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Post by dragoon master dj on Fri Apr 09, 2010 8:30 am

history: many years ago when this world was still young there was a proud and noble warrior who rode on a dragon that he found in a cave as a little baby and rasied it on his own no one knew his name for he never told anyone he always thought that his name wasnt important so he just told everyone his name was drakin when he was a child his parents were murdered by a strict world dictator who's name was unknown he was outraged by the murder of his family he was the only one who survived until one day while he was adventuring far away from his home he rested in a cave and found a glittering crystal colored egg he picked it up and the egg hatched and uncovered a little black dragon in his hands he thought that the dragon was an orphan like him as well so he kept the dragon and rasied it as of it were his own child he trained it how to fight and how to fly with him on his back and the dragon learned how to breath fire and take flight on its own one day 3 years after that fateful encounter with each other drakin found a friend of his along the road and told him what had happend to his parents and they decided to go to kill the dictator themselves they fought through chilling snowstorms and thirst quenching deserts to go to the dictators homeland they fought through all of the guards and reached to him but as soon as there final confrontation started the dictator mercessley killed drakin's friend enraged from yet another mournful loss drakin's eyes changed color and his pupils changed into the shape of the dragon as the rest of his eyes turned green he noticed this extreme power ran though his whole body and was amazed by its sheer power he gave the name of this special ocular power the drakinkyugan saying these eyes that he had awokened aloud him to speak to his dragon and other dragons he encountered as if he were talking to humans able to understand one another this jutsu also gave him incredible eyesight able to see through the pitchest of darkness nothing could escape his sight and he could predict movements much faster than the average naked eye could see and can master chakra manipulation to form weapons and change his chakra into forms such as animals,weapons,and even defenses such as shields and the final power he said he acheived because of this was the immense strength of a dragon he was able to pick up a house with just one hand he used this nefound power as well as his new chakra manipulation abilities to finally seek revenge with his dragon and killed the dictator thus,letting his family rest in peace forever and drakin and his dragon spreaded new life throuought the world and became the leader of this proud army that he called the dragonian clan

we are a proud clan and masters of the dragons we have a special jutsu style where we can manipulate our chakra and shape it into the forms of dragons and can use them in many ways such as offense or defense and have our own dragon summoning jutsus

the list of our jutsus are in these spoilers
dragon art: dragons in arms: this jutsu is where the user forms a giant dragon coated in thick heavy scales and the dragon envelopes around the user to protect them and block incoming attacks leaving the user unharmed

dragon art: dragon hurricane: this is a jutsu where the user forms a dragon from chakra and the dragon manipulates the air currents and forms multiple blades of wind where the dragon launches the wind blades as projectiles then the dragon does a final suicide bomber attack and explodes into the opponent

dragon arts: chakra manipulation: this is a jutsu where the user can form there chakra into special weapons for them to use in battle such as dragon fang shuriken, dragon talon kunais, dragon tail blades,etc.

summoning jutsu: galaxius dragon: this is a special summoning jutsu where the user summons a giant rainbow dragon this dragon is perfect for members who like using combination jutsus for this dragon can use all elements though not actualy jutsus like fireball jutsu or lightning blade these are fairly weak attacks that are not considered jutsu but if you use a jutsu of your own for a combination can make your jutsu stringer such as for wind attacks the dragon blows a large gust of wind for water style the dragon turns the water molecules in the air and shapes them into tiny penny sized bullets and fires them for fire style the dragon spits out rapid fire fireballs for earth style the dragon stomps on the ground to cause a earthquake and for lightning style the dragon emits a blue electric shock beam from its mouth

forbidden dragon arts: dark dragon release: this is a very powerful jutsu that only jounin and up ranks can master the user gives themself a minor wound that is bleeding then what they do is form a small orb of there chakra sort of the shape of the rasengan but then they mix some of their blood into the orb then the chakra orb changes color from a blue sphere to a red and black sphere then they slam the orb into the ground which explodes and releases 10 medium sized snake like dragons made from black flames which act like actual living animals and follow the users commands though this jutsu does consume a large amount of chakra and the longer the dragons are out the more harm it is for both the user and opponent for the black flames do run off of the dragons and can singe skin and can burn the user as well if the user isnt experienced with this technique

dragon arts: shadow dragon army: the users shadow splits forming groups of human sized black shadow dragons the number of dragons produced depends on how much chakra the user spends on the jutsu the maximum amount of shadow dragons to be formed by this jutsu are 30 the dragons are also equipped with golden swords and shields like a spartan army but they can also fly for short periods of time and can spit little streams of fire and follow the users orderes though the downside of the dragons of this jutsu are that these dragons arent very smart and could fall for traps and the dragons die from one hit in the gut or head and 3 hits from other parts of the body like the arms or legs etc.

dragon arts: scale shuriken: the user forms there chakra into dragon scales and flings them as shuriken

dragon arts: rain of the dragon fangs: the user jumps high in the air and forms 100 dragon fang shuriken and 100 dragon talon kunais out of there chakra and controls all of them using chakra strings the user then makes all of the weapons fly straight down to the opponent to finish them

forbidden dragon arts secret summoning hirukyozen the deaths row dragon: this was an actual dragon that roamed the earth but was sealed away by the former leader into a scroll which the ;eader sacrificed is life to seal away a very powerful dragon what the user does is opens the scroll and signs a summoning seal in blood then takes a lotus position and takes knives and peirces them into there arms,legs and shoulders and concentrates the summoning if the summoning is completed a beam of bright light emits from the scroll into the sky and hirukyozen appears from a portal in the clouds and comes down to its master which follows there commands though he is extremley powerful he can only stay out for aproximatley 5 minutes and the summoning scroll automatically sucks him back into the portal which was a part of the former cla leaders forbidden sealing jutsu only anbu black ops rank and up and the dragkage are the only ones allowed to use this jutsu and our forced to only se this jutsu as a last resort

jutsu name: dragon art: dragon god of the underworld

rank: S

element: N/A for this would be a dragon art if approved


level: 5

description: this jutsu is said to be simalar to and as strong as the uchiha clan's susano'o for the requirment to use this jutsu is to activate the 3rd activation of the drakinkyugan the users chakra which is focused into there eyes bleeds out of there eyes along with blood sort of like what happens if you use amaterasu the chakra keeps flowing until falling to the floor which then builds up and forms into a type of aura which is why people say its simalar to susano'o the aura then forms into a humongous sized aura formed dragon thats as large as a two story house and has two giant dragon wings on its back that envelopes the users body for a powerful defense,and great offense however the dragon does have only ONE weak spot that spot is located on its back if hit by a strong enough jutsu say a level B or higher jutsu to the back will leave an opening that leads to the user the dragon can attack with its fists or form blades out of its aura or dragon scales out of aura and throw them like extremley large shuriken as large as demon wind shuriken also this dragon has 3 forms like susano'o

1st form: the dragon is merely the skeleton of a dragon it still has high defense and attack power but is the weakest form and can have its weak spot opened by hitting the spot with a C rank jutsu or higher the only offenses it has are forming blades of aura or its fists or dragon scale shuriken formed of aura and can defend by blocking with its arms or covering itself with its wings

2nd form/armor mode: the dragon skeleton is completley covered with skin,scales and armor plating to make the dragons appearance to that of a soldier of hell with the head of a dragon with a much higher defense than 1st form and has its own key weapon and shield this dragons key weapon is a very large blade that has two long spike like weapons on each side of the blade looking like the body and wings of a dragon the blade is called the kogekimeiru blade said to be able to counter the totsuka blade of susano'o but has no genjutsu abilities like the totsuka and isnt formless but an actual blade and its key defense weapon is a large shield the same size of the yata shield but has the image of a dragons skull in the middle of the shield called the drageky shieldsaid to block the strongest attacks like the yata shield although to an extent the dragon attacks with aura blades,aura dragon scale shuriken its fists,the kogekimeiru blade or bashing the opponent with its sheild and can block with its arms,body armor or the drageky shield or by wrapping itself with its wings its weak spot can be opened by a B rank or higher jutsu

3rd form/ultimate transformation: the dragons entire body is enveloped in a black robe like cape but unlike susano'o the dragons head is fitted with a battle helmet where you can only see its glowing red eyes the helmet looks like a dragon skull this form is the strongest form its weak spot can only be opened by a A rank or S rank jutsu if a weapon such as a kunai or shuriken will instantly disintegrate by the aura but will only push back a human or summoning like the last forms it attacks with aura blades,aura dragon scale shuriken,fists,the kogekimeiru blade or bashing the enemy with the drageky shield but can also attack by blowing a large gust of wind with its wings or attacking the enemy by smacking them with its wings it blocks with the drageky shield,its arms,body cloak and armor or wraps itself with its wings

chakra drain: 100

stamina drain: 35 (to the user of the jutsu)

health drain: if attacked by it 95

status ailments: deals 35 damage points to the user of the jutsu and damages there eysight

control level: jonin and higher ranks

requirments: must have activated the drakinkyugan's 3rd activation

dragon art: dragon capture jar

rank: S

type: supplementary,defense

element: dragon art

level: 5

description: this jutsu is to block sealing jutsus the user pours chakra from there hands and forms a very large jar with the head of a dragon carved into it the size of an average human it absorbs any sealing jutsu or ninjutsu like for example the nine phantom dragons,5 pronged seal,kirin etc. and for ninjutsus the jar fires that ninjutsu back to the user of the jutsu that it absorbed

chakra drain: 90

stamina drain: depends on if the jutsu absorbed is a ninjutsu

health drain: however much damage the ninjutsu the jar absorbed deals and if it absorbed a ninjutsu

status ailments: none

control level: jonin and higher ranks

NOTE: this jutsu can only be used once per battle

requirments: must know dragin art: chakra manipulation and unlock 3rd activation of drakinkyugan

dragon art: dragon illusionary hounds

rank: S

type: offensive

level: 5

description: the user forms a giant dragon statue that has 9 ninja hounds made of aura chained to the statue the user orders the hounds to attack the opponent and there chains release and they go after the opponent these hounds can phase through humans and steal there souls if they go through the opponents whole body if they go through an arm or leg they only deal massive damage to the part of the body

chakra drain: 85

stamina drain: 90

health drain: 90

status ailments: if they steal the opponents the soul the user of this jutsu wins

control level: ANBU black ops and higher ranks

NOTE: can only use this jutsu once per battle

requirments: must unlock 3rd activation of the drakinkyugan

dragon art: dragon godess

rank: S

type: offensive,defensive,supplementary

level: 5

description: this jutsu is simalar to the dragon god of the underworld except the dragon god is formed into a dragon goddess instead who wields no aura weapons but she makes up for it with offense she can fire fireballs from her mouth the size of the sun and can control the singing flames of hell that are hotter than amaterasu

chakra drain: 110

stamina drain: 40 (to the user of the jutsu)

health drain: if hit by sun fireball 100 if hit by hell flames 120

status ailments: heavily damages users eyes and body dealing 40 damage points to the user

control level: ANBU leaders and higher ranks

NOTE: can only be used once per battle

requirments: must unlock drakinkyugan 3rd activation and know dragon art: dragon god of the underworld

dragon art: drakin's nightmare

rank: S

type: offensive

level: 5

description: this is a genjutsu simalar to the sharingans tsukuyomi the user casts a very powerful genjutsu from there drakinkyugan eyes onto the opponent and messes with there mind in any way they wish for example they can scare the opponent by being locked in a room filled with poisonous snake like dragons or make images of there friends and loved ones dying and making it look like it was there fault they died this is far superior than the tsukuyomi but damages the users eyes and vision

chakra drain: 90

stamina drain: 25 (to the user)

health drain: 95

status ailments: under genjutsu, deals 25 damage points to the user

control level: jonin and higher ranks

requirments: must unlock drakinkyugan 3rd activation

name: dragon art: armor of the dragon

rank: A

level: 4

nature: dragon arts

description: the user runs chakra through there whole body which forms a armor of black dragon scales enveloping every spot on there body this armor not only strengthens the users strength by making a normal person able to make a large crater like dent in a 3 inch thick steel wall but also defends them from most attacks such as E D and C ranks will be useless against the user and so will most weapons such as kunais,shuriken paper bombs or flash bombs will also be useless however the armor can break from B A and S rank jutsus and certain weapons like large blades sort of like the executioners blade and demon wind shuriken the user can also swing a part of there body out to fire some of there scales like shuriken for offense or can use more chakra than what is needed to form dragon wings made from black dragon scales so they can be capable of flight

chakra cost: 75

health drain: none unless the user throws some scales for shuriken if so the scales will deal 30 damage points for they are harder than the scales made for dragon art: scale shuriken

status ailments: the user can use more chakra to have them make dragon scale wings so they can fly and the user gains +35 defense

weaknesses: B A and S rank jutsu will shatter the armor along with large blades like samehada for example or demon wind shuriken however all other jutsus/weapons will be useless regular kunais will break from the armor but normal blades that cant have chakra run through them like katanas will simply bounce off the armor swords that can do so like sasuke's kusanagi blade or killer bees 8 super raiton knives can shatter armor if chakra is run through them

created by: dragoon master dj

heres a sample pic of what the scales of the armor look like http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=24

and we have our own special ocular ability as well known as the drakinkyugan where the user can predict most movements such as the sharingan and can see through the thickest of darkness and can give the immense strength of a dragon and can give you easier manipulation of your chakra making your chakra flor more freely than it usually is and we can also use this special eye to create weapons with our chakra without even moving our hands they will appear wherever our eyes are targeted on and lastly these eyes can let you see from behind as if you have eyes on the back of your head

the drakinkyugan: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?o=318

the drakinkyugan is an extremley powerful doujutsu of the dragonia clan it is said to be as strong or stronger than the uchiha clans sharingan and mangekyo sharingan the eyes ocular powers differ from every ninja and ninja levels

1st activation: the user activates the weakest form of the drakinkyugan any rank can have this activation this activation comes with little powers such as increased ability to manipulate your chakra eaier than usual and can see through anything you can see through walls darkness of any shade or can even see them with heat vision where you can see the body temperatures of anything and can easily find opponents in a lot of hiding spots enemies are in red from there body heat while inanimant objects like rocks etc. are bllue from no heat this is perfect to find your target if they go into hiding

2nd activation: the next activation of the drakinkyugan chunin and up to have this eye this eye has everthing the 1st activation has but now you can actually form weapons without using dragon art: chakra manipulation you can emit chakra from these eyes to form weapons like shuriken,kunai etc. in mid air but using this ability to much will de-activate the drakinkyugan for 5 minutes because to activate these eyes you must focus your chakra into your eyes using this technique drains the chakra from your eyes and have to wait 5 minutes to reactivate it you also have the ability to read an opponents moves before he/she even does them herself

3rd activation: the strongest of the drakinkyugan activations you must be from jonin and up to posses these eyes these eyes have everything from the past 2 activations but now you have perfect eyesight you can see through any darkness or obstacles for example if an opponent kicks dirt from the ground to form dusts clouds to hide in you will be able to still see them as if nothing ever happend these eyes also give you the immense strength of a dragon you could pick up a large house with just one hand with these eyes and can cast ocular genjutsu on your opponents but unlike the sharingans tsukuyomi we have our own eye genjutsu known as the drakin nightmare this genjutsu is where you manipulate everything and can also confuse your opponents with it as well for example if your tttacked by a enemy of 2 you can cast drakis nightmare on one of them and they will see you as there ally and there real ally as the enemy however drakins nightmare takes a great toll on your body this jutsu deals 10 damage points to the user

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i just decided to post the clan in the village cause just in case if people dont check the clan in the bloodline registration section

i am the dragkage of dragongakure the village hidden in the dragon valley im also the leader of the dragonia clan and i am the jinchuriki of the 11 tailed dragon Drago
GF: Yuuki Hime

i am of dragongakure
i have the heart of a dragon
theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-bu1cV95e0&playnext_from=TL&videos=QOFPxfJj91U

me and dragos battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebZ3ekFBMzU&playnext_from=TL&videos=lv4Rp7H2WnQ
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