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Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:41 pm


~3 years after naruto becoming hokage , Three new nations where discover the Nation of Dragons , The Nation of Mountains and The Nation of Thunder ~

"The Great Legacy of Naruto Uzumaki soon became Legends in the Shinobi world , his Legends were famous around all The great Nation , But One Night he was Kill "By a "Unknown" Ninja , all we Know about this Ninja is that he had the Legendary powers of the "Rinnegan But Non-Like it's two pervious user Rikodou Sennin and Pein , This Talented Ninja has master The Rinnegan to it's strongest Stage and has Mastery of the Universe , "This Ninja is the Legendary Ninja Today Called "Yahiko" (Who is this Ninja ? , is he after revenge ? , why did he kill Naruto ? Is it Possible that Yahiko is the Lost son of Pein ! )

~Three Years After Narutos Death , a Ninja Name Hiro Hyuga , was called "a hero" For his great Advanced in the Ninja World , he was and is still today the Founding Father of the Greatest Ninja Shinobi Village , The village hidden in the mountain , he is also famous for the his DESCORY , he was the sage that "Unlock" The Hyugas clan "Byakugan Evolution" , he master the great Advanced Byakugan that was said to be equal to that of the power of the Eternal Mangekyou , and for his other Discovery the Eternal Byakugan , That is Known for been the "Worlds" strongest Doujutsu and Surpassing the "Rinnegan", His Legacy was soon pass down to his student Leji Hyuga and then pass down to Cam Hyuga , Hiro Former Son . (Hiro is the Famous host of the Nine-tailed fox , that was pass on from naruto to him )


~Leji is currently the village hidden in the mountain Hokage , Because Hiro is To busy Traveling the world in his search for world peace and looking for new powers and his only wish is to kill "Yahiko", Because Yahiko was the murder of Naruto Uzumaki hiro , Father and sensei ~

~Cam is the AVERAGE Jounin , and he is a very powerful talented ninja , Cam is called "Kakashi Boy " because he acts much like the village hidden in the leaves "Elder Kakashi" ~

~One day the village hidden in the Mountain was Attack , By yahiko , and was nearly in a war with yahiko but it was only one of Yahiko Lantern Body , that even made Hiro want to kill yahiko even more ~

~ In one of the village hidden Mountain former mission , Leji , Hiro , Cam , were on a Mission called "The Capture Of the Three Legendary Doujutsu master " In this Fight , The Hyuga clan elder was killed by Cam , and the Legendary Madara was kill by Hiro in less than a second, In this Battle Leji and Yahiko had battle that Nearly let Him to his death , but Leji was not strong enough and Yahiko was able to escape , but hiro was to late "And could No arrive in time for his revenge .After returning to the village the Hyuga clan Evolution scroll was stolen and our former Co-kage Zaru was killed by "Sasuke Uchiha "SON" , we are currently thinking about giving this power to Cam~ ( Zaru was revive by Leji , Will his shame stop him from been the Co-kage ? )

~Mean time Dragon Master Dj , the village hidden in the Dragon Valley Kage and Founder Father , and leader of the Dragonia clan , is on a mission to capture the "Chrisom Flare Dragon" along side with hiro to capture this Dragon , once capture this dragon will create a A Allie Treaty among villages , allowing both village to share world Peace ~

Current Villages Information

The Ninja World

The beginning of the ninja world was the beginning of pandemonium and the beginning of more suffering, only few knew of the first original shinobi and how he truly created the three fundamental forms of Jutsu. Before there were ninjas the world used Samurais as there main force of militia. It was less bloodshed as Samurais had less killing potential that ninjas seem possess. Once wars were fought with swords and other weapons, after ninjas became more known they were used instead, as tools of war and were abused for their skills. Ninjas formed families or "Clans" that worked well together and were hired by a Feudal Lord or "Daimyo" to help them gain more land. As a Feudal Lord controlled a Country whether it be large or small, they wished to acquire more territory. Instead of utilizing Samurais they used these clans of ninjas to fight for them. This constant fighting was the beginning of The First Great Shinobi War. Intense rivalries emerged between clans, as clans who were used most often gained more money and were far more respected.

The rivalries led to some clans forming special Ninpos that could only be taught within these ninja clans. These clans were praised for there abilities however, not as much as the ninja clans who somehow naturally developed certain abilities that were soon called Kekkei Genkais. Though some clan members decided to become rogue and to help other feuding Countries for higher payment, however most remained loyal to their original clan. Quickly some Feudal Lords began to see the potential of certain clans and pleaded many to permanently reside in their Country for a permanent usage of their abilities.

Many clans grew tired of fighting and wished to live in peace and decided to permanently reside in a Country. Though they formed their own villages which were known as Ninja Villages, they were not in control of the Country. Feudal Lords were in control of the entire Country and even had high political influence in the Ninja Village. If there was such a Ninja Village only one remained in the Country as multiple Ninja Villages in one Country would cause strain on the Countries economy. Though some Countries were not as fortunate to have a Ninja Village in their Country as their economy was to poor, they still gained a large militia of Samurais and other forgotten forms of warriors. On the surface it appeared the struggle to gain land had ended as the ninjas inside these villages only wished for peace and were tired of the years of fighting.

However, after majority of the current Ninja Villages grew in power and wealth many other lesser villages grew annoyed of their struggling situations. This led to jealousy and bad relations between many of the villages, some grew stronger by creating alliances while some grew weaker due to their stubborn behavior of trying to stay unaligned to any villages. After 2 years of build up anxiety between different Ninja Villages the tension could be felt by all Countries. The Feudal Lords used the villages built up anxiety in the hopes to gain more territory and more power by creating more animosity between the Ninja Villages. Their plans were wicked and they could not care less about the welfare of their ninjas as long as they gained more land.

Their plan worked out and only after two years of peace, The Second Great Shinobi War broke out. The braking point of the tension that caused this war was when The Land of Earth's largest bridge was destroyed by unknown shinobis. However, this war would be far more destructive than any other war anyone had ever seen. After a year of war strange animal like demons appeared throughout the world causing havoc and mayhem, to all that stood in their way. Most ninjas wished to gain control and the power that the demons possessed to gain the upper hand on their opponents. Some accomplished their goals and some were defeated by the fearsome demons. Those who had gained control of the demon were able to annihilate their enemies with ease however, once villages began utilizing the demons in that manner, all the demons had mysteriously disappeared. It was extremely unusual as there were many rumors of what had happened to the creatures. The disappearance of the demons caused the feuding villages to lose their will to fight as their strongest power had vanished.

Once the brief yet destructive war had ended, only four Ninja Villages/Countries emerged as the strongest than the other villages, they were Konohagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure and Iwagakure. These four villages did wish for peace and began holding peace agreements in neutral Lands. Soon an agreement was struck and these four Villages were considered Main Villages. Though they were already leaders of these villages they were not considered "Kages" until the peace agreement was struck. Soon the rest of the world followed their lead and had ceased their senseless fighting, ending the war.


About one Century ago there was the First Great Shinobi War had broke out throughout the Ninja Lands, Konohagakure (Hi no Kuni) or should I say the Land of Fire during that time period wasn't so Peaceful as it is now. Even though during battle Konoha had used Swordsmen, some of them was really Clan members in disguised, For instance the Uchiha Clan and many others as well. The Feudal Lords foresaw this and started utilizing the Ninja Clans formerly of this village in their upscale battle of power to conquer countless others in order to gain one's territory and built up our Nations strength and wealth. Some Shinobi Clans played Double-Agent, or betrayed their families for more wealth or for their own selfish purposes. During battle against other countries Ninja Clans the Land of Fire's own Ninja Clans was known to be the most fierce, due to their families secret Ninpous, and special talents. This made the Land of Fire stronger than others, not only that but other Ninja Clans the Land of Fire had control of the ones they called "Special" due to their Kekkei Genkai currently known as Bloodline Traits, become too much for most other Shinobi to handle in combat.

During this time period the Ninja Clans that was known the most in the Land of Fire was the Noble Hyuuga Clan of the Byakugan (All Seeing Eye) known for their Keen vision and the Uchiha Clan of the Sharingan (Copying Eye) known for their Chakras, and their powerful Sharingan. Although according to the Uchiha Clan's history it was said that their Clan originated from the Hyuuga Clan, Rumors says that because of it, that's why the Hyuuga Clan started their Branch System to take control of the situation. People started comparing the two due to their backgrounds. However, the Hyuuga - Uchiha thing had aired out when Uchiha started to get hired more and majority of their jobs was fighting against the Senju of the Forest. This caused tension between the two Clans thus forming a rivialry. The two was known throughout the Ninja Lands, especially in the Land of Fire. Later after years of fighting Clans had grew tired of this having most of their people injured and fatigued. And because of this the Clans started peace throughout their Countries and started Ninja Villages, thus created The Land of Fire's own "Konohagakure".

As the Land of Fire gave birth to Konohagakure the village and the Country voted for the Leader of the Senju Clan: Senju of the Forest to become Village Leader. As the Village Leader of Konoha was chosen an Uchiha was chosen as second command, he was the current Leader of the Uchiha Clan at the current time. He was chosen because during the War he was a valuable adversary. The Leaf became strong due to the endless fighting and molding their Country. As the days went on Konoha sensed that other countries was plotting or hiding something, but Konoha suspected an upcoming War, due to other countries actions, This gave Konoha's Village Leader an Ominous sensation. As Konoha attempted the situation it was already too late, not only that but the Second Commander of the village fled the village. About two years The Second Great Shinobi War had broke out, this particular War was the most fierce and destructive all!

All of the most strongest Ninja Villages came the most targeted ones during the War, especially Konoha. Since Konoha's second commander left another stood up an had taken his place. His name was Uchiha Arashi, an Uchiha that was known throughout the First Shinobi War as the Price of the Uchiha, and skills was known to be the third strongest of the Clan after his father and Uncle (The Leader of the Clan at the time period). Arashi was chosen by the Village Leader's brother because during the War even though he was a man of peace he single handily wiped out a small army of Senju by himself without them putting up a chance of defense, and also because of his Knowledge of Genjutsu. Despite of his past of wiping out his own people The Village Leader approve his brother's request and made second command and this pleased him.

During the War Konoha some of their Greatest Shinobi was lost in self-sacrifice for the cost of the War, in which Konoha originated KIA (Killed In Action) these was known as War Heroes. This weakened Konoha to an extent but it was still a powerful Nation. After a year of War Konoha was known for their exceptional Shinobi, that's also known for their extraordinary techniques and skill. However known as a timid village due to their Non-Violence routine. Shortly later there were strange sitings of the Demonic Chakra Beast known as Bijuus. It was known that other countries was after them to gain an upper hand on other countries to gain power and territory. During this time period the Village Leader created a Fuuin Jutsu to control the Bijuus like the Uchiha's Mangenkyo Sharingan, which is currently known within the Uchiha Clan.

After the Village Leader created the Technique the former Leader of the Uchiha Clan return to Konoha and fault our Village Leader along with the Kyuubi better known as the "Nine Tailed Fox". This made Arashi upset that the man who killed his father, in a selfish act to regain his vision, thus discovering "Eternal" Mangenkyo..The only other Uchiha to learn about the Perfect Mangenkyo. After the battle is was said that The Village Leader had triumph, but shortly deceased after. Shortly after the fight that made history in Konohagure the War ended, thus the Four Main Countries made a peace treaty. This made the Four Major Nation to have a Village Leader known as "Kage". Eventually Uchiha Arashi was given the title of Hokage, Leader of the Village of the Leaf.


The Land of Water or "Mizu no Kuni" was a thriving Country during The Great Shinobi War as the Country continually hired a clan that was gifted with a Kekkei Genkai. The clan was able to manipulate both water and ice and utilize Hyouton ninjutsus better than any ninja. This special clan helped them gain minor islands around their Country. As all Countries would have to travel by boat to reach The Land of Water and by gaining control of surrounding islands, the Feudal Lord would be able to predict the arrival of other ninjas by utilizing the scouts on the neighboring islands. This created a perfect barrier for this Country and they were seen as unstoppable. However, once ninjas began forming Ninja Villages, the clan that possessed water and ice control first began forming their Ninja Village that would soon be known as Kirigakure no Sato or the "The Village Hidden in The Mist". The war ended soon after and the Village grew in strength.

Only after two years of peace The Second Great Shinobi War began. Even though this war was fought for land like the first war, Kirigakure ninjas were the only ninjas used by The Land of Water's Feudal Lord. Though he already controlled majority of the neighboring islands he wished to control them all. The bordering islands had no ninja militia, so the take over of the surrounding islands were easy and took only a year. The Mist shinobis utilized their assassin abilities to kill their enemies without making a sound and they soon became feared for those abilities.

Once the neighboring islands were seized a new threat appeared to the Kirigakure ninjas, demons in the form of animals. The first demon Kirigakure had to face was a giant turtle demon which was later called the Sanbi, due to it's three tails. The Sanbi arose from the seas near one of The Land of Water's occupied islands. Kirigakure heard of the power these demons possessed and went off to gain control of the beast. The village sent their best shinobis to challenge the creature. They attempted to brake the demon's spirit with their attacks, in the end they were able to overpower and outwit the beast and gain some control over it. They used the Sanbi to attack any enemy ships approaching The Land of Water, this was their ultimate defense.

Once their reputation and power increased, the Feudal Lord wished to attack the Wave Country and gain the islands near Konohagakure. However, before they could do so a new demon appeared in The Land of Water, it was a colossal slug with six tails. The Kiri people wanted to lure the slug like demon to the land where the Sanbi reigned and hoped that both demons would fight one another. They both would tire each other out and they would have two demons under their control. Though the Mist shinobis were able to lead the slug to the shore the Sanbi resided, once their the ninjassaw that the Sanbi had somehow disappeared. The ninjas were shocked and would have to return to Kirigakure to inform their fellow shinobis what happened. Once the people had learned the truth they knew, Kirigakure would have to face the demon on their own. The Mist ninjas to gathered their forces for the upcoming showdown. However, once again when the ninjas went to fight the demon slug, it had mysteriously disappeared before they could even get there. It was a mystery how such a giant creature could have vanished, without leaving a trace.

The lost they suffered to gain control of the Sanbi was immense, as the lives they sacrificed to gain control of it was bountiful. Now hopes to gain control of another demon was gone and their sacrifices seemed pointless. The vanishing of both demons caused the village leader to seek a way out of this war. Though with the help of the Sanbi they were untouched on their land and were known as a super force. Surprisingly three other villages shared their views and also wanted peace. The Village leaders had many meetings to come to turn on a peace agreement that satisfied all their needs. Once the peace treaty was signed by their leader, Kirigakure no longer had to worry about the constant threat of war. Their Leader was soon known as the Mizukage and Kirigakure was considered a Major Village, as it had more influence and power than more than most villages.


The village hidden within the clouds or Kumogakure No Sato is one the major four villages of this world. The founding of this village was based on the belief of one shinobi, Raiken Kagenobu. This man was enlighten with the thought of the higher you go the closer your are to divinity. Traveling around the world itself gained the trust and loyalty of many people as the followed his ways. The nomadic group found a place to call home, The Mountais of Lightning Country. The sky was the limit and the construction began. Only prosperity resided within the village. After hardwork based on 5 years the village of Kumogaukre was created and Raiken became it's Kage until death struck to this honorable ninja and now Reido Uzumaki takes his place.


The Land of Earth or "Tsuchi no Kuni" hired the Bakugekiki clan for most of their attacks on other Countries and the Kamizuru clan were their second choice, during the Great Shinobi War. Ninjas of the Bakugekiki clan were considered unstable but it did not matter to the Feudal Lord as he gained more land utilizing this clan. Though they were unstable the Bakugekikis were extremely loyal to the Land of Earth's Feudal Lord as the Feudal Lord's hunger for more territory gave the Bakugekiki more opportunities to kill and more money. A perfect relationship as both satisfied each other's needs. However, once Ninja Villages began forming the war began to die out and the Bakugekikis began to grow bored. Instead of bombing others they too wished to live in a village of ninjas. They decided to reside in the Country that hired them during the war and helped form Iwagakure no Sato or "The Village Hidden in The Rock".

Two years after the war the Feudal Lord of the Earth Country grew bored and wished to utilize his new Ninja Village to gain more territory however, he could not be the one to start this great war without a reason. On Iwa's second year of being established as a Ninja Village the Land of Earth's largest bridge, the Ryoutenbin Bridge was suspiciously destroyed by a group of unknown ninjas. The Feudal Lord used this attack as a reason to suspect all of his neighboring villages and declared war on most of them. This was the domino effect that caused The Second Great Shinobi War. The Feudal Lord was able to convince his Ninja Village to attack Kusagakure, making them believe they were the one's who destroyed the bridge. The attack was purely brutal as the Bakugekiki clan utilized their explosive techniques to cause mass damage and the Kamizuru Clan utilized their control over bees to attack in a mass swarm of bees. However, after eight months of deadlock the Grass ninjas were able to repel the invaders leaving their village intact.

Once their Invasion of Kusagakure failed, Iwa grew discouraged but the greatest insult was soon to occur. Once they were trying to regroup after their failed invasion they were attacked by a small splinter cell from Sunagakure. Before they could counter attack the Sunagakure shinobis had already retreated showing a perfect example of Guerrilla warfare. The Iwagakure people were beaten and it appeared they were beaten during this war. After the Suna attack Iwa found out that the Land of Earth had lost a few boarding villages next to the village they could not defeat, Kusagakure no Sato. Iwa had to do something about this and something about Suna. Their Village leader ordered a full frontal assault to liberate all captured villages and steal territory from the Land of Grass. Their attack was brutal as the ninjas were able to defeat all ninjas that occupied the village, though it caused damage to the villages they killed most Kusa ninjas and were able to gain their land back now they would have to steal land from the Grass Country. Instead of performing a normal attacks the Bakugekikis utilized the Grass Country's abundant plant life against them. They performed a mass bombing to cause multiple massive wild fires, the fire consumed a large potion of Kusa no Kuni or "Grass Country". Many innocent villagers died however, the land that was burned no longer was no longer capable of holding as much life as it once was able to, it truly appeared to be apart of the Land of Earth not the Land of Grass. Once the land was scorched and the villagers were killed Iwa had gained a large portion of the Grass Country in the name of Tsuchi no Kuni.

Iwa's mission was over and now they would have to return to their village where only a small portion of their ninjas where there to hold down the fort. Once their the ninjas were greeted as war heroes who had successfully shown the true strength of Iwagakure however, their victory would be interrupted. A colossal Ape which would be called the Yonbi for it's four tails arose from the cinders that was once Kusa no Kuni. The ape was enraged but had nothing to destroy as it was surrounded by a wasteland of ash. The ape was confirmed as a demon of legend as it's mouth pour forth lava that covered the land the Earth Country had just gained, it covered the ash and soon cooled down and became rock. The demon was not satisfied with the demonstration of it's strength, it began traveling to cause mass panic and destruction. Iwa wanted to gain control of this demon to defeat Suna as the Sand Village had been recently using a sand demon to blanket new lands with sand for them to seize. The Village leader ordered his top thirty shinobis to lure the beast within the direction of the Land of Wind, while the rest of the shinobis would perform a strike on Sunagakure.

The plan was simple just lure the beast towards the sand demon, no one would have to be killed trying to tame it and if the demon was able to defeat the sand demon it would be in the Land of Wind causing havoc. Also Sunagakure was stretched so thin as they occupied the Demon County and tried to expand their country elsewhere. They only had a handful of shinobis left in their village and if they were to go help their demon their village would be defenseless for Iwa to attack, the plan was near perfect. The demon ape was last spotted at a mountain top at the western boarders of the Land of Earth. The ninjas traveled there as fast as they could, once there they valiantly tried to capture the attention of the beast. It worked however, the demon was not on top of a mountain it housed itself within a volcano which it utilized with it's own powers to kill majority of the ninjas. Only five ninjas were left and although their fellow shinobis were killed they had a mission to fulfill. They were successful in gaining the attention of the demon again but this time the demon did not attack, it chased them into the Land of Wind.

Just as predicted once the word was out that the Yonbi was heading towards their demon a group of Sand ninjas were sent to kill the ninjas luring the Yonbi. It did not matter as once the Sand ninjas were spotted on the horizon the Iwa ninjas scattered and left the Yonbi within the Land of Wind. The Yonbi could not follow all the ninjas and still began traveling to the area the Ichibi was at. The sand ninjas could not stop the demon's destructive force and could only return to their village. However, once they returned to Sunagakure it was almost completely destroyed. The Iwa ninjas had attacked the village when it was at it's weakest they killed majority of the ninjas their and killed all of the normal villagers, the Sand Village was in complete disarray. Iwa was successful in defeating their enemy in the most gruesome way however, they would have to retreat before Suna reinforcements got there.

As they arrived back to Iwagakure it was partially destroyed, many wondered what had happened. The ninjas that remained there had informed them of a Whale-Horse demon that had surfaced during their departure that had ransacked Iwa, though it only caused minor damage it was enough to leave a mark. However, the weirdest thing was when the demon stopped attacking the village, the Gobi left and yet it was not fully out of sight when it mysteriously vanished into thin air. It did not matter as the Rock Village was only partially destroyed and they had gained new land and destroyed Sunagakure. Though they accomplished a great deal there were rumors that many villages began seeking peace and a way out of this war. Since Iwa was a major key reason why this war started they too wished to end this war as proof that they were not war crazed. Iwa's leader began talking with Kiri's, Konoha's and Kumo's leader. Once the peace treaty was signed by their leader, Iwagakure no longer had to worry about the constant threat of losing their newly acquired territory. Their Leader was soon known as the Tsuchikage and Iwagakure was considered a Major Village, as it had more land and power than more than most villages.


Onigakure was destroyed during The Second Great Shinobi War. Before the war the Country of Oni no Kuni or The Demon Country flourished. As the Country was separated from most Countries through the vast sea it was protected from raids. The main Village inside the Country was Onigakure or the Demon Village. Despite it's demonic name the Country and Village was very spiritual, as monks, priests and priestesses were renowned as heroes instead of ninjas. They barely housed any ninjas in Onigakure as they were seen as unnecessary as peace filled there Village and Country. That fatal mistake would be there down fall soon to come.

Once The Second Great Shinobi War occurred Onigakure expected to be left alone as they had no militia force, only a handful of shinobis for protection. They were a neutral Country and had no Feudal Lord "Daimyo" only their Head Shrine Priestess. She was regarded as a Deity, one who could purify all, cleanse the wicked and heal the sick. Though they remained neutral the large amount of land they controlled did not go unnoticed by other Shinobi Countries. The Village of Sunagakure or "Sand Village" wanted their land for their own. Though Kaze no Kuni or "The Land of Wind" controlled the most land than any Country the Feudal Lord was greedy and wanted control of the Demon Country. They sent a full militia through the sea to claim Oni no Kuni as their own. Ninjas on the boats were highly skilled Chuunins, Special Jounins and Jounins all set on capturing Onigakure and the Country.

The Demon Country could not ask for assistance with any other Village as the whole world was at war, they had to fight with the little forces they had. The ninjas they did have in Onigakure fought as valiantly as they could but alas they were no match for Suna's skilled shinobis. The Onigakure ninjas were not as fully equip as the Suna ninjas. In a year the last Onigakure ninja was slain and there hoped died with it. However, not all in the Country gave up on their land. The aforementioned monks, priests and priestesses raised up and began defending their village. Though they were not ninjas they put up one hell of a fight using seals unknown to even the most well knowledge shinobis. The Legend states that the Head Shrine Priestess was able to gain control of the evil spirit Mouryou to wipe out a whole squad of Suna ninjas heading to Onigakure, and return it back to it's shrine at the cost of her own life. However most believe that the fact that Suna was attacked by another Country while they were occupied in the Demon Country caused them to return to their Village prematurely, and that the Head Priestess died due to an illness, nothing more. It did not matter as once the Suna ninjas left the Demon Country, the land was in ruins.

The Village was inhabitable and all who once resided in Onigakure left in drones. The Village soon became a ghost town and once the war ended it became a famous hide out for Criminals, Bounty Hunters, Thieves and Rogue Shinobis. The Demon Village became the head organization of the criminal world a truly ironic event, a village that prided themselves in purity became filled with criminals. Though they are only Four Main Villages Onigakure could be considered to be the Fifth Main Village as there power has grown to the point to match any Main Village.

Village Hidden in the Mountain

Yamagakure (山間に隠れる村, Yamagakure no Sato, lit meaning=Village Hidden Among The Mountains, also known as "Village Hidden in the Mountains" or "Hidden Mountain Village"), is one of the six great ninja villages. As such, it is one of six villages with a Kage as its leader, known as the Yamakage.
Although Yamagakure, much like the country in which it resides, has been peaceful, it remains one of the most powerful villages in existence, with an overall ninja population much greater than that of most other village, and therefore has great military power and influence. In the recent Chūnin exam in Setsu, out of all 177 Genin participants, Yamagakure had 90 Mountain Genin trying to become Chūnin, whereas all other ninja villages had considerably fewer participating: 30 Sunagakure Genin, 21 Amegakure Genin, 6 Kusagakure Genin , 6 Takigakure Genin , and 5 Otogakure Genin, and 56 Konoha Genin. However, Yamagakure is the village that hosted the event, which possibly contributed to the unbalanced number of participants.
The village, as stated previously, is also home to a successful series of mines. The primary mineral found in the mine is a gem called the Lighthawk Crystal, which has about the same properties of coal. Unlike coal, it is far more beautiful, and is also used in jewelry and ornamentation.


The Mazuka Clan have lived in the Land of Mountains for hundreds of years. After many years, finally a man arose that could wield the clan's two Kekkai Genkai, the Taifugan and the Yin Release (it is rare to have both in the Mazuka clan). This man, known as the First Mazuka used his power to conquer the land, and at it's heart, he created Yamagakure.
Yamagakure, also known as the Village Hidden in the Mountain, is a hidden village that is almost literally carved into a mountainside, known as Goddessdrop Mountain. At first it was a mining village, but as the Mountain Country started being attacked by thugs and bandits, the need for a hidden village was apparent. For nearly fifty years, the village was peaceful, the only conflicts its ninja faced being outside of the village.


The Yamakage (山の影; Literally meaning "Mountain Shadow") are the leaders of Yamagakure. They are generally the strongest in the village, although ideology and renown plays a large part in their being chosen for the position.
Four shinobi have gained this title so far. When the position for Yamakage becomes open, whether because of the previous Kage's death or incapacitation, the Yamagakure Council and the Four Noble Families promptly begins to search for a replacement, in some cases within hours or days after a Yamakage has been deemed dead or unfit.
After being appointed, they are given the Kage mansion in which to live. According to tradition, once a shinobi has been appointed by the Yamagakure Council it is up to the Jonin of the village to determine whether the position will become official.
Introduction 202px-Yamagakure

Country of Light/Dark - Village Hidden in the Thunder

Long ago before any humans or animals were on the earth, a Bolt of Lightning Struck the Earth's crust, forming a Giant crater, this also brought animals/humans to the world. After 200 years of war between the Great Villages, and the Destruction of the Chinkuko clan.... the sruvivors of the great masscre of the Chinkuko clan found this Giant Crater and form a camp here. this eventually formed into a small village. then formed into The Great Thunder Village. The Chinkuko are forming an even greater and more powerful clan so they may take their vengence upon the other villages for masscreing their loved ones.

country of the dragon homelands/ the village hidden in the dragon valley

the dragonia clan founded this village over 25 years ago and was named the dragon valley when the leader of the clan spotted large dragons flying though the sky the village specializes in making and creating there own weapons and your able to have your own pet dragon to raise and maybe help you with battles someday and can do combination jutsus with them once you have mastered jutsu the dragonian clan also had the power to manipulate their chakra to shape and form their chakra into the form of dragons thus, creating their own unique and special jutsu known as the dragon arts obviously you must have great skill in change in chakra form other than that the people of the dragon valley village are excellent with fire style lightning style and ice style jutsus and the dragkage is also a jinchuriki who holds within him the 11 tailed dragon

Village Hidden Within the Gods {true name is unknown}

The village was created in honor of the founding father of all the great nations, Rikudou. The village is located in the country of the moon, the ruins of the Crescent moon country. Ironically Rikudou created the moon so the founding father of {unknown village} found it just to place the village into the moon country. This village only allows the greatest of ninja to proceed through. It is said unknown and new clans are only found here. This village much like orochimaru's experiments on chakra implantation, and the remake of bijuu far greater than the creator of the bijuu, Juubi.
This village was founded by the first Kamikage {devine shadow}, the supposed rebirth of Ridukou, Yahiko. The village is not mapped on the ninja navigation how ever it's where bouts are located within the the region of the underwater village known as Uzumakigakure {naruto's mother's village} and the desecrated now new Moon country. The ninja of this village are all elite, do to the superb skills in their clans.
The mentioning of this village say that it is called the village hidden within shadows, seeing how the first and still alive kage had once called it Kagegakure, meaning the Village of shadows.

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