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Itchi's Sage Mode

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Itchi's Sage Mode

Post by Itchi Denkou on Sat May 01, 2010 7:44 pm

Name: Sage Jutsu, Tiger Sage Activation 聖手法、タイガー セージ アクティベーション
Rank: Kage
Element: White Lotus, Fuuton and Raiton (Wind Release and Lightning Release)
Type: Senjutsu
Level: S
Description: Like the toad sage jutsu it reverts Itchi into the Tiger sage, in this jutsu it allows the user to summon the Tiger Relics. In this mode the Sage can master two elements known as Fuuton and Raiton. Example, Lotus Flower no Sen, Summons the Winds to create a large wind scar {a slice in the air that is sent into the opponents body} Lotus Cloud no Sen, Summons lightning to create the clouds to attack with purple like lightning that strikes down on the opponent.
The Fuuton Ability
Create Either A wind Slash
Tornado Scar-This creates a large tornado that can cut up a ninja easily {Temari's wind cut jutsu just with no fan}
Fan Summoning-The White Tiger's hair solidfies into a fan and this allows the sage to do similar jutsu much like Temaris

Raiton Ability
Cloud Lightning Rupture {Lotus Cloud no Sen}
Lightning Sword-amplifies suzumebachi's ability to use more of raijuu's lightning power.
Cepter of Lightning-The white wolf is always biting on a large scroll, in that scroll it summons the cepter of lightning which has half the powers of Suzumebachi.
: 90%
Stamina Drain: 90%
: 90%
Status Ailments: The activation of the Ancient Tiger Sage
: Master

Sage Image {Itchi's Mother's Appearance, Hint the Sword is a Amplification of Suzumibachi Itchi's Sword that has Raijuu sealed}:

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Itchi Denkou
Itchi Denkou
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Re: Itchi's Sage Mode

Post by Leji_hyuga on Wed May 05, 2010 6:49 am


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