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Hiro Onoyuga

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Hiro Onoyuga

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Sat May 22, 2010 2:14 pm

Name: Hiro Onoyuga
Birthdate : September 28
Gender : Male
Age : 15
Height :180 cm
Weight :57.3 kg
Blood type : Ab
Occupation : N/A
Affiliation : Yamakagure (Hidden in a Cave )
Team : Deva Path , Animal Path , Preta Path , Human Path ,Asura Path ,Naraka Path ,Outer path
Partner : Hiro onoyuga
Student: Hiro Onoyuga
Kg: Rinnegan
Clan: Onoyuga


Hiro was a sensitive, but kind boy, prone to crying, and was traumatized by the idea of killing others, even to save his friend . Scared and unsure of his place in the world, he desired to help those he cared about, but never knew how. Nevertheless, he was a talented and gifted student, mastering every technique that wast taught to him. He was consistently respectful and kind to Girls, who he claimed to be his "Flowers" in Amegakure. He was shown protecting them , without request or hesitation, from his sensei , before his battle with his former teacher.

As Pein Toward been alone in the world , his personality was very different, having become a calm, serious, aloof, and detached man. Apparently believing traumas he experienced in his youth had enlightened him to the true meaning of love and pain and suffering, he considered himself a deity, and believed he had evolved beyond a mere human being. He sought to show the world the meaning of love by using an ultimate weapon to deter future wars and kill yahiko , by means similar to "mutually assured peace", and showed no moral qualms about his actions. He was willing to kill yahiko to ensure the completion of his plans. He even went so far as to proclaim himself a "god of peace", that had to guide the world to maturity through love. Finally, he felt that no-one could understand true peace unless they understood "true" love, something his childhood friend Yahiko believed.


Hiro Hyuga was Born in The Leaf Village His Parents are not Other than The famous Sage naruto and Hinata Hyuga.

When hiro was born , He die At the age of 16 , Years Later a Boy Name {Hiro} Was born rather this boy had the same name as the dead hiro but this boy had nothing special , Till One day , On the leaf village { Peins } body was been Tested by Medical Ninja , The boy Hiro was rather a weak Boy But had a dream his dream was to Obtain the Rinnegan , One Morning when the research room was rather empty he try to used one of his A-rank medical ninjutsu to implant the rinnegan that belong to pein , but he was not able to used the Doujutsu Special jutsu , It could only be gain or used by Pein , he Began To research more information about this legendary eyes , And found a solution to his problem { He could Activate the Doujutsu by A Process called "DNA" creation , The boy work years and years in secret to Match his DNA with Pein using medical Ninjutsu his DNA change but the Legendary Rinnegan had no Effect it did not work , He was soon Found by the Anbu and taking to Prision , Hiro had become much stronger and was able to escape on his way out he Stop by the Hokage mansion and stold the forbbiden scroll of jutsu {At the time Naruto was not in the office so hiro was able to obtain the scroll } The Young Boy then Master the "Soul Removal Jutsu " , The Boy burn the scroll but had a copy and then the boy Try to Obtain Pein Soul Using his new jutsu . And it Work they boy had used of the "Rinnegan" , Knowing that hiro the dead boy was the village Sennin , He was revive by the Rinnegan and became Hiro {First Path } the hiro that had Obtain the Rinnegan was called { Hiro onoyuga } but the dead Corpse was called { hiro Original } the path already had 4-chakra nature from it's previous life and had master the byakugan so it was not long before The path had control over his body and { Hiro Original } Obtain the Advanced byakugan , When he found the Hyuga clan Secret scroll , But because hiro onoyuga and hiro original are connected , hiro original obtain the Eternal Byakugan.

Back in the village a boy Who was able to used the Rinnegan name Yahiko Killed {Naruto } , when naruto die { Hiro Original } took over the Nine-tailed fox and gave it to {hiro Onoyuga } , Hiro Onoyuga then Share the Fox chakra with { Hiro Original } and because of the fox , members of the {Onoyuga Clan , Hyuuga evolution clan have tailed beast like chakra }

Hiro Onoyuga Was hidden in a Cave when he had discover the hiddem mountain village , and Made Hiro Original It's Replacment , Hiro Original is the Elder of the mountain village and the brother of Leji Onoyuga that Also Obtain the Eternal Byakugan , Cam is the Child of Hiro Original , Hiro Original been a Member of the Hyuga evoltution clan has used of 9-paths and is Known as the God Ninja .

But As we Know it Hiro Original is Powerful , But His a dead body, . The True master behind this powerful path is Hiro Onoyuga that is hidden from the world , That wil One day wake up And be Called a God , Hiro Onoyuga Also has paths and the day he wakes up He will Be Able to Control a Army of 9-path Onoyuga and 9-rinnegan path , those member who have unlock the Eternal Byakugan have become a Path of Hiro Onoyuga the Father of the world.

Hiro Onoyuga is hidden because if he dies , Hiro Original and the Eternal Byakugan dies .

The Eternal Bykugan came from the Rinnegan .

Read More . click



Amplification Summoning Technique
Animal Path
Asura Path
Banshō Ten'in
Blocking Technique Absorption Seal
Chakra Propulsion Boots
Chibaku Tensei
Deva Path
Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Five Seals Barrier
Flaming Arrow Missiles
Flaming Arrow of Amazing Ability
Human Path
Laser Explosion
Magic Lantern Body Technique
Mind Reading
Mirrored Sudden Attacker Technique
Naraka Path
Outer Path
Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique
Preta Path
Rain Tiger at Will Technique
Sealing Technique: Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seals
Shadow Clone Technique
Shapeshifting Technique
Shinra Tensei
Six Paths of Pain
Soul Removal
Summoning Technique
Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path
Water Release: Violent Water Wave
Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm
Hiro Original : Path Summoning
Gedo Mark : Release Onoyuga 9-Shadow path control

Last edited by Hiro Onoyuga on Fri May 28, 2010 1:23 pm; edited 2 times in total

Hiro Onoyuga
Hiro Onoyuga
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin

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Age : 24

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1860/2000  (1860/2000)
2000/2000  (2000/2000)
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Re: Hiro Onoyuga

Post by dragoon master dj on Sat May 22, 2010 2:19 pm

approved profile status ~official~

i am the dragkage of dragongakure the village hidden in the dragon valley im also the leader of the dragonia clan and i am the jinchuriki of the 11 tailed dragon Drago
GF: Yuuki Hime

i am of dragongakure
i have the heart of a dragon
theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bu1cV95e0&playnext_from=TL&videos=QOFPxfJj91U

me and dragos battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebZ3ekFBMzU&playnext_from=TL&videos=lv4Rp7H2WnQ
dragoon master dj
dragoon master dj
Admin-Master Of Dragons-Dragkage
Admin-Master Of Dragons-Dragkage

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Re: Hiro Onoyuga

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Sat May 22, 2010 2:21 pm

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Hiro Onoyuga
Hiro Onoyuga
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin
Founding Father-Yamakage Sennin

Posts : 1279
Ryo : 7873
Reputation : 19
Join date : 2010-03-29
Age : 24

Character sheet
1860/2000  (1860/2000)
2000/2000  (2000/2000)
Jutsu Data Book:

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Re: Hiro Onoyuga

Post by Sponsored content

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