with the lightning release, around this same time the clan changed its leader ship structure from having one leader to a Council of wise elders to decide and run the clan's affairs.
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