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Volume Forty-Nine Manga Summary

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Volume Forty-Nine Manga Summary

Post by Hiro Onoyuga on Sun Apr 04, 2010 7:45 pm

Chapter 454: "The Five Kage Appear...!!" - Gathered Rock ninja big farewell to the Tsuchikage, and ask Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi to watch after him. After complaining about his age, the Kage throws out his back trying to lift his pack. The huge Akatsuchi lifts the elder and his luggage and they set out. In Mist, the gathered ninja big farewell to the Mizukage and her attendants Ao and Choujuurou, a young Seven Swordsman member. In Cloud, the Raikage asks for word on Samui. His secretary says she will probably be in contact soon. He and his attendants Shii and Darui make ready to leave. Eager to head out, Raikage bursts through the window. Back in Konoha, Karui and Omoi interrogate Naruto at a secluded location. Naruto thinks over what Sasuke means to him and the village and states that he can't betray his friend. He remembers his father's and Nagato's comments on the cycle of hatred. His words infuriate Karui, and he attempts to explain how killing Sasuke will only cause the cycle to continue. Omoi asks what they should do with their hatred? Naruto declares they should take it out on him. Karui slugs Naruto and continues beating him to see if it will really make things better. Sai watches from a distance. In the Hokage tent, the gathered Root report on the members tracking Anko. They ask if they should kill her, Danzou says no. They must find Kabuto before she does. He thinks over his connection to Orochimaru and states Orochimaru's experimental data is important for his right arm and eye...

Chapter 455: "Bond...!!" - Danzou directs two of his men to remain behind as his attendants and asks them to remove their masks. He then directs Root to watch Naruto in case Sai fails to carry out his orders and to keep the Jinchuuriki in the village. Elsewhere Karui continues beating a bruised and bloody Naruto. She yells that she won't stop until he tells her about Sasuke. She moves to hit again but Sai intercepts the blow. Naruto asks him to stay out of it, but his friend says there's no reason for him to get beaten for Sasuke's sake. Sasuke has done nothing but hurt him and if it were up to him... An impatient Karui moves to knock Sai out of the way but her arm is stopped by Omoi, who tells her to cool it. He states they said they'd help them find Killer Bee; that Naruto is not the type to go back on his word and sell out his friends. Omoi offers that he likes that in a person. Samui arrives and asks what's going on. Omoi reveals that Bee might still be alive but Samui says searching would be almost impossible. They'll tell the Raikage directly the information they have received. Naruto states he wants to talk to the Raikage but Karui is furious. Samui tells her to stand down and after hearing Naruto's name, recalls overhearing villagers speak highly of the young man. Samui explains that she can't let him see the Raikage in these insecure conditions and the Cloud take their leave. Naruto then asks Sai to take him to Kakashi. Some time later, Sai bandages up Naruto and asks if Sakura should look at him. Naruto says he doesn't have time and that he heals fast. He thanks Sai and Kakashi recalls his earlier talk with Sai. Sai asks if their bond is worth so much even after causing such pain? Kakashi states he knows Sai is supposed to be watching Naruto. Sai stumbles over his words in surprise and Kakashi says it's okay, he knows Sai is helping Naruto beyond how he is assigned in his mission, so he should know why Naruto and Sakura do it. In the present Naruto says he has to speak with the Raikage about getting him to forgive Sasuke. Yamato declares that Naruto shouldn't be leaving the village, that he was lucky the seal saved him last time and that he himself can't leave the village as it needs repair. Naruto reveals he met the Fourth and that he was the one who stopped his rampage. Kakashi offers that the Fourth must have left something in the seal. Naruto explains how Akatsuki's masked man was behind the Kyuubi attack and how he's probably using Sasuke. Kakashi states it's as Jiraiya feared and when it comes to Madara, he could believe about anything. Naruto remembers the name and asks who he is. Kakashi explains Madara's history, states they must tell the elders and asks Sai to tell Danzou. Kakashi asks what else the Fourth said, as fathers typically have things to say to their sons. Naruto smiles and says his father declared his faith in him. Kakashi gives him the thumbs up and says he and Yamato will go with him to the Raikage. Yamato is surprised and we move to the unmasked Root and Danzou travelling to the summit. The Root catch movement and Danzou says he'll handle it, as it's been awhile since he's fought. As masked ninja launch an attack from above, Danzou pulls down the bandage over his right eye to reveal and activated Sharingan...

Chapter 456: "Naruto's Departure...!!" - Danzou forms hand seals and quickly spins, unleashing a jutsu which cuts through the attacking ninja. He then lifts one of the fallen as a shield as numerous piercing weapons fly in and uses his Sharingan to calculate the enemy's number. In Konoha, Naruto is bandaged and prepped to leave. Kakashi asks Sai not to report Naruto's absence and states he has faith in him. Sai remembers Naruto's report on what the Fourth said and smiles. Danzou's Root report that the ninja were assassins from the Wood Country. Danzou offers that he was fine living in the shadows, but that won't work any longer, he'll have to act in the public now as well. Moreover, by making the summit go smoothly, the Jounin will have to approve of him. As Team Hawk travels on, Karin identifies something in the distance. Back in Konoha, Naruto and Konohamaru square off in an Oiroke challenge. Kakashi uses the distraction to quickly knock out the Root watching Naruto with Sharingan. Konohamaru admits defeat and Naruto reveals he learned Konohamaru used a Rasengan against Pain. He states he'll show him how to use a bigger one later and takes his leave. At the library, Team Samui gathers their data and head out. As they leave the building, they walk over Yamato’s tracking seeds which stick in their sandals. Yamato, Kakashi and Naruto then prepare to follow in pursuit. At an inn, Mizukage and her attendants rest. Choujuurou reports he's not feeling well and Ao chides the weakness of the current generation. The Mizukage says times have changed since the bloody days of the Fourth Mizukage. She then misinterprets Ao's statements yet again about her relationship failures. Elsewhere Tsuchikage and his attendants rest. Akatsuchi asks what the Iron Country is like, and his Kage explains how it is a land without ninja but it has a strong military of samurai. Team Hawk watches the samurai from a distance and Suigetsu reports on their defense. Sasuke asks Juugo to use animals to probe for a weakness. Inside the snowy fortress the Iron leader Mifune greets Gaara and his team. Some distance away Naruto sneezes at the cold weather and Yamato warns him not to give away their presence.

The Five Kage & Naruto

Chapter 457: "The Five Kage Summit, Opens...!!" - Juugo reports on a poorly guarded area and Sasuke informs Zetsu he'll need to come along to identify Danzou. Elsewhere Danzou receives an ink bird update from Sai and continues on his way. Suigetsu debates Karin on the best way to attack Danzou. Sasuke warns Zetsu not to lie to him and Karin reveals she can tell when people lie. Raikage continues his journey and then stops to meet Samui's team. Naruto, Yamato and Kakashi then arrive to Karui's surprise. Raikage asks if the Hokage sent Kakashi but the man says no, Naruto would like to speak to him. Naruto tells them not to go after Sasuke; he doesn't want Sasuke to be the cause of more bloodshed between Cloud and Leaf. Raikage listens and then tells his people they're leaving. Naruto falls to his knees and begs them not to do it; revenge consumed Sasuke and made him a different person. He doesn't want to lose more people to the same thing. Back in Konoha, Sai remembers speaking with Naruto about the feelings he has for Sakura. He asks Naruto why he doesn't tell her, and the young man says he can't, because he can't keep his promises. Sai ponders that he can't just stand by either. Raikage states he'll kill Sasuke and it'll be up to Naruto to make sure the violence goes no further. Yamato offers that Konoha stood by and accepted Hyuuga Hizashi's death when they didn't have to, so Kumo still exists today due to Konoha's good graces. Kakashi explains that Naruto isn't skilled in such matters, but he's begging for the sake of both countries. The Raikage says a ninja should not bow, but respect actions and strength. The history of life has been a history of war; only the strong survive. Akatsuki are criminals and if Sasuke is with them the whole world will be after him as well. Begging for mercy for criminals for the sake of friends is not friendship. He tells Naruto to think things over, as the world has no place for such fools. They take their leave and Kakashi moves to help Naruto up. Back in Konoha Sai enters Tsunade's tent to speak with Sakura. Having successfully infiltrated the Iron compound, Team Hawk and Zetsu spy on Danzou from above. The Five Kage then gather in the meeting room and Mifune calls the summit to order.

Chapter 458: "The Five Kage's Argument...!!" - Gaara offers to start and Tsuchikage snidely comments on Gaara's youth. Mizukage asks Gaara to continue and the Kazekage explains how he was a Jinchuuriki and almost died because of Akatsuki. He states Sand asked for help against Akatsuki but only Leaf responded. Tsuchikage replies that losing ones Jinchuuriki is an embarrassment best not shared with other countries. Gaara retorts that's old fashioned thinking, which annoys Tsuchikage. Mizukage comments that losing the Bijuu isn't the end, as it takes time to control them. Danzou offers that only Shodai Hokage, Madara, Killer Bee and the Fourth Mizukage Yagura could control the Bijuu. A furious Raikage smashes his table and demands an end to the useless talk. The attendants of the other Kage move in to defend their leaders and Mifune asks for the rude behavior to stop. The attendants retreat and Raikage yells that Akatsuki is composed of ninja from their villages. Looking at the Tsuchikage, he states he also knows some in this room have used Akatsuki. Gaara asks what he means and the Tsuchikage explains the benefits of using a mercenary group who wouldn't drain the village resources. Raikage says that's enough, Sand used Orochimaru, who may or may not have still been with the group; and they lost the Third Hokage and Gaara's father the Fourth Kazekage because of it. Eyeing Danzou he states he can't help but think that was due to someone's plotting. Furthermore Mist is also involved, as there are rumors Akatsuki started there. Mizukage is silent but then offers that yes, there are suspicions that the Fourth Mizukage was being controlled by some third party. Tsuchikage tells Raikage to calm down, as the whole reason countries used Akatsuki was because Cloud continued to build strength during peacetime. Danzou interjects that before the meeting falls apart, he must inform them that Uchiha Madara is probably leading the group. The others are surprised and Mifune suggests that Akatsuki acted during unsure times. However, the Five Kage have a rare opportunity to work together now against them under one authority he can select. In Konoha, Sai explains how Naruto is trying to save Sasuke for Sakura's sake. He doesn't know what promises Naruto made, but he knows Naruto loves her. Sakura remembers Naruto's promise and Sai explains that Naruto has been shouldering it since then. Sasuke causes Naruto to suffer... but Sakura herself does as well. Sakura cries and looks on in dismay. At the summit, Mifune offers that since the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki is the only host left, perhaps Danzou should lead the new alliance? The other Kage are stunned by the suggestion.

Chapter 459: "Sakura's Decision!!" - The Raikage yells that Danzou can't be trusted but Mifune says there's no one else. He explains that Raikage lets his emotions run wild, Kazekage is too young, Tsuchikage too old and Mizukage can't be trusted due to Akatsuki's possible influence. Ao feels uneasy and tells Choujuurou to prepare for battle. He forms a hand seal and suddenly activates a hidden Byakugan under his eye patch. In Konoha, Ino cries and the Konoha 11 discuss handling Sasuke. Shikamaru resolves to talk to Sakura about their decision. In Tsunade's tent, Sai explains that everyone relies on Naruto too much. He can see the sadness in Naruto and the anger welling in his gut. He suggests they need to do something themselves. Shikamaru enters and agrees. He states he wants Team 7s permission to take care of the Sasuke situation. If Kumo is allowed to take out Sasuke, it will just cause the revenge cycle to continue. That's why he's asking Sakura's permission. Sakura remains quiet and asks him to say no more. Inside an inn in the Iron Country, Naruto rests and wonders why Sasuke hasn't come back to Konoha after finding his revenge. Has his hatred taken him over? He doesn’t understand his former teammate. Inside the summit building, Team Hawk notices Zetsu's sudden absence. Outside Zetsu confers with Tobi, who tells him to proceed. Back in Konoha, Sakura wipes away her tears and states she'll talk with Naruto. She's caused him the most pain, so she doesn't want to make any further mistakes. At the conference, Ao looks at Danzou and ponders what he sees. He asks to see underneath Danzou's bandages, as his arm, eye and chakra all match that of Uchiha Shisui. Ao explains how he fought Shisui once before, and that he himself took a Byakugan from a fallen Hyuuga. He states Shisui could get into the minds of others and control them. Raikage angrily asks if he's controlling Mifune but his question can't be answered, as Zetsu rises from the floor before them. The Kage recognize Akatsuki and Zetsu reveals that Sasuke is here with them...

Chapter 460: "Sasuke Surrounded...!" - The attendants react in surprise and Danzou thinks it's impossible. In an instant, Raikage has Zetsu by his neck and demands to know Sasuke's location. Zetsu offers that they’ll regret it but before he can continue speaking, Raikage snaps his neck. Mizukage warns him not to kill again, as they can get information out of Sasuke, but Gaara explains that Akatsuki aren’t the type to give up secrets. Mifune orders his men to look for Sasuke. Raikage moves to leave and asks Ao to watch Danzou. He then smashes the wall and leaves with his attendants. Elsewhere Mifune's men make preparations to find Sasuke. Karin is suddenly alerted to their change in pattern and Juugo figures it was Zetsu. One samurai spots something suspicious and moves to attack. Elsewhere, snow falls on the inn and Tobi greets Naruto from the window seal. Naruto attacks with Rasengan, which fails to connect. As Tobi points that out he's quickly enveloped by wooden bindings. Yamato tells Naruto to stay still and Tobi acknowledges Kakashi's speed. With Raikiri in hand, Kakashi declares that he won't let Madara get his hands on Naruto. The bound man states that Kakashi obviously learned the truth, but his attacks won't work on Madara. Yamato offers that Madara has to be physical to attack Naruto, but that also allows him to be captured. Madara laughs, stating that he just wants to talk. He asks Naruto why Nagato turned against him. Naruto yells that it doesn't matter, what about Sasuke? Madara offers that Sasuke is consumed in the world's hatred. In the Iron Country, the samurai finds an empty cloak pinned to a wall. He is quickly struck from behind. Above, the rest of Team Hawk hide and Suigetsu promises to make Zetsu pay. Below numerous samurai arrive to face Sasuke. The samurai charge chakra into their swords and Sasuke tells them to come, as he's angry and won't go easy on them. They launch attacks which Sasuke deflects. Juugo tells Karin to find Danzou, as he will handle the samurai. Karin is suddenly hit by a change in Sasuke's chakra. As Sasuke coldly cuts through the samurai, Suigetsu wonders why Sasuke told him to not kill anyone. A worried Karin tries to make sense of the change in Sasuke, as his chakra is more powerful and stranger than when he was in his level two form. Elsewhere Raikage and his attendants rush on and identify chakra disappearing below them. Levels below, the samurai recognize Sasuke is not alone and Karin feels something large approaching. Suddenly the ceiling collapses downwards sending rubble below. As the dust clears, a Raiton enveloped Raikage warns the young Sasuke to fear his anger...

Chapter 461: "Hidden Cloud VS 'Hawk'!!" - Sasuke charges and pulls his sword. Raikage's attendant Darui emits a water wall in defense and then a Raiton into the soaked Sasuke. Sasuke retreats and shrugs off the attack, confirming Cloud's info on Sasuke's abilities. Juugo warns Sasuke that they're facing Raikage and two Jounin; while nearby a samurai radios for assistance. Shii emits a blinding flash which Raikage uses to smash into Sasuke. Juugo cries out but Sasuke tells him it's only Genjutsu. As the illusion breaks, Raikage and Darui stand above Sasuke to strike. Juugo blocks Darui's blade and Suigetsu moves to stop Raikage, but he fails. Raikage's arm breaks the head cleaver in two, forcing Hawk to retreat. Sasuke tells them to stop interfering, which annoys Suigetsu. Darui asks Shii to continue searching for other members of Sasuke's squad, which causes Karin to hide her chakra. Juugo says they have to take out Cloud's chakra detector Shii and he steps up to do it. Back in the conference room, Mifune asks Ao for confirmation that the Doujutsu has ended. Ao says yes. Danzou offer his surprise that a Byakugan was taken, which causes Ao to offer that he himself won't be disposed of easily. Mizukage offers she'll fight if needed, as the Doujutsu just used resembles the one used on the Fourth Mizukage. Mifune chastises Danzou, stating Ninjutsu is forbidden and that he probably would have been chosen him anyway. Danzou explains that they simply waste too much time; a unified ninja world needs to happen before Akatsuki crushes them. Tsuchikage offers that dreams take time, and that even with good intentions, such actions destroy trust. Thinking back to his father, Gaara offers that if that's the way the world is, there's no hope for them. They have to share and trust one another. That by ignoring ethics, you're simply giving up. Tsuchikage acknowledges Gaara's skill with words but states the young man still has a lot to learn about running a village. He offers that Gaara can ask him any questions on that. Gaara says there is one thing, when did everyone throw themselves away? Tsuchikage is shocked by the rebuke and Mizukage smiles at Gaara's honesty. Temari asks Gaara what they should do about Sasuke? Tsuchikage's attendants ask what they should do next. Kurotsuchi offers that she wants to see the man who took out Deidara. Tsuchikage tells them to do what they want, but to stay out of Raikage's way. The Root ask Danzou for permission to retrieve Sasuke's Sharingan. Ao tells them they're not going anywhere and Danzou asks his Root to stand down. Elsewhere a full level two Juugo yells out that he'll kill the Cloud. Suigetsu asks if Juugo will be able to tell friend from foe. Seeing the men before him, the Raikage yells for them not to push their luck...

Chapter 462: "Sasuke's Ninja Way...!!" - Raikage charges and slams into Juugo. Suigetsu quickly moves to cut down Shii but Darui moves to intercept. Raikage keep Juugo pinned to the wall with a fist through his chest. He states Sasuke's Sharingan won't work. Shii admires his leader and considers how the Raiton chakra enveloping the Raikage gives him speed on par with the Yellow Flash, not even the Sharingan can keep up. The pinned Juugo create multiple cannons which he fires point blank into Raikage, obliterating everything caught in the blast. Shii is surprised Juugo survived the Raikage's initial strike. As he looks on he's quickly caught by Sasuke's Sharingan which pins him with Genjutsu. Juugo asks who's next and Karin compliments Juugo's usefulness. Her praise is challenged though when Juugo is knocked aside by a forearm smash from Raikage. At the inn, Naruto calls Madara a liar. Madara says it's no lie, Itachi died for Sasuke and Konoha. Kakashi questions why Sasuke wouldn't just return then after learning this. Madara offers that they don't know the real Sasuke, he's a true avenger. Naruto questions if Madara did that to him but the elder ninja says no. Madara declares that Sasuke is carrying out what's in his heart, vengeance for what Konoha did to the Uchiha and Itachi. Naruto questions why Sasuke turned to revenge? Madara reveals it was destiny, a curse passed through the generations, all because of the Rikudou Sennin. Kakashi says the man was just a myth but Madara says it was based on the truth. Rikudou preached peace but could never achieve it. He left his two sons with his power. He gave his eldest son his "eyes": chakra and spiritual energy. To his youngest, his "body": willpower and physical energy. The eldest son sought peace through power and the youngest through love. Rikudou chose the youngest as his successor which angered the eldest and caused the curse of hatred to begin. The feud continued through their descendants. The elder's descendants became the Uchiha and those of the youngest the Senju. Madara offers that his battle with Shodai was fate and he can see the Senju's will in Naruto. He both admired and hated Shodai more than anyone else. The qualities of the Senju and Uchiha are still alive today in Naruto and Sasuke, they were chosen by fate. Back at the summit, Juugo is motionless after being smashed into the wall. Sasuke charges with a Raiton infused sword but his cut bounces off the Raiton enveloped Raikage. As Sasuke forms Chidori and Raikage moves to face him, we hear Madara continue his speech: the Uchiha are fated for revenge, and Sasuke took it all upon him to inflict the Uchiha's hatred upon the world. It's his weapon, friend and strength. It's Sasuke's ninja way!

Chapter 463: "Sasuke VS Raikage!!" - As Raikage moves to smash Sasuke's face with his elbow, the young man uses Sharingan to avoid the attack and jab his Chidori into the Kage's chest. The Raikage compliments Sasuke's skill but the young Uchiha's hand barely pierces through his opponent's Raiton defense. With his opponent in close, Raikage quickly grabs Sasuke, lifts him over his head and then smashes him head first into the ground. As the dust clears from the rubble, spectral ribs protect Sasuke from impact. Raikage lets Sasuke go, while Darui sees to Shii. As the bones of Susanoo begin to take shape around Sasuke, the Raikage acknowledges the young man's Mangekyou by furthering increasing his own power. Shii explains how he can't move due to the Genjutsu, while samurai reinforcements enter the area. Darui asks his comrade if he notices Sasuke's eye change and Shii says yes. He offers that the Raikage plans to counter it by increasing his Raiton and speed level. Karin continues to watch from above and marvels at the Raikage's Bijuu level of chakra. Elsewhere Madara tells Naruto that the young man will have to fight Sasuke at some point, or rather he'll make Sasuke fight Naruto and prove the Uchiha's existence. Naruto yells that Sasuke isn't Madara's toy. Madara counters by saying Naruto won't be able to change Sasuke's mind like he did Nagato. Naruto yells to not include Nagato in the same company as Madara himself, as Nagato had good ideals, even if he carried them out in the wrong way. Kakashi asks why Madara needs the Bijuu then if he just wants proof? Madara offers that he just wants to achieve a perfection of form, which confuses the Leaf. Madara says they'll talk again and takes his leave by swirling out of existence. Back at the summit, blood pours from Sasuke's eyes as he forms Amaterasu on the Raikage. The other will have nothing to do with it though, and quickly moves his body out of the way. The flames continue on and envelope a nearby samurai. In an instant, Raikage is charging Sasuke from behind. As he goes to chop, the Amaterasu flames ignite on the Susanoo bones. Karin considers how a perfect defense will defeat superior speed and Shii marvels at Sasuke's high level of control. As Sasuke confidently watches on, the Raikage smashes through the burning flames into Sasuke's neck, sending him into the ground. Darui offers surprise that the Raikage is willing to sacrifice his arm. As the flames spread on his arm, the Raikage moves to land a leg drop onto the vulnerable Sasuke.
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Re: Volume Forty-Nine Manga Summary

Post by Ace Akau on Tue May 25, 2010 4:27 am


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